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About Julie and Rick.
Jim Broede
Posted: Tuesday, August 7, 2012 11:57 PM
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I try to enter other people's worlds. Today it's the world of Julie and Rick. They're in their 60s. Working two jobs. Together. A marketing consulting business they own and operate. That's the easy job. It's the second one that leaves me in admiration of this married couple. They're care-givers for Julie's dementia-afflicted parents, Arlene and Ron. They've been at it for four years. All of 'em live together. In the same house. In my neighborhood. They're my heroes. Julie and Rick. Not many couples would take on such a challenge. With one parent. Let alone two. Doubt that I would. Though I cared for my dear sweet Jeanne for 13 years. When she had Alzheimer's. Ain't easy, believe me. I retired as a writer for a newspaper. So that I could handle the care-giving. And for the last 38 months of Jeanne's life, I put her into a nursing home. Allowed me to be an 8-10-hour-a-day care-giver. Instead of 24/7. Julie and Rick hop-scotch from business to home. Daily. And they employ part-time care-givers, too. Yes, they are remarkably proficient jugglers. Exhausted ones, too. Mentally. Physically. Emotionally. Still, they plug away. Valiantly. Maybe because they have each other. And love in their hearts. Julie and Rick once wanted to hire me. As part-time care-giver. Because they were aware of my experience and dedication. With Jeanne. I thought better of the offer. For selfish reasons. I have an Italian true love. In Sardinia. Where I go every autumn and winter to be with her. And she's with me now. In Minnesota. Anyway, I wanna savor life. With my true love. Still, we find time to give Julie and Rick a little relief. We had Arlene and Ron over for dinner and camarderie the other evening. So that Julie and Rick could go out for the evening. Yes, everybody needs respite. Especially care-givers. Learned that as a care-giver. I'm still taking my hard-earned respite. I'm gonna see that Julie and Rick get their's, too. --Jim
Posted: Wednesday, August 8, 2012 9:45 AM
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Jim how about posting this on the other forums here so folks that are still caregiving can see the importance of calling upon friends to help and getting much needed respite. just a thought

That is great that you and your SO are doing this.