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Update on Mom
Posted: Wednesday, December 21, 2011 7:32 PM
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I read some posts in reply to my one about mom, and am amazed how many don't ''get it.''


She is not on pain meds for her hip.  She doesn't seem to be in pain, but I will ask again tomorrow.  She did take tylenol once for some pain.


I can't read all the responses, because it gets discouraging when people don't ''get it.''  I do want to read them more tomorrow, when I have more time.


She is back on the original meds.  She became depressed, wasn't eating much, no energy, sleeping a lot.  Guess what?  They realized her thryoid med was helping her!  wow, no kidding.


That's why it's strange to read some responses.  It's almost like, why bother posting anything when people don't get it?


She is so much better.  Ate a full breakfast, but we do need to work on dinner, etc.  Menu was ridiculous.  Bratwurst for mom with high BP!?  (which IS back under control, thankfully).


She sang with the AL this morning, did some exercises in her wheelchair, got her hair cut, my brother visited, my sister visited with her family, she did p/t and speech therapy....she still gets very tired, but she looked GOOD again instead of like she was at death's door!


Please, if you're trying to convince someone not to care and get involved, I am so not that person!


I told her the kids would come for Christmas, that made her feel good.  I got next to her in bed and told her she was loved and cared for.  It made her feel better.


Added -


I also visited a few other places.  This really is one of the best.  I called a doctor who I might go back to consult with if needed.


As someone said in another response - I DO NOT WANT HER MEDS changed, especially without telling us, especially changing more than one med at a time!


What the heck....I was dying when they were doing this to her, because my father and I could both see that something was seriously wrong.


He was the first to ask me, ''could they be leaving something out that she needs?''


i thought no....but he knows that I talked to the hospital during the summer and found out they didn't give her a BP med she NEEDED...which made her almost nuts (on top of the UTI, and diverticulitis) he knew what we went through


Someone last night told me they were very concerned about my mom, that she was down...that she didn't have energy...they saw that she had changed!  If you go back and see my first post or two since she went there, I said it was a good thing, that she had something in her eye that I hadn't seen in a long time!


And then, they took that away with the med change!  It's slowly coming back...


What I meant about going to other places is that we still have some issues with this father can use the rest now, but really, in the future, my parents are going to need to be together...that adds to my mom being sad, and I don't blame her.  She isn't as sad now, but I told her I would work to help her be in the same place with dad.


Most other places have private rooms, around here, but this is ''better' than some other places...I'll find out tomorrow about them being together in the future.

Posted: Wednesday, December 21, 2011 7:53 PM
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Hope it works out about them being together.

And I'm so glad your mom is back on her thyroid medication and getting better.