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cannabis ALZ update
Posted: Friday, May 13, 2016 10:39 AM
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friday the 13th!

I have been taking 2 rice size glops of cbd oil in 1 tsp coconut oil for over a couple months.

Turns out the "tube" of oil which was called a "1 month supply" will last me 4 - 5 months so nto afraid of expense anymore.

Things I can do now that I could not do before oil:

bought shoes online, am able to send back pair that did not fit i.e. repacking, making return label, getting it to post office.

cleaning up after myself in house.

speaking on phone without anxiety.

people have been smiling at me lately in public and laughing at my jokes.

keeping track of expenses.

editing photos.

learning to take extreme fatigue days as just temporary.

sleeping through night.

learning my limits.

able to ride in car, went to beach and went rock hunting.

sorting clothing, putting my "award banquet" dream clothing at friend's garage sale.

cleaning house 1 hour a day.

able to listen to audio books.

reading and remembering what I read.

much lower anxiety.

can recall phone numbers.


side effects: cheerfulness

Lane Simonian
Posted: Friday, May 13, 2016 10:52 AM
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Bravo!  What a marvelous, encouraging list (and what a great side effect--cheerfulness).  I am so glad that you are able to do so much again.  And thank you for showing others a way forward!
Posted: Friday, May 13, 2016 11:10 AM
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Way to go Alz+,

I just for the life of me can't understand what it is you are doing.  Are these drops legal? I looked up is it Cbd oil ? on amazon I'm  afraid I'll be arrested if I order it here in Georgia.  I'm willing to try it but I'm just confused as to the legality.  I am so proud of your results however,  I don't want to gain weight. I've lost 40 pounds since starting my Glucophage for my type 2 diabetes.

Please help me understand how u get these drops and if you think I can order them living here in Georgia. 

Again a big congratulations on you progress and keep it up. Always enjoy your post.

Lisa Ramey 

Posted: Friday, May 13, 2016 11:13 AM
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Great news. I've been trying to get my doctor wife to pay attention to this issue, as she doesn't have a lot of confidence in the whole idea. But she seems willing to think about it in the event the regular meds don't do me enough good. Just doesn't think outside the box very well, like almost all doctors I've met over the years. I can live with taking whatever time she needs plus trying the other meds, so no big deal to me. But your results are fantastic if you ask me.
Posted: Saturday, May 14, 2016 9:58 AM
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I am sooooooo happy for you! Me too when the time comes! No hope for the other meds. I like this one hour a day cleaning idea! You at the beach... cracking jokes that get laughed at, it's always how I've pictured you. 

Posted: Thursday, May 19, 2016 10:19 AM
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Lisa - I got mine from a local co-op of medical marijuana growers who are very experienced in producing the oil. The oil I have is from canabis, the oil that is legally sold on internet is from hemp.

Cannabis has more thc in it, hemp has near zero.

I would look it up online and read the comments. Now there are scam oil sales but I am pretty sure it is legal.

My oil is black, the oils online is usually yellowish. I do not know the content percentage.

I have read that some dispensaries which have machines to quantify levels of strength sometimes ship to people. The fear of being arrested for using an herb is just a shame.

If you message me I might have some links I could email you. Or search CBD OIL uses.

Every day I am stunned this not a Big Thing with people. It does lower blood sugar so you would need to be mindful of that. I heard Glucophage improves cognition.

My husband is taking it now too and the difference in his confidence, happiness, and calmness is helping us both.

There is another oil, often called Simpson Oil, that is very high THC and used for cancer and severe pain. Interesting how it works and I want to try it as an attempt to  reverse my illness but we have not gotten around to it yet. Another topic on that one.


Posted: Thursday, May 26, 2016 4:30 PM
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regarding is cbd oil from HEMP legal:

apparently yes.

is cbd oil made from Hemp the same as cbd oil made from cannabis?


There is also oil made from cannabis that has more THC in it. That oil is used to treat illnesses and has track record.

The oil made from cannabis is much more potent than hemp oil. 

What I have learned is it is so much better and cheaper buying from a dispensary, and bonus if they have equipment to evaluate the chemical nature and strength of an oil.

Before I got the oil I used cannabis to deal with the anxiety and for sleep. It helped.

The oil is totally different experience. The clarity of mind lasts for me about 8 hours. Some days I take a 2nd dose at 4pm. Days I am late taking it are mentally like walking in chest deep water. Mind clears up within 15 minutes of taking oil.

Keeper let me try driving the car on dirt road to get a sense of what that would be like.

