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Book Idea for the board
Heidi Liane'
Posted: Monday, January 16, 2012 11:25 AM
Joined: 12/20/2011
Posts: 66

Iposted this on the spoouses caregiver board whereI am lort for my spouse has  Modertae  CGI boardingon ALZ withbad short term memory recall.


ButI Iposted on spoiueses board it wuold be great if we could pin a sectionon books everyonehas read and helps them out on this  jouorney through ALZ.


Ihave creatingmoments of joy nad even gotthe clanedar by JoLene Bradley

love it likeon the calenddro forhte 15th read Every conversation focus on the age there living in their mind instead of there short term memory


Tommorrows read take the words don't you remember out of your vocabulary


I love the boopk but the calendaris also so good. butI was just thinkling of mdoing abook threadof nothng but books articles tahthave helped us along uor journey for everyone else to go to instedof combing through posts trying to remmebr whoposted  what abuothte articles or books. just anidea I needa peer vol   sayijng somethng if we could doit or not.I use tobe amoderator on heart board then a modertor/co owner on afibromyalgia board tooand we hada thread fornothing but articles  and books  soit wuoldbe eaieron everyone else. heidi