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we now are fostering an abandoned cat
Posted: Wednesday, May 4, 2016 2:19 PM
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Well, Keeper took the dog out to pee at 4am last week and came back in with a cat.

I am not a cat person but it has made me a friend anyway. The dog likes her and they sleep next to each other. Put up notice on fb and called animal shelter to say we had her if anyone lost a cat. No one is claiming her. I think taking in a cat for a couple months is a good sign.

I strongly suspect my dear friend J who died 2 weeks ago sent the cat to my deck to be "found". When J's long time man friend who lived next door died, we fostered his cat until J could get back from Florida. That cat was more work than this one.

Have not named her, she is young but knows words so was someone's pet. She was so relieved to not be fending for her survival she just slept and ate for 2 days. I totally related to her seeking shelter, being in over her head as far as survival, and the comfort of resting my head on Keeper's chest when I am scared.

Iris L.
Posted: Wednesday, May 4, 2016 3:49 PM
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You are an angel for rescuing this lost kitty, Alz+.  She feels comfortable around you, Keeper and your dog.  The two of them could become great friends.  I have a cat that I rescued several years ago, and she acts like a feral cat.    But I have others who love to be around me.  In fact, one is sleeping on my lap right now.

Iris L.

Posted: Thursday, May 5, 2016 2:24 AM
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Alz+, so nice of you to bring that kitty inside.  She seem so grateful.  May be you end up being 'mom' again.  

PS Happy Mothers day to you and all the moms here.  Hope you get those calls on Sunday, if not earlier!

Posted: Thursday, May 5, 2016 6:57 AM
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Ahh! She's so pretty. And how about that nice Heidi girl taking a liking to her. They must look adorable together!
Amor Fati
Posted: Thursday, May 5, 2016 9:11 AM
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Yes, this looks like your dear friend J sent you a sweet Mother's Day present. And how quickly she settled into your household and made friends with everybody! Our cat Opie is an important member of our caregiving team. He loves to sit on my beloved's lap and, when he lies down, lay next to him and purr him to sleep. Wishing you a beautiful Mother's Day. 


Posted: Thursday, May 5, 2016 11:39 AM
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Yes, this little cat it a gift from 'on high'.  She needs someone to shelter her, and she will give you love in return.  'Keeper' is one of the good guys for noticing her and bringing her in.  You wouldn't believe how many people would walk on past.
Posted: Thursday, May 5, 2016 1:02 PM
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"Keeper took the dog out to pee at 4am last week and came back in with a cat."

Alz+... I am smiling upon  learning the circumstances by which you were introduced to the latest member of your family. Cute story and cute kitty.  love it!

Happy Mothers day to you and to all women representing motherhood, not only in the biological sense, but also the spiritual, adoptive and mentoring sense.  

God bless.

Posted: Friday, May 6, 2016 6:30 AM
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Alz+ call your nearest animal shelter and see if you can get the cat spayed for free or at a discounted price. You may qualify since you have rescued her. How is she doing? Cats be entertaining and playful. I'm interested to see how long this "couple of months" will turn out to be.