Answer: in emergency I could drive in day light in very light traffic. My eyes are slow to move and vision/depth perception not corrected by oil. Will not drive again and do not want to, but if Keeper was gone and dog had to get to vet or Keeper to hospital I could do it.

Anyway, my advice on anyone trying cbd oil is find a real dispensary, cheaper, better, cleaner, and more reliable in dosage. Good luck.


Posted: Thursday, May 26, 2016 7:17 PM
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alt+ I am so happy to read that the CBD oil is still working well for you and working out to be economical. I have been using a high CBD tincture and am pretty happy with the results but it's not cheap so I am interested in going with an oil instead. I would love to know how many mg's of cbd you get in your rice sized drop dosage. The tincture I use is basically oil dissolved in alchohol I think. I buy a 1 oz bottle that is about 30 1 ml doses, each being about 15mg of CBD and no THC. A bottle costs me $75.00. My husband has started to use it occasionally as well and also I take a second dose in the late afternoon if I am having a high anxiety day so it's getting more expensive lately. I've seen oil on the website menu of the dispensary I use but it doesn't seem to show how many mgs in the container so I have no clue if it would be a better deal.
Posted: Saturday, May 28, 2016 1:05 PM
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Posted: Saturday, May 28, 2016 1:12 PM
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this may be referring to dronabinol


To treat chronic pain, cannabinoids have been taken by mouth in the form of capsules or sprayed into the mouth as THC, benzopyranoperidine (BPP), cannabidiol (CBD), nabilone, dronabinol, or synthetic nitrogen THC analogs (NIB), with doses of 2.5-20 milligrams for an average of 25 days. Cannabis-based medicines have been used for 1-6 weeks. Ajulemic acid has been used for one week. Doses of nabilone of 0.25-2 milligrams have been used daily for 4-6 weeks. Doses of smoked cannabis of 1-9.4 percent have been used for six hours to 14 days. Cannabis has been smoked 3-4 times daily for five days. Doses of dronabinol of 10-20 milligrams have been used daily for six hours to six weeks. In people with cancer, 5-20 milligrams of delta-9-THC has been taken by mouth daily, as have the following doses: 2-8 milligrams of nabilone by mouth daily; 0.25-1 milligram of nabilone by mouth daily for four weeks; 1-2 milligrams of nabilone twice daily for a year; 1-2 milligrams of nabilone twice at an eight-hour interval; and 0.5 milligrams of nabilone twice daily for seven days, followed by two milligrams daily for three weeks. A dose of 0.5-1 milligrams of nabilone has been taken twice daily. A dose of 10 milligrams of THC has been taken by mouth, increasing to a maximum tolerated dose for six weeks. A mouth sprayhas been used in divided doses of 2.5-120 milligrams for two weeks. Doses of Sativex® have been sprayed into the mouth, up to 48 sprays daily, for 1-2 weeks, then 10-15 sprays daily, or 4-8 sprays, with eight being the maximum one-time dose or within a three-hour period.

To improve appetite in people with cystic fibrosis (mucus buildup in the organs), a dose of 2.5 milligrams of dronabinol has been taken by mouth, increasing to a maximum of 10 milligrams daily for 1-6 months.


To treat dementia, 2.5 milligrams of dronabinol has been taken by mouth twice daily for six weeks.

To treat eating disorders, 7.5-30 milligrams of THC has been taken by mouth daily for four weeks.

To treat epilepsy, 200-300 milligrams of CBD has been taken by mouth daily for up to 4.5 months.

To improve fatty acid status, hemp seed oil has been taken by mouth.

Posted: Saturday, May 28, 2016 1:28 PM
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thank you for asking the question about dosage - I  just learned a lot!

dense article link above but after searching for dosage guidlines it seems, and I was told to do this but did not, that the oil I take from grower co-op is 250mg per rice size drop and was meant to be absorbed through oral mucosal linings.

I have been swallowing it in a tsp of coconut oil.

 This means I am getting about 6% of medicinal value. YIKES.

If I put the rice drop under my tongue and don't think about the taste

 I  would get 90% of medicinal value. wow. I am not so keen at moment about hemp based oils. 

**** also try for information and some guidance

I should be designing solar engines on 90% absorption. I will do it now, not swallow but let it dissolve in mouth.

Both abosorb high % of medicine :   oral or nasal, I am not doing nasal.  

I will look for more info but best is to go to dispensary and say you have dementia or pain or anxiety or spasms or migraines or skin conditions etc and they will guide you to proper oil and how to take.

