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Early onset and trying to find resources
Posted: Thursday, January 15, 2015 10:50 PM
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Hello there
My husband was diagnosed with Early Onset at 58. We are currently residing in Pensacola and there are no groups for him. We've attended the conferences and also he's attended a group in Northern Va. which is where he was diagnosed. That said, we are contemplating a move to Atlanta. He and his family are from Atlanta and he'll be able to visit many of his relatives along with favorite places.

My question today, do you find it difficult to find services for those with Early Onset? I feel as if we're drowning while standing knee deep in a river. Thank you Patty Loveless for that song. We're planning on driving there, actually I'm doing the driving these days, to visit the groups.

I'm just tired but he's excited about exploring and the possibility of relocation. We were lucky enough to attend the conference that was held in D.C, just shortly after he was diagnosed. Overwhelmed at times but still hopeful.