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How do I protect them?
Posted: Thursday, September 12, 2019 8:21 PM
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My Mother with AD, lives with and has co-guardianship with me of 2 adult sisters with Down Syndrome.  Both sisters, in 40's, have EO demetia also.  I have gone to court to attempt to get full guardianship of them, but judge simply made her get part time caregivers to help  He did give me all rights to their medical decisions, and to take them to medical appointments, noting her inability to be consistent with them.

Background; Have been caring for all 3 for years. Moved them from Michigan, lived next door for a while, now only live 10 min away.  Have financially supported for years, and helped provide caregivers.... until she gets paranoid and fires them.

  Due to my mother's advancing disease, she is VERY suspicious/paranoid of me, my husband, my step kids.  She accuses me of bizarre things, like trying to kill my own dog!.  Her doctor agrees she has AD, and has even written a letter of some kind to the judge, expressing his concern over her ability to continue to care for my sisters. 

There is a caregiver there 8-5p about 4 days/week and 4h on Friday.  But my sisters have missed lots of meds, have fallen, don't keep clean with personal hygene. I recently found out one sister hasn't used her CPAP for 2 years, and when I took her for a sleep study, her oxygen dropped to 77!!. She needs it desperately!!

So I don't know how to protect my sisters from my mom's increasing abnormal behavior. She is talking to one sis, turning her against me, tell her i'm "evil" and trying to "take her away".

My husband and I do plan to take the girls in, once mom passes away, or cannot care for them.  Trying to avoid a severe accident or injury here.

Any help and advice would be appreciated




Posted: Thursday, September 12, 2019 9:39 PM
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I feel for you with all you and your husband have on your plate! I agree, APS is a good idea, because they will document any unsafe conditions as well as have a social worker assess your mom's behavior. So sorry, hang in there.
caregiving daughter
Posted: Friday, September 13, 2019 10:37 AM
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There's attorneys that specialize in children's rights. I'm sure super costly but could someone help you take case to guardianship court once again.