Posted: Saturday, May 28, 2016 1:45 PM
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Dawn831 wrote:
alt+ I am so happy to read that the CBD oil is still working well for you and working out to be economical. I have been using a high CBD tincture and am pretty happy with the results but it's not cheap so I am interested in going with an oil instead. I would love to know how many mg's of cbd you get in your rice sized drop dosage. The tincture I use is basically oil dissolved in alchohol I think. I buy a 1 oz bottle that is about 30 1 ml doses, each being about 15mg of CBD and no THC. A bottle costs me $75.00. My husband has started to use it occasionally as well and also I take a second dose in the late afternoon if I am having a high anxiety day so it's getting more expensive lately. I've seen oil on the website menu of the dispensary I use but it doesn't seem to show how many mgs in the container so I have no clue if it would be a better deal.


Dawn - the co-op I bought cannabis cbd oil from is saying 250mg in each drop of oil I am taking. However I did not follow directions and swallowed it fast  to avoid taste.
learned it is 90% absorbed when melts and dissolves under tongue 45+ seconds...and only 06% absorbed by swallowing it. !!!!

small doses of hemp oil are reducing anxiety and figure lowered anxiety gives you 50% more brain power, still a good deal that way.

regarding cost, buying low dose cbd hemp oil online is 65 times more expensive than from a dispensary or grower. !!!!!!    You can make your own if you have help and are in a legal state.
we are purchasing next batch cannabis cbd oil  in a month and also making our winter supply in september.  That comes to about $100/month for 2 people once a day.

Keeper is Mr Mellow on cbd oil! that also increases my brain function.
I am going to let it melt in my mouth now. I am excited!

Posted: Sunday, May 29, 2016 9:06 AM
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In my state MM is only legal for the following conditions none of which include cognitive impairment or dementia:

Conditions covered: Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis; multiple sclerosis; terminal cancer; muscular dystrophy; inflammatory bowel syndrome; and all patients whose doctors have said they have less than 12 months to live. Patients with the following conditions who are resistant or intolerant to conventional therapy can also participate: seizure disorder, including epilepsy; intractable skeletal muscular spasticity; and glaucoma. Patients with HIV/AIDS or cancer can participate if chronic pain or severe nausea or wasting result from their conditions or their treatment.

Is there any way around this?


I'm so happy for you and Keeper!

Lane Simonian
Posted: Sunday, May 29, 2016 12:19 PM
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This is rather interesting:

…when the cannabionids and terpenoids in CBD are mixed with the the isolated curcuminoids of a high-curcumin containing turmeric plant, the bioavailability of the CBD absolutely explodes. This means that if you’ve used CBD oil before in the absence of a curcuminoid blend from turmeric, you probably only felt about 1/5 to 1/10 of the actual effects of the CBD, since CBD by itself is very poorly absorbed.

For you aspiring Bulletproof Coffee drinkers out there, this is a similar concept to the idea that you simply never get to feel several of the bioactive, wakefulness and focus-enhancing terpenoids in coffee until you have actually introduced fats and triglycerides into the coffee to help these terpenes cross your blood-brain barrier – hence the butter and coconut oil blended with the coffee.

Read more

I  am not sure if a legislator may be willing to introduce a change in the law to include Alzheimer's disease (and other forms of dementia) if he or she knew the studies that back up this as a treatment.  The resistance coming from some quarters, including many doctors is making it difficult to change laws and to fill prescriptions.

Posted: Monday, May 30, 2016 7:10 AM
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L lee -I doknow the FEAR of doing something illegal would completely change my use of cannabis oil.

I should say fear of being arrested or having assets confiscated by police and going to jail and all the propaganda about even using cannabis for pleasure.

Our state laws are murky enough that the local police forces still raid growers and take their equipment which insures a clean crop and measures thc and cbd content.

But knowing what I know now I would move to a legal state or country to live well, to give myself a chance in hopes that laws would change back to where it was a common medicine. 

I could rant on statistics and nonsense about how cannabis but not now.

I have taken the oil 3 times now by rubbing it into my mouth under tongue and it hits me within 1 minute. Now, going back to initial instructions from growers that I ignored, they said a week of adjusting to the changes and then it will feel like nothing happening, body becomes used to it or low levels of ??? have become normal.

As hippie we used to say it was "the great equalizer". Pain, stress all drag down cognitive function. Put body out of balance.

Yesterday I tried to find a couch online and clean in house since i had 3 hours alone but my mind was too busy and that is from oil working. I no longer notice the sting of the taste.

Lane - I will read your link info in awhile. 

The hemp oil does not have the potency to do what cannabis oil is doing. I was doing it wrong and felt so good! anticipating even better results from rubbing ii inside mouth, thinking anti inflammatory effects will help arthritis and help me walk again and build muscle.

