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Free Brain Donation
Michael Ellenbogen
Posted: Tuesday, July 20, 2021 2:50 PM
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 I have been trying to add another version of this on the AA site but the file is too large. So for now this will have to do. I reached out to AA and so far not much help. This is very important for all? If AA is successful, you will see the better one.




One of the best ways to advance research toward finding answers about neurologic disorders is through brain donation. There is currently an urgent need for people to donate their brains when they die, to continue the pace of breakthroughs in neuroscience.


The Brain Donor Project is an innovative not-for-profit that was developed to support the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in making available high quality, well characterized brain tissue for neurologic researchers. Our focus is on raising awareness of the critical need for this precious tissue and on simplifying the process of brain donation upon death.


More has been learned about the human brain in the last 20 years than in all of recorded history, but there is so much yet to discover. More than 50 million Americans suffer from a neurologic disease or disorder – that’s one in six of us. And the answers simply can’t come fast enough.  You may not be aware that…


  • Signing up to become an organ donor does not mean your brain is included. Separate arrangements need to be made for brain donation.
  • Donating your body for anatomical study does not mean your brain will be used for neurological research. Again, separate arrangements are needed.
  • People who have not been diagnosed with a neurological disorder are encouraged to donate as well. Control brains are just as valuable.
  • Brain donation is not disfiguring – an open casket is still an option.
  • There’s no additional cost to the family for brain donation.


Please consider making this precious gift.  Visit to learn more and to begin the process of arranging for brain donation. Thank you for considering this invaluable gift as a way to advance science.





Tish Armentrout Hevel


The Brain Donor Project



Posted: Monday, August 2, 2021 9:19 PM
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My son and I both told his Alzheimer's doctor we want this to happen.  We are big believers in giving back to so many hundreds of dedicated medical people and researchers who have kept my son going all these 41 years.  He's up to 32 surgeries now and about 20 were neurosurgery and neurology.  Thanks for sharing this.