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Questions About Dementia With Lewy Bodies
Posted: Friday, October 21, 2016 2:48 PM
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Couple questions about Lewy Body. I have a mix of LBD and Alz, with LBD being dominant. Most of my symptoms for the past year have been LBD type. My question is the Parkinson's component. About Parkinson Freeze, either walking, sitting, or just with thinking? Do these things start fairly early or late. Keeping in mind that I do not have any significant Parkinson symptoms, unless I count having to urinate every 30 minutes throughout the day and night, terrible insomnia, and some minimal but definite hallucinations. I don't have any stiffness, shuffling, or orthopedic type stuff yet. But I do have all the memory, behavior, and mood stuff. I'm just wondering about the freeze stuff and whether it is coming my way sooner rather than later. And I also wonder about what I call mind freeze, where I can't think about anything at all for a few minutes, can't answer, can't think. Thanks. Bill.