Posted: Monday, May 30, 2016 7:17 AM
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Lane - excellent link. best yet.

Lane Simonian
Posted: Monday, May 30, 2016 9:55 AM
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It was a great article.  I just found this one which is more technical but still good.

 CBD produces neuroprotective effects through its effects on microglia, mitochondria and through the reduction of reactive oxygen species (1,2,86). These effects are CB1 receptor independent and are long-lasting.(78.  It can and does reduce the pro-inflammatory activity of activated microglia (86). It protects oligodendrocytes(79), promotes neurogenesis, synaptogenesis and up-regulates the production of brain derived neurotrophic factor (18. It also functions as an anti-inflammatory in the central nervous system by reducing the production of TNF-alpha and reducing adenosine uptake(86).  CBD further reduces inflammation by suppressing interleukin 1 and inducible nitric oxide synthase induced by beta-amyloid (82).  CBD increased the cell survival while decreasing reactive oxygen species, lipid peroxidation, capase 3 levels, DNA fragmentation and intracellular calcium (17,18,86). It further modulates the release of glutamate and protects from glutamate hyper-excitability and glutamate neurotoxicity(30). Part of the neuroprotection is associated with it capacity as an anti-inflammatory.


In essence, these are many of the problems caused by peroxynitrite in Alzheimer's disease and CBD deals with each and every one of them.  The article also discusses how and why CBD may be useful in the treatment of other diseases.

So far, I have not done a lot of reading on the subject but from what I have read and from your own experience, it seems that the cannabidiol oil from marijuana is considerably more effective that the cannabidiol oil from hemp.  As you increase the absorption of the oil, I do think the results will just keep getting better and better.

This is off topic but I did not notice at first the poster: To wander longingly in the forest in search of mystery.  Such an evocative thought.

Posted: Wednesday, June 1, 2016 8:04 PM
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Lane - I feel driven to understand how this helps so much, seems what ever it is doing should be looked at as direction for finding cause/ cure.

I had adjusted to living with restraint and caution, had accepted being laid out in bed most of the day. Then I started oil and was able to do some math, remember a phone number, every day stuff got easier.

Now rubbing it into my mouth felt like a little too intense energy, but had been told it might take a week to get used to it and then it would be just easier to live again.

No one was sure how I would react as the oil is made locally for seizure and cancer patients until me.

So day five of oil taken sub-lingual - I noticed a difference a couple minutes after rubbing it in, subtle, and I got stuff done I wanted to do today - but I had been  numbed out a little before this - emotions  moved through me very slowly before. I might be 2 days late on feeling upset about something. Used to describe it as emotional sludge.

I am emotionally reacting now in the moment, and this has thrown off Keeper's routine. He got used to me unable to do stuff and him in charge, now I am up and sorting, cleaning, having opinions again, when it wears off, the change is pretty big. 

 I wonder if after a month of this if the change from being on oil to needing another dose will lessen. Will taking the oil repair some damage, or am I still having greater deficits and headed towards same old timeline of terminal illness.

At times I  wonder if the fog and slowness is a blessing of ALZ, meant to ensure it is easier to endure. I kind of miss that detachment.

a very good thing is I have almost no back pain now - compared to how it was. People take it for arthritis pain and fatigue, this is kind of shocking. Can not sit for long but I can walk and move and lift without going to my knees from pain.

Again - inflammation is being eliminated? Many people are claiming the hemp cbd oil is very helpful to them in online comments. It must all have some benefit. All extraordinary.

Lane Simonian
Posted: Wednesday, June 1, 2016 8:38 PM
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I read your post alz+ with fascination and mostly joy.  Sometimes increased responsiveness also means increased restiveness, but maybe in the larger picture that is a small price to pay.  It is too bad we cannot choose what to remember and what to forget.

I have only a little bit of evidence for this (from my mother, a couple of friends with Alzheimer's disease, and one clinical trial with Korean red ginseng) but it appears that any gain that is achieved is maintained as long as one keeps up the treatment (whether at a lower dose, I don't know).  If one stops for whatever reason, the disease progresses again (and within a few days).

The role of inflammation in Alzheimer's disease continues to perplex me.  It seems like certain inflammatory processes increase and others decrease.  The main problem, though, is due to nitration and oxidation (the loss of hydrogen).  This leads to the inadequate transport of choline, the inactivation of the enzyme that converts choline into acetylcholine, and the lack of release of acetylcholine into synapses.  As a result, acetylcholine--the compound that is needed to retrieve short-term memory--is very scarce. Cannabidiol and terpenes in CBD oil not only limit the damage done by the nitro-oxidant peroxynitrite, they partially reverse that damage--more choline is transported in the brain, more choline is converted into acetylcholine, more acetylcholine is released into synapses--as a result a person begins to remembers names, places, objects, events, etc.

