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Maybe the missing ingredient is - sugar?! :)
Posted: Thursday, January 12, 2012 2:51 PM
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Yesterday, a woman told me she liked the soup in the IL area (one kind), but the flavor was a little strong, so she ''added a little sugar.''  Then I thought - maybe that's what's missing...!  I know it's said that older folks like sweet things, and ice cream, etc...but maybe I should toss a little sugar in?  Just a little?


We had lunch today in the IL area...this is the issue with my dad, by the way...I'm not sure how much of an effort he makes to get my mom to eat some things...he'll try, but kind of give up,...and believe me, she is doing better with food...


My father got up to get some thing, and I told my mother I had just seen an episode of Dr Oz where he said carrots are very good for you (true, and she likes Dr Oz).  By the time I had gotten my own food - she had eaten all her carrots! 


I talked to someone who works there, who said they had kind of an orange glaze to them - ie, sugar!  But not over the the top...


My mom won't eat things covered in ice cream or pudding, even though she likes both.  She'll eat them separately.  But maybe a teeny tiny bit of sugar might help, here and there?  or some other ''sweet'' ingredient.

Posted: Thursday, January 12, 2012 2:56 PM
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It mattered that I told her Dr Oz said they were good for you.  But if there wasn't an appealing taste, then she would not have eaten them.


The funny thing is, when I asked if she had eaten all the carrots, she said, ''yes, someone told me they're good for you!''  Mom - that was me!


This is kind of the source of tension between my father and I.  I think I've kind of resolved to be there at lunch and dinner, to make sure she's eating ''enough.''


There was something this afternoon they did, and then something else.  In between, the one place had refreshments.  I made sure my mom had some watermelon and strawberries, and water.  My father would help her get it (in fact, he got the water with her), but I know how to coax her to eat.  And she did.  But he wants to get moving along to the next thing.  I do understand.  But she needs to take the time to snack or whatever, for her to enjoy eating.


She cracked me up.  Even though I told her I was coming back around dinner time, she said, "We'll see you tomorrow!"  No, Mom, I'll see you in a few hours.

Stephanie Z
Posted: Thursday, January 12, 2012 2:59 PM
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Rose I mentioned in another post we sometimes used chocolate syrup drizzed over food to get one patient to eat, but we also used maple syrup regularly. A few drops here and there just make everything a bit better. Might help.


Posted: Thursday, January 12, 2012 3:20 PM
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ooh, thanks,  Yes.  A few drops is ok with Mom of maple syprup, I bet.  I do remember you mentioning honey, too.


If I put chocolate on anything, she might toss it at me, lol. 



Posted: Thursday, January 12, 2012 4:37 PM
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To quote Mary Poppins:  A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down.....


Definitely worth a try.

Posted: Thursday, January 12, 2012 10:41 PM
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KML wrote:

To quote Mary Poppins:  A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down.....


Definitely worth a try.



my father says she had a great breakfast...big bowl of cereal, 2 eggs, juice...


but at night, she's just not that into eating...


Once it's dark?


She was about to eat her meal, when dessert came (they were late to the table)...she lost interest in anything but ice cream!  And she had her dixie cup of protein shake...and a jello with oranges in it..



Posted: Friday, January 13, 2012 11:39 AM
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Maybe eating a large breakfast and large lunch would work for her.  If she eats just a little at dinner, at least she gets two hearty meals in, that wouldn't seem so bad.  Maybe a nutritional shake along with whatever little she may eat with dinner would be okay as long as she's eating pretty well for breakfast and lunch.  Sometimes older folks don't like eating heavy at dinner, makes it uncomfortable to sleep.
Posted: Friday, January 13, 2012 12:39 PM
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KML, I think you're right.  One thing with my mom, you can work with her, talk to her, try go get her to do things differently, but she won't do what she won't do.


It's actually a dieting theory, to eat a bigger breakfast, and a lighter dinner.


I'm going to try to take her to dinner earlier, and see if that helps her.


There's also still the sense with her that once it's dark, it's LATE.  She'll be ''yelling'' at me to leave at 6:30 PM because I need to get home to be safe, and not have anyone bother me.


  I've figured out really that she just wants to go to sleep, lol.


Yay!  the edit button is working again!  The thing is, if she wasn't eating at other meals, or wanted to be in bed all day, I'd be more worried.


It's now light at 4:30 PM.  She was actually in the habit of eating dinner here before 5 PM.  And I realized her portions were certainly never large here. 


