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Adult Daycare???
Posted: Monday, January 9, 2017 3:13 PM
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My husband was diagnosed with Vascular Dementia~~January 6, 2015.  He will be 62 years old next week.  The doctor said that he had probably had it two years prior to his diagnosis; the signs were evident in just about everything he did.  We NEVER thought he would have anything like Dementia since we were both so young.  Wrong.

So,,, here we are.  

My Don and I have been married for 37 years, and we have three very supportive and caring daughters.  I am an English teacher, and I am still working full time; my Don has not worked for two years.  We have been looking for some sort of "adult daycare" near our home or in our area.  Of course, we have not had any luck in finding one.  

Any suggestions or resources that I could research?  

Posted: Monday, January 9, 2017 5:39 PM
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Hi, I am sorry he have that.  On the good note....VD usually hold pretty stable until sudden change (verse Alz that have steady downhill). 

And yes....NO ONE expects it at this age!  Talk about life throwing you for a loop. 

I have no idea how find an adult day care under the age 60.  I would recommend the Asso 800 number, but they do no know either.