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dealing with how we die and fear about end of life issues
Posted: Tuesday, July 7, 2015 11:37 PM
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How many people actually die before they reach the "final stage" of dementia? I can not figure out how to search for statistics. Maybe I am more interested in misplaced worry about our future and end of life scenarios.

I went through a long period of focusing on a future helplessness and abandonment, imagined crying out and having no one come. Then figured I was torturing myself now when I had time to still enjoy myself. I stopped the obsessing by doing a reality check. With my genes I am more apt to have a heart attack long before I'm doing some thing unlawful on a neighbor's lawn. Another likely scenario involves ice, gravity, a dog and a need for adventure making the accidental death insurance policy finally pay off.

Then there is a good chance some thing will be discovered within a couple years that will translate our thoughts into a tech device which will end the empty vessel theory or the real cause of ALZ will become known and a treatment developed.

For people still planning on becoming a mindless breathing shell at the end, not so fast. I had a conversation with my Mom's 93 year old best friend a few years back who had ALZ and was in a nursing home. Her husband had just died. She did not walk anymore and took some time to respond but I brought her a plant and she said she'd "like to have it on her window sill." I told I would see her daughters at the funeral and she said they "are good girls" and asked me to come again. She died in her sleep a few days later.

Just up thinking about how we suffer the future long before it comes and how glad I am I stopped doing that. But if someone knew the statistics on how we die I would still be interested.