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Does anyone else do this?
Posted: Thursday, January 12, 2017 10:39 AM
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Good morning.  I am experiencing two things that I'm trying to adjust to and would like to know if anyone else is experiencing these things.

First of all I talk to myself out loud all of the time.  This is getting embarrassing but I don't seem to be able to control/stop it. In the past I have talked to myself but only in my head.  Now I find it necessary to mutter to myself out loud.  It helps me to organize my thoughts and sometimes helps to clear out confusion, at least for the moment.  Do you do this?

Also I find that I drop everything I pick up.  I also knock over everything within reach.  

I don't know if these things have anything to do with the alz or if it's just due to old age!

I would appreciate knowing about your experiences with these behaviors.



Posted: Thursday, January 12, 2017 11:40 AM
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Well....I noticed quite early on, I had trouble my fingers....I could no seem pick small things up...they fumbled things, and I was dropping things and very clumsy.  I do think that part dementia.

Talking self....may be something else.  I am a natural communicator and speaking and writing DOES help me organize my thoughts.  Or, at least, it another form of thinking that I have available me....and so I use it.  So this part I fully grok.  AND, as you brain go....of course, you going start employing ANY tactic help stay, if this is working, great, huzzah. 

But what I have noticed my Alz (and of course, everyone progresses differently), is that I continually was losing my communication skills....and had less and less internal talk.  I though this was funny and ironic in a way, as part my spiritual practice was teaching people quiet their internal I joked dementia a fast track spiritual evolution. But over the summer as I was working cleaning out, organizing, remodeling house....I lost all internal dialog!  Oddly, I often can no envision HOW do something....and yet, set before the task, I do it....and I do amazing job it - and I amaze myself.  This I did no know about myself any more. 

Indeed, my daughter often commenting that I do no laugh at her jokes....and I baffled because I heard, understood, and thought it was funny...I FELT like I was right there with her....but, apparently, I no longer had the follow through on all the behaviors I need do communicate that. 

I am also more aware that, like with the baby....all I have learned that we need do for her...I am unable effectively communicate it my daughter (it might take until next year me find way)....or, when we go OT with her....I can no longer pick up info from them tell me do (people still tell me like I already know or am expert something...but I no longer can float that or do the footwork needed make up for what they think I know) simply watching the interactions...and that all I can do at this point...stare, watch.....BUT I learning a lot....with no words....with no images my brain.  Indeed, I have no ability communicate it even myself - but I know...I know...and I can do. 

I can no articulate what life is like with no words in my brain....but that where I am, a complete and utter inability talk myself. 

That could be a different dementia than Alz????

Also, we do no all progress the same....each of us our brains attacked differently. 


Posted: Thursday, January 12, 2017 11:54 AM
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Thanks for your wise words sun.  Very much appreciated.  I always enjoy and respect your point of view.



Posted: Thursday, January 12, 2017 11:58 AM
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Sun I can so relate to what you are saying about internal dialog.. I always was one to carefully measure what I was going to say but I had a great internal dialog going in my head but now not so much.. As I am writing this I am thinking about what I am saying but I do not plan it anymore. It just happens. I am focused on one thing at a time and no longer have 5 things going on at once.