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CBD and THC oil
Posted: Saturday, April 27, 2019 1:10 AM
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Does anyone have any info on the effectiveness and side effects of using CBD and/or THC oil in the treatment of Alzheimer's Disease?

Which is more effective--CBD or THC? 

Is there any suggested dosage?

And can CBD be taken with THC as a treatment for Alzheimer's?


Lane Simonian
Posted: Sunday, April 28, 2019 9:26 PM
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Hopefully, those with personal experience will come along to answer your questions.  

To the extent there is a consensus, it appears to be the following: look for products high in cannabidiol, low in THC, and high in terpenes.  That combination seems to have the most beneficial effect in terms of improving cognition and reducing anxiety.

Posted: Sunday, April 28, 2019 11:55 PM
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We put my mom on CBD and THC, when she started displaying “sundowners.” -  Nothing we tried would calm my mom’s agitation, anxiety and sleeplessness.  I read up on the many positive effects from CBD and THC and decided to get mom licensed for it.

The results have been nothing short of miraculous for mom.  She sleeps through the night and there is no more agitation or anxiety.  We started the CBD and THC in December of 2018.

Start with the minimal dose.  She has 1/3 of a 1 ml dropper of CBD in the morning and 1/3 of a 1 ml dropper of CBD:THC (1 to 1 ratio) in the evening about 1 hour before bed.

She is also on Lexapro (antidepressant) and Namzaric

Good luck.

We are in Florida and the process for getting a Medical Marijuana card is straight forward, -which involves a visit to an MM clinic and an assessment by a licensed MM Dr.

We are very fortunate to be able to legally do this now.  I don’t know what else would’ve helped my mom.

I hope others post about their experiences with this as well.

Posted: Wednesday, July 17, 2019 1:28 AM
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Some more questions:

-Is there any one cannabis strain that is particularly useful for Alzheimer's?
-If a CBD product has THC in it, is this considered medical marijuana and thus requiring a physician/government approved medical marijuana card to purchase cannabis?  


-In terms of dosage, This article below suggests that one would need to take 600-1200 mg of CBD per day to achieve any neuro-protective effect, which would cost $50-200.

Is this correct?