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Posted: Thursday, January 26, 2012 5:29 PM
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Well Mom has been in the nursing home 6 weeks now, but things aren't going well.  She still has days she spends yelling out.  Today the Director told me the Dr changed Mom's med again but she is afraid that a resident might hurt Mom cause they don't like her yelling.  Even one of the aides commented that some residents ask why Mom yells.  So I'm having them check into getting her hospice.  That means she would have give up her therapy (PT, OT and speech) but maybe someone could come sit with her during the day in her room with the door closed. Really think if they tried to keep her awake during the day she might sleep at night.  As for losing the therapy she will never be able to walk by herself and she is eating mechanical soft food. 


Figure try hospice if it doesn't help then we can go back to therapy.

Posted: Thursday, January 26, 2012 6:40 PM
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So sorry, as it is difficult to have residents complaining about our loved ones.


Maybe they will get it worked out.


My mother is still at home but is bedridden and she has been on hospice for 2 years with very good results.  They are able to handle all issues with the doctor and regarding meds.  I just have to talk with them and we arrive at solutions and they take to doctor for approval.  It has been a great team form my mother so hope that you can have the same experience.


Hugs to you

Mimi S.
Posted: Thursday, January 26, 2012 6:52 PM
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Hi Pdecur, 


Please ask your mom's Director if they are familiar with the Validation Method of Naomi Feil. Your mom sounds like the perfect candidate. They and you should check it out on the internet and also have your library get you a copy of one of her books. You and they will need to study it. 


While on-line check where the next Feil workshop is. Your Director should one or more of her staff attend.  


It is my firm conviction if the Validation method were used with your mom, she would have stopped screaming a long time ago. 


 She does not need to be shut in a room. She needs someone to try to understand her feelings and frustrations.  And she does not need more meds to make her a zombie.