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Posted: Wednesday, November 27, 2013 2:06 PM
Joined: 11/15/2013
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yesterday, was talking to my therapist/counselor, telling her what was going on more in my head.. she said, very strongly, you are NOT getting alz! Now I dont want the have this but Im not yet sure. Alot of wired stuff is happening in my head..she doesnt know about all of just upset me..Ive been having a hard enough time telling her whats going on..I agree there maybe other reasons,but i need check it out and she, who is supposed to help-isnt.


she also told me not to get helpwith some daily actities that im struggling to do on my own...she thinks i need to do not sure all i know is riht now i get overwhelmed when i try to do them..


I know she cares...alot.. shes a great therapist, and ethical, sheis very supportive..most the tie.. Im also afraid to talk to her right now...feeling a bit paranoid.


two new possible symptoms, one I feel i maybe having some personality changes..not sure-konw im mad at the world, but dan just died and its the holidays...i should be mad at te world..Im swearing more., somewhat new...but im starting to tell people what i really think its hard er to keep my mouth shut when im mad at people...


another symptom..I was riding in spectran last night...(handicapped bus)..coming home -was talking to the driver and lady ive know for yrs. and were just talking and I wen tto say something about the seatbelt(car seat belt)..I called it a suit case! Yes Im taking notes on all this and will tell the docs.


I havent been on for 24 hrs because of the up grade..i couldnt get in... also is very sucky riht now.