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Hidden tv gym, the Time Life DVD commercials of the old shows!
Posted: Thursday, September 12, 2019 8:17 PM
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 My mom LOVES to watch them!  Just had on the Sonny and Cher half hour ad.  They are from a time of good clean comedy, good music, etc.  The Johnny Carson one is great as well. My mom connects with these old shows, actors, costumes, music, etc.

I am going to start taping them on her tv.  Seems very reassuring and familiar and I enjoy them as well.  We don't even need to get the dvds, the commericals are awesome!!

Bob Sacamano
Posted: Thursday, September 12, 2019 9:28 PM
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My mom, when she was at an earlier stage, loved those 30 minute infomercials too. Particularly the one for the Dean Martin Show. Funny thing was, after I had bought the DVDs for her, she really didn't like the actual show that much. I think because the infomercial had so many jump cuts, it held her attention better and as a result was more entertaining. 

As an aside, as you would expect, the Dean Martin Show has not aged very well. The musical numbers and the dancing were good. But the comedy was lame. I read somewhere that Dean never rehearsed. He would just show up and wing it. It showed.

Posted: Thursday, September 12, 2019 9:34 PM
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Never would have thought of those! My mom has been stuck on Little House on the Prairie and a few other similar shows (The Waltons), and will watch them for hours. Once in awhile we try a movie but she can't follow the plot. Those two are ones we watched years ago as a family and are familiar to her and comforting I think. Sometimes the rest of us are ready for a change, though!
Posted: Friday, September 13, 2019 1:54 AM
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We only have various streaming services, but my 86 year old MIL LOVES "Italian Grandma" (Gina Petitti) on YouTube. Part of the appeal, I think, is because it's someone near her age and it's easier for her to follow a cooking sequence, because it's an everyday activity, than a plot.
Posted: Saturday, September 14, 2019 8:47 AM
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What a great idea. 

Currently Mother is in the oh-look-a-squirrel mode and the quick changes in the infomercial will hold her attention. Lately we've been getting funny videos off Youtube or Vimeo, but some are inappropriate, so the infomercials would be perfect. 

Hmm wonder if Mitch Miller or Dinah Shore shows have the same?

Posted: Saturday, September 14, 2019 11:02 AM
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The Carol Burnett one is so good!!!