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Bill ? I started CBD oil 2 days ago
Posted: Thursday, March 3, 2016 3:43 PM
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You will find very few doctors who will say anything else.
Even in Israel, they speak only of it "treating symptoms."

I am not a doctor, but when "Muffins" was starting to have trouble, I began reading fanatically, trying to find anything that might help.
Getting into what AD actually was, I kept noticing the mention of MM being great at treating 'plaque' and opening up the vascular feed, without increased blood pressure. (This is why it works for Glaucoma AFAIK.)
After literally thousands of hours of study and 50 or so phone calls bugging the researchers, I began to realize it might work for her.

Then I got through to some of the folks who knew about this before the public heard about it:

As far as I understand it from a laymans perspective, the cannabis, when prepared correctly, opens the blood vessels up and helps clean the plaque out. Combined with coconut oil, which the brain cells can feed off of, this makes a huge and noticeable change quickly.

There is nothing they could offer us to slow the progression of the disease. Aricept, in my opinion, is fancy amphetamine.
Jump starts the tired brain, but does nothing to treat the problem.

We live in a society where we do not believe things unless a doctor or lawyer tells us to. I no longer had the luxury...(and neither do any of you) think that way.

This is a completely safe and natural treatment with zero negative side effects. (Unless you consider this a bad side effect.)

Do they look upset? (Keep in mind, they got a LOT more than Muffins eats every night.)
Those on the fence about it, ask yourself this question:
Would you welcome the dementia to freeze at its present level within in a few weeks? Maybe even reverse some of it?

It will cost you less than 200 dollars to find out if it helps you. 
There is no question in my mind what has kept my darling present and focused this long...with no sign of further degradation since the treatment began.
Anything either of us can do to help, please ask.


Posted: Friday, March 4, 2016 1:57 PM
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I do a tincture of both CBD and THC, my preference would be the CBD only but this is the only way this product comes here in Oregon. I could get CBD edibles so I know that someone somewhere has just CBD of some kind but for now it seems that this is the way to go. I know it works well for my anxiety and that is why I started taking it, I had no idea that it would help with the other problems I have. So this thread has been invaluable to me.
6th year caregvr
Posted: Sunday, March 13, 2016 8:59 PM
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WOW! ALZ+, It is very interesting listening to a person in early stage describe what I saw in my mothers reaction to the synthetic THC. Seeing this thread is a HUGE relief. So happy people are getting great results, as we have with synthetic. Alz+ and Muffins are so awesome! I have been so eager to see people use cannabis in early stages because I fully believe you can live a long, good life using God's medicine after seeing what the synthetic has done for my mom. Thank you both so much!!! This means so much to me as so much of my family had Alzheimer's.

I certainly hope you keep reporting

It is illegal here so the fake stuff was our only option.

Mom did use brownies for 2 weeks because of a snafu with her prescription. Edibles did the same thing as far as helping cognition and eliminating confusion, but the supposed sativa edibles made my mom a tiny bit more sedated than I liked.

Sure wish my state would legalize so we could get straight cannabis oil with a known THC/CBD content percentage.

Best of luck to everybody!!!