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My dreams become real.
Jim Broede
Posted: Friday, August 31, 2012 11:47 AM
Joined: 12/22/2011
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I want to live in a dream world. And I do. To some extent. In that I am genuinely in love. With someone. And with life. But I also know the harsh realities of life. They are unavoidable. And maybe the harshest reality happens to be dishonest and mean-spirited people. In virtually every walk of life. Fortunately, I also know of honest and kind people. And therefore, I have the option of looking at life as a half-full or a half-empty glass. I can choose to be an optimist. Or a pessimist. Maybe I waver between the two. Except when I am in love. Then I'm mostly the optimist. Willing and able to take on the challenge of being happy. That's my prime aim in life. The pursuit of happiness. And that's precisely what I find. Virtually every day. In my dream world. And the most amazing thing of all. My dreams become real. --Jim