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"I thought you cared about me." (with glare of hate)
Posted: Saturday, June 14, 2014 11:40 AM
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Full moon, GO AWAY !!!   Of course, I care about you or I wouldn't be going down this horrible path with you, ding-dong!  I wouldn't have quit my job and put us even further down the poverty path.  I wouldn't be up at 2am and 4 am scrubbing your pee puddles off the floors.  And I surely wouldn't be tolerant of your erratic behaviors.  Shew....feels better to say it than just to think it. 


He's aggravated because I won't take him to the doctor every 2 minutes and get him a magic pill that will help him breathe easier.  Doesn't matter that today is Saturday and they aren't open.  Doesn't matter that he just went Tuesday.  Doesn't matter that he's going again next week.  Nothing matters but that very instant, that moment, that second.  Did I ever say before that I hate this journey.  I can think of a lot better roads to take than this one.  Life, you are so unfair.  Sigh. 


So, the funny laugh for today would be....  ?  Having a hard time finding one, but I'm sure I will before the day is done.  After all, that's how I'm going to survive this!


Agent 99
Posted: Saturday, June 14, 2014 1:40 PM
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Full moon, Friday the 13th - no wonder we are more "sensitive" to what's become our new normal.  Hopefully others will come along and describe how they handle the repetitive stuff.  The only thing my sweetie repeats so far is, "Is tonight the night?"  One very good practical resource is Teepa Snow youtubes.  Her methods are always praised.

Forgive me if I am overstepping my boundaries but given the potential new diagnosis and your husband's discomfort, perhaps it might be good for both of you to start hospice service.  He doesn't have to be told that's what it is.  May be something like the "doctor" makes house calls on MWF or something like that.  Just a suggestion.

So what kind of ice cream do you want in your hot fudge sundae?  As is repeated here all the time, his thinker is broken.