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Be positive, exercise and meditate and some other updates
Posted: Thursday, April 28, 2016 9:44 PM
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I posted this in my blog and thought I might share them here too. There are a few things I have been doing the past couple of years which I should pass along since I believe they play a role in stopping my cognitive decline. One of the things my wife told me after my initial diagnosis was to “Stay positive.” She made sure I did this with daily affirmations which I changed a couple times to improve upon it. Here is what I do at 9 am which comes up on my iPhone. “I want my Alzheimer's to stop progressing. I believe it can. God and my guardian angels please help stop my Alzheimer's from progressing.

As you should know, exercise is supposed to be good for the brain to bring more blood flow to the brain. I used to go to aqua aerobics classes but I stopped that. I have some physical issues which make some things difficult. I have cervical kyphosis and spondylosis (neck reversed its curve and arthritis in my neck for all lay people) and 4 bulging discs. The neurologist said I should not do any impact sports, running or golf. That was a few years back and at a follow up last year after two years she confirmed it won't ever get better. Back then when I was in much pain and shots did not work, they sent me to the Arnold Pain Management Center part of Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital. They taught me to do transcendental meditation for fifteen minutes to relax my neck muscles and then the neck muscles could stretch again to keep my discs from rubbing against nerves. When they were too tight, I would sometimes get pins and needles pain in my face and sometimes my hands. I actually knew I was relaxing during meditation when I would feel the neck pain and pins and needles sensations in my hand but at least I was expecting it.

Now, the meditation that I do serve double duty. Meditation is supposed to help the brain grow back in size.

Another activity that I do due to my neck is “Spinal pumps” on the inversion table. I invert upside down for 10 seconds and then go back up for 10 seconds and do this for ten minutes. Irina Serebryakova told me to do this for my neck since we had an inversion table at home for when I had back pain. Besides putting synovial fluid in between my discs in my neck and back, it puts a lot of blood flow into my brain. So if you can't do a lot of exercise, just try some inversion table spinal pumps. One of the other reasons I don't exercise much is that I have plantar fascitis in both feet, more so on my left foot. Thus, being on my feet for long periods of time walking can be painful.

I still have cognitive difficulties as I noticed at a wedding I attended recently. Nothing like seeing all my cousins and their kids and trying to remember their names. Most telling was when I saw the bride walking down the aisle with her father. I couldn't remember his name. I could remember the occasion my cousin introduced him to me 40 years ago when they first started dating but I couldn't pull the name out. This is a guy who I went to their wedding, we would see on family functions and funerals and we would visit occasionally over the decades at his house. It took a couple minutes before his name popped into my head. I have noticed a decline in some Brain Age training scores sometimes. My current brain age was 45 years old. I was having trouble remembering the 25 numbers in the 5 by 5 grid. I did pretty well on the other 2 tests. I try not to do the brain age test too often so it won't become too familiar to me and I guess I shouldn't be doing it at 6 pm when I haven't taken my second batch of pills at late afternoon snack. I said I do better taking them at snack time instead of later at dinner time. I hope I do better next time but hey, I am 58 and have MCI so I should not complain.

I occasionally add a few links to my July 4, 2015 blog entry with a lot of research in it. I should go through my other entries and copy them into that entry if it isn't already there. I am sorry if I snuck them in without dating them or appending them but I try to put them near similar areas - videos with videos.

I have been going to the senior center a lot to shoot pool and socialize with the older seniors. I am getting better and can win a few games occasionally. I am able to converse and have fun again.

I saw Vera and Irina from Groton Wellness a few weeks ago. Not too much different in the treatment regimen. Irina did want me to consider trying Neurotransmitter therapy next time. She also said that they carry Dr. Chris Shade's treatment therapies from Quicksilver Scientific. It isn't possible to include the PDFs she sent me here. But there is similar information about his topic available online.

My cousin Edwin who gave me the kombucha scoby also gave me a tip on another method used for heavy metal detox, food grade diatomaceous earth. Because diatomaceous earth has 19% calcium I can't try it and would need to consult with Vera and Irina first. But you can check it out at

Irina's information about Glutathione methylation collapse and Neurotransmitter therapy articles are “Relative nutritional deficiencies associated with centrally acting monoamines” by Marty Hinz, Alvin Stein and Thomas Uncini and an article named “16 Glutathione methylation collapse.pdf” Similar info are at these links:

Interesting Detoxification link

Iris L.
Posted: Friday, April 29, 2016 1:29 AM
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I had plantar fascitis with terrible pain and limited ambulation for about two decades.  One of the hospitals offered a free consultation with a podiatrist.   I had been to other podiatrists before with no improvement.  This podiatrist told me the shoes I was wearing were wrong for me, and told me what to  buy.  I went out that day, bought the pair of shoes he recommended, and within ONE HOUR, the long-time, two decades old pain in both feet was gone!  I had shooting pains, like daggers in my feet.  Now gone.  

