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The story of a complex life.
Jim Broede
Posted: Tuesday, January 15, 2019 7:29 PM
Joined: 12/22/2011
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I don’t want to be caught up. In things. That I don’t want to be caught up in. Does that make sense? It’s a way of being me. Without being what other people want me to be. I know. I know. I’m supposed to modernize. To keep up with trends. With the latest fads.  But I’d just as soon not. Change makes me feel uneasy. Overwhelmed.  I’m in no mood to change. And I hereby declare. That’s my right.  To remain static. Inefficient, too. Odd as it may seem.  Maybe that makes me a clod.  A know nothing.  The subject of ridicule. But so be it. Doesn’t really matter. In the grand scheme of life.  Hey! I was put on Earth. To be me. But most days. I don’t know who I am. Means I have to improvise.  And take wild guesses.  That sums up. The story of a complex life. --Jim

Posted: Wednesday, January 16, 2019 10:09 PM
Joined: 9/8/2017
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I'll never stop loving bell bottoms.  But it seems like Halloween is the only time I can wear them.  And, the afro wig looks good on me.