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Dementia (poem)
Posted: Wednesday, July 25, 2012 8:59 AM
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I see these poem's as a gift from my grandmother. Sometimes there's comfort in knowing that someone else feels the way we do. I hope that will be the case for all who read this piece.


Hospice has been called
Signaling a turn in the road
Destination now in full view
Gone is your ability to perform routine tasks
And your dependency is now complete
Never again will you will feed yourself
Or walk to the bathroom
Or comb your hair
But at this point in our agonizing struggle with the ravages of dementia
Your loss of independence matters only to me
We’ve stumbled through the various stages
First denial and insistence that this diagnosis must surely be wrong
Followed by anger
Mine triggered by an overwhelming sense of helplessness
And yours
Rising to the surface as things became increasingly unfamiliar
Perhaps that was the most difficult phase
Because you could not
Would not be consoled
Struggling to find your way back to a place you couldn’t name
And crying for parents long gone
There are days when I find myself resting in a state of acceptance
And others
When I want to scream in utter despair
You, on the other hand
Have made peace with this unwanted twist of fate
And that to me is a gift
One I will purposely receive
Allow to heal my broken heart
And then pass it along.

Carolyn Rurka