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story of a daughter who rescues her Mother with ALZ
Posted: Wednesday, September 9, 2015 8:05 PM
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I shared this link when I first joined. Story of a woman working with cannabis who brought her Mom back to life. She wrote under name "eloquent Solutions". The photos in that link of changes toward life made me hopeful.

After I was diagnosed and went through that intense year by year by year past life review to calculate how much "good time" I had left I figured this has been going on a long time. Even now odd things I did make new sense.

My Dad had ALZ, and his mother. I loved helping my Dad live with dementia. I was a massage therapist and he loved massage and saunas his whole life so he got a weekly massage and we spent that time together. Not much talking, lots of communicating. I remember looking into his face as he lay there calculating, figuring something out, why did he love me? I would catch his eye and smile at him and he would smile back with such a look of relief.

When I found this story online I realized a lot of people are just making it up as they go along and doing really well! Just from the heart, light hearted.

That's what I found these discussion boards so important, I was afraid most people did not know how wonderful being with some one who has ALZ or other dementia can be. A calm, easy to manage meaningful life where there is a predominance of happiness if given the right setting and companionship.

The daughter made life normal for her Mom with good humor, her way of helping her Mom changed my life.

why your story matters.