The woman we met yesterday commented on how LARGE my mother's portion was at dinner!  I mentioned it to my father, he shook his head.  He said he asks them all the time to not give her so much.


We were never the kind of people to send our food back to a restaurant!  But I think someone is going to have to pick the plate up, bring it to the kitchen and say - this is too large!  It's twice what I would have given her here.  and it's a lot of mashed potatoes.  My father has asked they leave the gravy off, and they don't (too salty for her).


Anyway, we'll try eating when it's still light and see if it helps.  Maybe the bright light in the morning helps her eat better?


Thanks again.





Posted: Friday, January 13, 2012 4:10 PM
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Rose ro:  morning might be the clincher.  My mom eats better earlier in the day, however since we stopped her remeron and namenda, she doesn't like to eat much... other than scrambled eggs and cinnamon toast, cookies, cake, ice cream, candy bars.....

Her doctor said to set her up a plate with small portions of dinner, if she eats it, great, if not, give her an Ensure (which I call chocolate milk).

Posted: Saturday, January 14, 2012 12:25 AM
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What I don't understand is why this place doesn't GET the small portion thing...sigh..


Today was better...her breakfast is now good, and lunch was also good...I made a plan to go over to the IL area early for dinner...for some reason, it's open earlier than the AL or SN.  (Those folks also line up for their meals early!)


Before the dining area opened, we sat quietly talking with my father, after they had done a few events.  My mom was tired, but I wanted her to eat early, and then could go back to the room to de-stress.


I got a serving of two kinds of the main course (one wasn't large at all, just because of the nature of the meal)...I had some veggies and part of the main course, small, and put them on a small-ish plate for her.  She ate them all, and seemed to enjoy it all!  Even though she told me she wouldn't eat much at all!  I wish I had put more on the plate..once she had eaten it, she was ''done''!  It was still light outside, and I told her that, too.  So she wouldn't think it was ''late''. 


Of course she had to have her ice cream!  And then I got some fruit to add to that.  She didn't finish the ice cream, but they had given her a lot of ice cream...we took it back to her room to put in the area fridge...


We got back to her room, and I really forget if the protein shake was there...She took her digestive supplements (she gets gas) and we looked at the newspaper I brought (and the wind whipped that across the parking lot when I got out of the car!  Cold, flurries, windy...)


She became convinced that we could go to Sears tomorrow!  Well, it made her feel good!  I told her, well, you'll never know if it's going to snow!  It's so weird today...


Anyway, I think (hope!) the crisis is time goes on, I think she'll have more food.  She ''should'' have some food at dinner, not just ice cream.  it seems like they're clueless in the SN area, so we may still keep going over to the IL, early.


Also, we ran into some people we knew, and someone else introduced us to the daughter and grandkids of a new resident in the SN.  I think my mom really liked seeing the kids


The funny thing is, I just wrote the other day that my mom didn't remember a man she used to know from church.  Well, today she did!  Isn't this stuff ''interesting!"  She remembered him and tried to tell my father she ''lived with him'' lol.  My father got a kick out of that!  lol.


What she meant was, she used to see him a lot, and she remembered it.  She kind of couldn't remember why she was so interested in him, so to speak, but I reminded her that his wife had died, and she used to tell me she saw him, prayed for him, etc.  My mom was happy to hear me say these things...I was happy she remembered him!  And she told me they talked the other day.


this thing can change so fast!



Posted: Sunday, January 15, 2012 3:04 AM
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I think what's happened is that having ice cream two times a day (and not always a full bowl...and I did ask if she has it for breakfast ) is giving her that ''happiness'' feeling, that plus the singing and dancing helps her feel good...and maybe helps work up some appetite...


I was impressed that she told me "I want to dance every day, I don't want to be an old lady sitting around'' because it shows some thinking she hasn't been able to do for some time.  I hate hate hate anesthesia.

Posted: Sunday, January 15, 2012 10:03 AM
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I was having issues with mom eating.  Everytime I set a plate in front of her, the 1st words out of her mouth were "oh, that is way to much food,  I can't eat all that". and she would eat almost nothing.  CLUE, ya think ?????


So, I got her a bigger plate(food looks  like there is less of it) and tell her that I am counting on left overs for our meal tomorrow night, so eat what she can.  She now cleans her plate almost every night.  But I am having better success with what looks like smaller portions.