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It was all perfect..and then it wasn't
Posted: Wednesday, May 8, 2019 1:06 PM
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Last Sunday was starting out perfect.  The usual: dad’s bath and grooming (he didn’t fight too much).  Shave, breakfast, some washing of soiled sheets, get him dressed, slippers, gait belt, flop dad into the transport chair (didn’t fight me during that part either-a bit of smile on face), throw him into the vehicle, get extra bottles of water, my back pack, purse, stop at bank first, get gas, on the road again.  Weather was ok.

Stop at beach, slide dad out of vehicle, landed perfectly onto cushion, slide transfer board out from underneath his buns, he didn’t fall backward on his chair or slip forward off the board, still had a peaceful look on his face-kinda ready to go, all buckled up and cute.  Then it happened.  I suddenly realized I forgot something.  The God d@mn wheel chair legs! 

Oh que la *bleep bleep bleep*!

I left them at home. 

He looked so ready to go on his trip and we couldn’t.  I felt so disappointed and talked to him like speaking to a child “(ah….d@mn) ummm, we have to go back into the car….I guess it’s just a road trip today….I’m sorry….” 

He said in Spanish “oh, it’s ok, doesn’t matter…”

I think it was the expression on my face that he reacted to.  Not so much that he was going to miss what we do almost every Sunday.  He still enjoyed the trip. 


Posted: Wednesday, May 8, 2019 1:46 PM
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Oh it's ok..It doesn't matter.   Dad consoling daughter. My mom did that once in a great while and even recognized me for a very short time. It was a heartbreaking gift.