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Still Alice Re Support Groups
Posted: Saturday, September 5, 2015 5:28 PM
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FROM THE BOOK, STILL ALICE...she inquires with the social worker at the university where she was dx'd about a support group for PWD:


"Well, with our caregivers' support group, about twelve to fifteen people meet every week for a couple of hours. We have the room reserved, coffee, pastries, a couple of people on staff who act as facilitators, and a guest speaker once a month."

"What about just an empty room where people with early-onset dementia can meet and talk about what we are experiencing?"

*I can bring the coffee and jelly doughnuts, for god's sake.*

"We'd need someone on staff at the hospital to oversee it, and we unfortunately don't have anyone available right now."

*How about one of the two facilitators from your caregivers' support group?*

"Can you give me the contact information for the patients you know with early-onset dementia so I can try to organize something on my own?"

"I'm afraid I can't give out that information. Would you like to make an appointment to come in an talk with me? I have an opening at ten in the morning on Friday, December seventeenth."

"No thanks."


She goes on to leave her name and number and soon others are contacting her and she starts a support group (this was not in the movie). They rotated houses they met at, and she found it indispensable.

They say that the best thing we can do to keep our brains going is to socialize.