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Posted: Thursday, August 2, 2018 6:34 AM
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Good morning everyone,  I would like to start out by saying how excited I am to be a part of a form where someone understands what I’m going through. I am 21 and my mother was officially diagnosed with all Alzheimer’s at 59 earlier this year.  We noticed her  becoming forgetful about four years ago but being a teacher and a mother of a set of triplets with two other children we all just assumed she was getting older and was overworked. It was easy to believe seeing as how we were all in some type of sport that required her to constantly remember things. It wasn’t until about two years ago when my dad, her husband passed away that we really started to  notice a decrease in her memory.  Being that I’m only 21 this was really hard to cope with, my friends tried to be supportive but of course at this age no one thinks of something like this happening so it’s hard for them to understand. I have the DPOA  but other than that I don’t know what to do. Were you guys able to figure out what stage you’re loved one was in when they were diagnosed? Our neurologist wasn’t much help and being that we live in a small city it’s hard to find a good neurologist.  My mother forgets anything that is current and some things in her past.  She remembers her immediate family and friends but no one other than that. She use to love to bake and cook but hasn’t cooked a real meal in a couple of years. I’ve noticed her emotions have completely changed into something I don’t recognize. She gets really irritable, sad or upset  when you tell her something that doesn’t please her, which seems to be everything nowadays. She also gets really happy at times, almost the way a child would when they’re excited. I try to do little activities with her like read  and could spend all day in her room hanging out but the moment I leave to go to my room or go to work she gets really upset. I handle all of her bills and her accounts as she would forget to pay them. She’s starting not to make much sense when she talks  so we have to interpret what we think she’s trying to say and if we can’t figure out she gets angry with us and walks away. I’ve also caught her rambling to herself or crying because she feels “crazy” as she says. I basically have to force her to eat everyday because if I don’t she won’t eat. I could go on and on about what has changed about her but I won’t for now.  As mentioned earlier I would really like to know if you guys were able to find out what stage your love ones were in or if anything I mentioned sounds familiar and you could tell me what you think she might be in then that would be great. I never thought this would happen to my mother who speaks 3 languages and has a doctorate. Thank you for allowing me to vent and I hope you all have a blessed day.
Posted: Thursday, August 2, 2018 9:36 AM
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Amber, I am sorry you have a need to visit this site but glad you found us as there is a wealth of information and experience members can provide.

The following site is the stages of Alz which will help you to figure out where your Mom is in the progression of the disease.  If she is showing signs of 2 stages, we go with the higher stage.

Also, the following may help you understand what is happening to her brain:

There are many books and video's about caregiving and what our loved ones are going through.  One book is The 36 Hour Day.  Look for video's by Teepa Snow on you tube and ask at your library for books by Naomi Fiels on validation techniques.

Is your Mom at home alone while you work? Is she taking her meds as prescribed? Is she eating meals and snacks while you are not home?  Can she distinguish between foods that may be going bad in the fridge and what is good to eat?  Can she call 911 incase of an emergency?  Would she recognize an emergency?  If she is alone, it might be time to get in home aides to assist and keep her safe.

Although we can visit and post on any of the forums, I suggest you post on the Caregivers board as you will receive more replies there.

I hope the info is of help to you and hope you come back whenever you have questions or just need to 'talk' about what is going on.