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Not Diagnosed Yet But Suspect MCI
Posted: Wednesday, April 30, 2014 2:34 PM
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I am not enjoying this thrill ride AT ALL.  Where's the Chicken Exit? 


If you get bored with my commentary, sorry.  I need to write.  It's part of my coping and learning to accept the NEW NORMAL.


Just had my first visit with a second Neurologist.  The first one, I felt, kind of blew me off and attributed all my physical problems (I have a slight case of spastic cerebral palsy) to my present memory problems and brain fog.  She thinks I've always had this.  NO!! 


Went for second opinion and got a doc who (gasp) spent time with me!  1.5 HOURS!  He looked at my MRI and is now sorting out the puzzle.  The important thing is that he is INTERESTED in what's going on with my brain....or lack of brain. 


My MRI shows that my ventricles are further apart than they should be AND that something is wonky with my temporal lobe.  Some of this MAY be from my difficult birth but that doesn't make up for my 1. hearing loss  2.  memory problems  3.  inability to focus and think  4.  gait problems  5.  BRAIN FOG!


So he had me do a cognitve test.  Here's how that went.




 I felt so dumb that I couldn't remember the simplest things.  The eye/hand coordination thing was awful.  Remembering patterns and groups of words were hard for me....and I'm a "words" type person.  If there is ANY good news in this, it is that FINALLY I may get a diagnosis and then I can say "See?  I told you I wasn't faking it."  I don't see my doc until late next month and unless he calls me in earlier, I won't know the nasty details of this test until then.  In the meantime, I really need to have a cry because I feel like the life, as I knew it, is slipping away.  I've already had to quit my present job (been working since I was I'm 52) because I simply couldn't focus and concentrate on my work. I was there for 7 years.


My purpose in coming here is to see that I'm not the only one going through this.  I don't want to let the cat out of the bag to my family yet because they just think I'm being dramatic about everything.  Maybe if others are going through similar stuff, it will comfort me.  Yeah, I know, misery loves company, huh?  Boy, don't I sound selfish?  Maybe I am.  I have always been the gal there for others.  Now I just need some "ME" time.  Adjustments are hard but I'm doing my best. 


Hope someone (if you have read this all the way through) can relate to my story.





Posted: Wednesday, April 30, 2014 3:21 PM
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Welcome to this Board, Valleydachs, but am sorry for the reason you're here. I'm proud of you for being persistent. Hopefully, it will be something that can be cured or managed. If it turns out is some sort of dementia, there may be a medication that will help alieve your symptoms. 


One of the things that many of us on these boards do is follow best practices (it has kept me in the early stage for 4 years). Best practices include: 


Eating a Mediterranean Diet (lots of veggies, little meat, cooking with olive oil) 

Regular Strenuous Exercise (you got to sweat) 

Staying Socially Active (keep and make friends, socialize with your family, join a support group, etc.) 

Exercise your Brain (crossword puzzles, online games, etc.)