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Blog - Learning To Live Alone With Dementia
Posted: Saturday, October 31, 2015 8:56 AM
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I realize that I have the benefit of participating in numerous groups with others with dementia, and follow a number of blogs as well.  Sometimes this gives me a wider perspective on what people with Alzheimer's and dementia are thinking, feeling, and going through.  There are surprisingly few of us here in this forum, compared to other social media, and that can give a rather limited view of things.  I thought to share some blog posts so others can see and share in what others are experiencing of life with this disease. I hope you consider following their blogs.

Some of her post:

"What of me?

I have been learning to live alone again.  Not hard, but I seem to spend more time faffing about.


 I now have a bus pass enabling me to catch the short bus ride into the town and do a little bit of exploring.  On good days I will walk along the river, and on days when I am in too much pain, I sit and read and, dare I say it, enjoy my own company.  At some point I will organise my paperwork so that I know where everything is, because I do what most people do and that is – I tidy up!  Meaning to return to the pile of papers and letters that I should be dealing with, I find I have not actually put everything in one place.  Oh yes, you all know the scenario of putting something away for the moment, then not remembering where, well I manage to have several places that it seems are beyond any sense or reason.   It takes time to develop those squirrelly places doesn’t it?

The people in the other flats are very nice….but seem so old!   Okay, the housing is for people over 55 years of age but why do I feel like I am the youngest there!   The elderly gentlemen meet in the mornings in the communal room and joke about being the League of Gentlemen, and I joke back that I thought they were the Hell Fire Club.  I have been invited to join them all for Bingo on Tuesday nights, games Wednesdays, and a quiz on Thursdays.  Is it ungrateful of me to wince inside whilst I am explaining it is not really my kind of interest.   It is strange living alone in a town where you do not know anyone, it feels kind of living in a silent world.

I still worry about my future.  I hope that the care home I will end up in will be so lovely as the one my Mum is in.  I see my Daughter not being able to cope with the stress of it all, but hopefully by then she will be more robust.

For the moment I am just trying to get by day by day."