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Third generation, mind lost
Posted: Wednesday, February 5, 2020 8:57 PM
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First Generation:


Father holds back tears when his pop snatched his hand away.

Yes, I think it will snow today. In July. In Arizona.

Twisted metal, what happened here?

Broken banks: failed attempt to get the money out. 

You read the research; you start working in the field. 

You read, you make notes in your phone while driving, you listen to reports on NPR.

Not on my watch you say.

It creeps around the corner, slowly.

Second Generation:


It’s rapid, aggressive, and peaking.

You are not prepared for it.

Its 2am alarms, 3 sweatshirts in the 90-degree heat.

Its 40 dollars in change weighing down his cargo shorts.

Is it CTE? Years of sleep deprivation cracking the mind?

Needs a better neurologist. Call Northwestern.

On second thought, it wouldn’t help.

Dreams, dare I saw nightmares in which he is fine, and begs you to take him home

Cry yourself to sleep; a good midmorning cry, and one around 3:30.

No support group, workout, nor bottle can help you forget.

Don’t forget for him but forget for me!

Tear stained cheeks. Strangers ask if you’re ok.

It’s simultaneously here and getting closer.

Embarrassment at your thoughts.

Selfish self-loathing for nothing you’ve done.

Take care of yourself.

Brain train, read, and those healthy fats.

Avoid drinking, even though it’s your best rec sport.

Consume copious amounts of Kale.

Eschew the associated toxins. 

Terminally: won’t matter.

There is no ‘ah, ha’; not a peace.

I’m next.


I’m third generation mind lost. 


Edit: 4th generation steals the show.

The baby toddles in, and 2G exclaims, “he’s here, he’s really here!”

Baby smiles at nurses and it starts raining cookies.

A curious toddler examines the inner workings of walkers, much to the owner’s delight.

2G and 4G turn out to be a perfect pair

4G turns on a light in 2G.

They toss the football and share peanuts.

Neither of them can figure out how to work the tv. 

Both thrive on their routines, and just want to check things out. 

They are moving in opposite directions.

You balance acquisition and regression with precision.

Least invasive prompts versus most salient.

Without a word from you, they help each other put on their coats.

You cry, but for an altogether different reason.

4G may save us all.




Space within
Posted: Tuesday, February 11, 2020 10:36 PM
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This is great. Thanks for sharing . 

seeking sanity
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TThank you.