My neurologist told me to do PositScience for brain fitness training.  I did that for a year, at the Adult School, and I noticed a big difference.  I am able to do arithmetic again, which I had stopped.

Everything we can do for ourselves, helps.  Thanks for letting us know your treatment regimen, Steven.

Iris L.

Posted: Friday, April 29, 2016 8:18 AM
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Thank you both for encouragement.

The end of pain after a new pair of shoes! One of those DOH!!! moments when you are happy and regretful at same time!  

Steven - if you get a chance would you check out the Amen clinic I posted a link to an upcoming class. They SELL alot of stuff and wondered what you thought of their supplements.

Keeper is learning how to make our own cbd oil, and another oil with is high in THC which reverses degeneration of all kinds.  

If I could I would make oils for ALZ people and sell at cost locally.

Paul Hornback
Posted: Friday, April 29, 2016 8:45 AM
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Lots of great information here from all of you. I to believe that reaming positive, staying social, exercising in what ever manner you can, and meditating and/or practicing your spiritual disciplines makes a world of difference in handling the impacts of Alz disease or any form of dementia. These are just a part of the Best Practices which so many have followed on this forum.

God bless, Paul

Posted: Friday, April 29, 2016 1:10 PM
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Best practices taken to Olympic levels!  My virtual hat is off to The Steven.  I need to follow your blog to see how successfully Alz plus simple aging can be fought off, becausd I'm already blanking on names and facts at times, only to have them come drifting back in about 10 to 15 minutes later.  It's like a link was down in my brain and my little neuro transmitters had to go thd long way round ti retrieve it.

Plantar fasciitis is the worst.  The first step out of bed in the morning is like putting all your weight on an axe blade.  Mine took a year to go away on its own.  I couldn't afford a doctor at the time.  What kind of shoes helped you, Iris?  I know I was trying everything in the book.

Iris L.
Posted: Friday, April 29, 2016 7:45 PM
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The podiatrist gave me a written list of the types of shoes to wear.  They should be sturdy. lace-up shoes with removable arch support.  I already had custom orthotics, which helped a bit.  But the shoes helped even more.  The brand that I purchased is called Asics, although that is not the only brand.

Yes, pain on the first step getting out of bed is typical for plantar fasciitis.  Most doctors, I have learned, are not aware of this, thus delaying diagnosis, and prolonging pain and suffering.

Iris L.

Posted: Saturday, April 30, 2016 10:12 AM
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My podiatrist recommended some PowerStep inserts a few years ago and it seemed to help.  When they started getting really worn my wife picked up some other orthotic inserts and they seemed OK for a while but I may switch back to the PowerStep ones and see if that fixes it.

I prefer using the Brain Age 2 game instead of subscribing to PositScience.  I can take it anywhere and train/play and it is cheaper.

I'll check out Amen clinic

Thanks all.
Posted: Saturday, April 30, 2016 5:16 PM
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Hi alz+,

checked AmenClinics and their AmenStore sent me to Their Brain and Body Power has a lot of vitamins and minerals but some of them can be antagonistic to each other. Depending on your body's needs, some of them can throw your bodies needs further out of balance. That's why I don't take a multivitamin any more.

I like the Proprietary Brain Boosting blend in it but the 575 mg is only about a 1/3 of what I take. They don't list the proportions of their blend. I take 500 mg Acetyl-L-carnitine, 600 mg Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA), 300 mg Phosphatidylserine (PS) and 100 mg Ubiquinol (more bioavailable form of CoQ10) as part of my regimen.

Their Brain and Memory Power Boost Supplement 4 pill serving size has 66 mg PhosphatidylSerine, 666 mg Acetyl-L-Carnitine, 400 mg N-AcetylCysteine (NAC) , 200 mg Alph-Lipoic Acid, 80 mg Gingko, 10 mg Vinpocetine, 100 mcg Huperzine A. These supplements are much better than the Brain Boost blend in Brain and Body Power. It is similar to my regimen. I don't use Gingko any more nor Vinpocetine. In my regimen I take 600 mg of NAC and 200 mcg of Huperzine A.

Their Omega-3 Power supplement is excellent. One of their gels contains 430 mg EPA and 280 DHA. My pills only have 125 EPA but 500 DHA. DHA is for brain function and EPA acts more as an antidepressant.

Their 30 day supply of Brain and Memory Boost is $59.95. If you ordered all the supplements in their Brain and Memory Boost separately from Swanson's Vitamins that same 30 day supply would cost $38.21. The Ginkgo and Vinpocetine comes in the same pill. It would be 6 pills from Swanson but you'd get triple the PS, a little less Acetyl-l-carnitine, 50% more NAC, triple the ALA, double the Huperzine-A and the same Ginkgo and Vinpocetine.

I always order when I have at least a $50 order so I pay no shipping at

Overall, they are on the right track but just a little expensive.