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Time, Vision, and Alzheimer's
Posted: Saturday, November 18, 2017 12:54 PM
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My eyes track movement slower than things move, which is what ended my ability to drive.Thoughts come to mind then evaporate before I can share them. I remember my dad when he had ALZ sitting at his desk staring out the window, and I stare now to the point I sometimes can not stop when I want to.

Have been observing these things and listening to videos on Time, Bio-centrism, the fabric of Time, etc and feeling like ALZ has put me into a different reality.

I have forgotten the jist of what I wanted to share but it came to me from observing the dogs. They are "in the moment" beings. That is how I am interpreting my mental changes, I am becoming more in the moment and less about the past or what is to come. 

If I do recall the redefinition of cognition ideas I had I will try to jot them down and share here. There is scientific evidence that the past present and future, Time and Space, are simply the cognitive tools of beings that have locomotion.

There have been times when I am really lost in ... a kind of moment to moment state, also how sometimes my house looks like a mile away when I come around the corner of the road I walk and sometimes it appears close enough to touch from the corner.

The mystics understand this. The people who are left tied to wheel chairs in nursing home hallways seem far away, but they come back when a dog approaches them. The one thing I have to deal with now is increased pain. 

Any one into the new physics may be able to apply their knowledge to the experience of ALZ.

Much of the fresh thinking suggests to me we create most of what we think of as "reality" exists only in our minds. The ALZ mind may not even be deterioration. In the absence of language, not translating the world and life into words, is it still life worth living? I suspect it is the bliss of deep meditation, entering the Dog Mind.

Love you all - please send energy to kick to death my shingles virus. My mind is making it very real again.

love and courage