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Posted: Friday, January 6, 2012 11:35 PM
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AD, ALD or ALZ= Alzheimer's Disease 

AHCA=Agency for Healthcare Administration
ALF= Assisted Living Facility
APS= Adult Protective Services
AKA= Also known as

BF= Boy Friend
BIL= Brother In Law
DD= Dear/Darling Daughter
DH = Dear Husband
DNR= Do Not Resuscitate
DPOA= Durable Power of Attorney
DS= Dear/Darling Son
DW= Dear Wife, Darling Wife
EC= Employer Caregiver

ELC= Elder Living Care 

EO - Early Onset
EOAD - Early Onset Alzheimer's Disease
ER= Emergency Room
FIL= Father In Law
FTD - Frontal Temporal Lobe Dementia
GF= Girl Friend
HCD= Health Care Declaration

HGU=  Help, Going Under 

HIPAA (Law)= Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act
IHSS= In Home Support Services

LBD - Lewy Body Dementia
LO= Loved One
LOL=Laughing Out Loud

MC=Memory Care 

MCH=Memory Facility 

MCH=Memory Care Home 

MCU=Memory Care Unit
Meds= Medications

MIL= Mother In Law
NOK=Next of Kin

OH= Other Half
OMG - oh my gosh!
OT= Off topic

PITA= Pain in the “butt”
POA= Power of Attorney (can be medical or financial)
PCP= Primary Care Physician
ROFL - Roll on the Floor Laughing!
SIB(s)= Sibling(s)
SIL= Sister IN Law
SO= Significant Other
SNF= Skilled Nursing Facility or
SNH= Skilled Nursing Home
ttt – used to send a post “to the top” so new viewers will see it
UTI= Urinary Tract Infection

WCTC=Who cut the cheese