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Posted: Wednesday, December 21, 2016 7:31 PM
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Sun thank you for sharing your day with me.. You were very busy today.. You got a lot done. I am glad the baby got her bath and I loved hearing about your mom and the photos. I am waiting as patiently as I can for Jay to get home from work.. He is running late today probably because they sent him to someplace that there will be a lot of traffic coming home from and he had to make a stop on his way here. Kitty got up on the three quarter wall and was walking around until he heard me get into my pills that I take at around 4pm and he usually gets a treat when I take my pills. He was searching and searching for how to get down and he forgot how .. So  I tried putting the treat in a place that would help him to get down and he still was not buying it so I finally reached up and got him down off of a lower shelf he had made it to. His claw went into my hand and cut me pretty good. Funny how he could not remember how he gets down all the other times he does. On Friday I am going to get my dentures looked at because when I first got them they had pulled my teeth and my gums shrunk and they never fit so I may have new teeth here pretty soon.. Yay for that! I am so glad for Christmas as it is my favorite holiday. We are going over to my dad's for Christmas day. It will be a good time. You have a great evening my friend.
Posted: Thursday, December 22, 2016 7:51 AM
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Kitten nails are pretty sharp.  We often think of get a kitten or cat for the baby....but I just remember how they attack you under the blanket...and how we going explain that the baby? 

I wish I knew a way find the right cat us.  My other daughter had a cat, that did no cause me allergies...and she was so dainty and a clean eater and nice.  She would be present but leave you alone, and then, when you resting, she'd come cuddle.  Everything about her is what I want a cat.  The other cats my other daughter had, I do no want.  There no way know at the pound.

I can be very allergic cats...I get asthma, and will develop a chronic I have be particular.  I have no clue why some do no bother me. 

The dog is always hard care for, for me, in winter....when the holidays come and I get so busy...he always be have go out, his feet get cold, he pick up balls of snow and hurt his paws...and then track balls snow all over house, which baby freak out about.  He gets static-y and jumpy.  We notice that at every year this time, we always think of get rid him as he much more work than can reasonably do....but this year (am so slow brain dementia), I realize it just because I so busy that he get put on the back burner and seem like more work.  We could no imagine life without him.  The baby real like him.  She like flip over over his really cute. 

We need tether her when we go out - we have no yet...but need do as she just run off and it real stressful hard take her place because of.  We saw videos on autism dogs....and they basically just an in-between you tie the kid the dog, and you hang on dog.  We can do that.  Convincing her wear the tether a whole other story. 

Christmas my favorite time also...(although I have many favs like autumn, thunderstorms, and when things start grow spring, Christmas my most fav).  I hate winter....but do find snow beautiful until Christmas over.  I live in a state where it known for snow...and yet everyone here hate snow, so my love it in beginning no the norm.  I used live northern california, and very much loved that it never snowed.  I do love the warmth people have this time year. I love spreading appreciation.  I love acknowledge all the people my life during this time...and people always real like hearing good things, and I feel good making others feel good.  And it fun making magic for the baby.

The baby is Christmas obsessed, so we have been play Christmas music car (Bing, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Burl Ives, etc) since first snow in early November.  We have a signing santa toy that she turn on and spin around every really cute.  Her excitement snow, precious.  She carry around little toy snowmen and santas.   Oh and all reindeer are moose santa have moose in her mind.  It very endearing. 

It just us for Christmas though.  My sibs come see my mom, usually, after the holiday...but for the last years, I do no go up and join in.  They no so nice me.  And my daughter hate the way they are with the baby, so keep the baby away from them.  My one sister and brother who live in town have refused see my mom for any birthday either...and now she no coming Christmas my mom either.  But whatever.  We doing it up for my mom, and we include her in.  The baby do no do as well upstairs as it really just designed for my it a bit stressful us, but we try hide that from my mom.  I got her a Norfolk pine this she can have a tree also.  We try make the best of our little family best we can. 

Soon it will be over, and I will get rest and maybe even some can hope. 


Posted: Thursday, December 22, 2016 12:14 PM
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I am waiting for a call from the agency that I decided to go to for a different prescriber to get an appointment to meet with someone who will determine if I need services at this time. I went to them before but they said I did not need therapy and with them you need to need therapy as well as needing a prescriber. This time I will make it perfectly clear that I need both because of needing to learn how to live life with the MCI and having to find a different Neurologist.
Posted: Friday, December 23, 2016 7:16 PM
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I found out tonight that I have a bakers cyst on the back of my left knee.. I have arthritis in both my knees and will have to have it aspirated I am sure.. I will have to stop walking for a while to see if it will go away on it's own. I will keep it elevated too to see if that helps.. I went to the doctor about this about a week and a half ago and they did an ultrasound on it to see if that was what it was and yep..