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Non cell phone based tracking System/solution
Posted: Sunday, October 15, 2017 8:12 PM
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for those of us that live on the edge of nowhere and cell service ends a mile or two up the road, wandering, or just plain getting lost is a real problem.  

I have found a system call Spot Gen3.   It uses satellite gps and allows real time tracking, check in messaging via text and email, and has an SOS button that summons help -world wide.  It has draw backs. Communication is one way so you can’t “talk” to Your lo. But at $150 + $20/ month it’s better and cheaper than a lot of systems out there.

There is also the Garmin inReach. It has all of the above plus 2 way texting, mapping, and more. It runs about $450 plus monthly plans that vary by level.

I spoke to the head ranger at a local park who has done search and rescue for 25 years. He highly recommends either.

Nothing is a sure thing, and nothing is better than eyes on supervision. Yes he has to take it, turn it on, and remember to use it but..... I would have loved one of these in the earlier phases when my lo was still riding his bike and going for long walks. I am impressed enough that, as I live in the Willy-wags with spotty cell service, I will probably get one even though it’s probably a little late for him.