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Music and Rhythm
keyboard kapers
Posted: Tuesday, April 3, 2012 10:13 AM
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The Eaglewood Coppertone Band is a kitchen-band mostly composed of persons from the Alz unit at this local nursing facility. Begun with 8 members, it has now grown to 20 regulars. There are four important things about this band:


They ALL play in rhythm to the music.

Many who do not otherwise relate sing all the words to the old familiar tunes from their younger days, while smiling, laughing, etc.

Their families tend to come to the "performances" and stay more in touch with the person in the dementia unit; therefore, they are more involved which is good for their relative/friend and is helpful to the staff.

The persons themselves tend to recognize the band day, show excitement on entering the room, and do some relating to other in the band and the volunteers who play/conduct.


As a performing pianist to 7 nursing homes/assisted living places, I can say that music from the 20's-50's, plus songs from Broadways shows and movies is very well received and anyone with a musical talent of any sort can make a big difference.