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My Brother has Early Stages of Alz and live out of state
Posted: Monday, January 16, 2012 4:14 PM
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My brother who is out of town and I the only sister he has . He was seen a Neurologist and Vascular cognitive impairment . Peripheral vascular disease . He was told by the doctor he cannot drive anymore , but he has tried to get someone to make keys for his care and repair it . I am now in the process I getting ride of the car with friends help . He gets so mad at me and says he does not need my help . He does not keep himself clean and is smelling . I live out of town and two hours away and was at his mobile home in October to take him to the Dr. I can't go back for my husband is in need o knee surgery soon . I have meals on wheels five days a week and yet he said he doesn't need my help . I paid his property taxes and put at toliet in his place . What to do


I have called the Alz Assocation i the state of DE and they suggested I call the Adult Protective Service and I will get rid of the care for I am alfraid he will find someone to fix it up . Anymore suggestions other then backing out I have POA and Advance Directive .

Posted: Monday, January 16, 2012 5:08 PM
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Jenna 60 as hard as it is to do you need to call Adult Protective services, I had to call to get help for my mom after 3 car accidents in a few months and a near miss fatality ,had to do it to get her to the dr even so she could get evaluated he was shocked that she walked in his office thats what he out in his report, he couldnt believe how well we masked her disease for her is how he put it, but at that visit it was deemed total unsafe for her to drive he took her keys and she became combative at wich point ambulance and police and Adult protection all showed up and mom was hospitalized. At that time she had the whole work up MRI and CT scans at wich time they said they were calling it ALZ. as the MRI showed plaque build up and tangles in part of brain. She had been living alone  and at the hospital we were told she wasnt allowed to be left alone more than 30 minutes from this point on.  She also kept telling us she was fine she didnt need or want our damn help.She wasnt fine and she did need help. We Got a Elder law attorney and got guardianship.