I am sure that keeper will adjust.  You have done yourself and many others a huge favor. 


Posted: Thursday, June 2, 2016 1:36 PM
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Lane - you make me feel so good I get tears.

which brings up I have had dry eyes for 2 years and past week I have tears again.

This seems impossible, to be believed is really helpful. Thank you again for all you do.

PS: my 11 year old dog has her right rear knee repaired 2 years ago, Vet said arthritis willreturn and she has been doing good on walks, goes slow. I tell myself it is ok she is older and less damage to joints.Found out cbd oil is given to dogs for arthritis pain. She gets excited when the oil comes out of refrig and so I let her lick my fingers after rubbing it inside my mouth.

Next time she was waiting for me to do it again. I do not think it is therapeutic amount but who knows. She is now trotting on walks and spurts of running, seems incredibly relieved (pain reduction?).

I have suffered from back and bone pain for 30 years. It is gone. So Heidi the dog and I are now taking coconut oil and cbd. It would be odd coincidence that she would feel like hunting and tracking in woods the same day she takes a finger lick. She wants me to get up and go now, so I am getting up and going for walk now.   is this possible?

Lane Simonian
Posted: Thursday, June 2, 2016 9:38 PM
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Not only are you doing much better thanks to CBD oil so is your great dog--I enjoyed reading about your companion's renewed vim and vigor.

You may enjoy reading this article.

Cannabidiol is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory--as such it may be able to treat cognitive dysfunction in dogs as well as humans.

Brain aging in the canine: a diet enriched in antioxidants reduces cognitive dysfunction.

Thus, studies in the canine model suggest that oxidative damage impairs cognitive function and that antioxidant treatment can result in significant improvements, supporting the need for further human studies.

Here's to dogs and humans!

Posted: Friday, June 3, 2016 6:09 AM
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Heidi too? I am not surprised you are sharing your oil with your best girl. 

You explain so well the changes that are happening and there seems to be more and more benefits as time goes on. It's important that others understand the benefits of CBD oil. I really like hearing the details and picturing you doing all the things you are doing and feeling well. It feels like there is so much to learn. 

I take OTC tylenol for back and bone pain and try to limit that due to the toxic effects on the liver. I don't want to be addicted to pain pills like so many people are these day's. I cannot tolerate the main medications Aricept and Namenda. I need hope and information about other alternatives.

Thank you Alz+ and Lane!

Posted: Friday, June 3, 2016 10:53 AM
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I think I exhausted my muscular/lung/heart capacity while my brain is able to figure out how to fix the mess of our household stuff which is still laying around every room in house.

Live and learn. Maybe I need to go to exercise class again to build muscle, always thought it good to be stronger than what work I have to do.

Also thinking clearly is a pain in itself as my toxic mother brother situation is likely to result in me and my kids being cut off from what my father intended us to have.

My lawyer wants to send them a letter of notice, that they must send year end statements to the daughters and stop hiding information. Stress went up on that so I did not sleep well last night.

Lane - did not know "cbd + dogs" was a thing! whew. if this is an arthritis antidote old dogs will be really happy.

How weird to find some of the cognitive loss was a nice insulation from worry and stress. Being able to think means having to think. Would like to turn it off today.

L lee - alternative stuff includes Best Practices and aroma therapy and something else I just read about but forgot. I wish you could try it for 2 weeks, might be able to keep your job another couple years. Maybe it won't help other people as much, I wish it would, wish it was easy to get or make at home.

Posted: Tuesday, June 14, 2016 1:05 PM
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L lee -

I am in contact with a few people online using cannabis for ALZ. One person uses edibles, another uses the pharmaceutical version.

You could get the pharma medication, used to be called Marinol?

I was advised to take 3 times a day before meals so I do not get the yo-yo effect of being functional and then not and having to start over. It works. I take the cbd oil when I wake up - put it under my tongue. Then mid afternoon, then at bedtime more or less.

I feel more even. Went back to rice grain size as more was making me too amped up and had episode of heart racing. 

Was also told about that in online comment section somewhere. so less but more often feels like I am back 5 - 6 years. I am having words erased though lately, want to say something and it is deleted. Used to come back in a few minutes, now sometimes just gone.

so seems to me there is functioning which can be regained, but disease is still progressing. 

You can ask a doctor who is progressive to prescribe it off label or you can try Hemp oil which is legal as it has no thc. I don't think my oil has more than 1% thc but like that itis made from cannabis instead of hemp.