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Just need to talk to my friends (101)
Posted: Wednesday, July 10, 2019 4:40 AM
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Hi Lorita,  giving another hot day.  Just  haven’t been able to think of much to say.  The tomatoes don’t like high heat so they are protesting by dropping some of their blooms.  I counted 20 tomatoes yesterday morning.  The cherry tomato is loaded and see one starting to change color.  Have peppers on all my plants except poblano.  It has blooms so they should be coming. Have eaten a cubanelle pepper the last two days.  I like them.  Pulled my garlic and it is pretty.

Pulled my in ground beets a couple of days ago.  Worked some compost and peat moss into some soil that was kind of heavy where I took stuff out.  Going to do this a small area at a time that way hopefully my leg won’t get too angry at me.

I agree.  Don’t feel they would have sent Sarah home with a broken neck.  

My sister came over and ate supper with me yesterday.  That was nice.

Today is house cleaning day and will probably wash a load of clothes.

You try and stay cool too.

Posted: Wednesday, July 10, 2019 7:32 AM
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 Sara, your garden sounds so nice.  Isn't it a wonderful sense of accomplishment when you can pick a tomato or pepper off the plant and know that it was there because of you?  And, they're so much better than what we buy in the store.  I haven't bought a tomato in who knows when.  I did buy a cantaloupe a couple of weeks ago and the only part of it that was good was about an inch in the center.  I won't buy anymore from the store but if I see a truck I might get one there.  The watermelon was seedless and really big and I still have almost half of it left.  It was good, really, really sweet around the heart.  Did you raise all the peppers and tomatoes from seed? 

 You know the heat probably won't bother your cherry tomatoes.  For some reason they make tomatoes even in the hot weather or at least ours did when I planted a couple of them probably six years ago.  My favorite pepper is Gypsy - they're about the length of a jalapeno but bigger around and light green and so juicy and crunchy.  I never see them in the stores.  I think I mentioned one time Charles, who loved peppers of all kinds, planted two rows of them through our garden, probably 200 ft. of peppers.  They wee gorgeous and had so many peppers.  He sold peppers to the little café where we liked to eat (now closed) and I took sacks full of them to work to give away.  He canned so many jars of jalapenos, gave some to mother and she canned more.  We used to raise a pepper called Tam Jalapeno.  They looked just like the regular jalapeno but were only half as hot but had the same flavor.  I could eat those whereas I can't take the heat of a jalapeno.

 What did you do with your beets?  And what are you going to do with your garlic?  Many, many years ago daddy planted some garlic in the edge of their garden.  I doubt they ever used it but it's still coming up every year.  I should watch and when I think it's ready I should pull some and mince it, put it in a jar, cover with olive oil and I'd have garlic instead of buying it.

 Sarah called me this morning about 5:45.  She said she had slept some but a rooster, probably across the street, was crowing and keeping her awake.  I hardly ever hear one here but I think our neighbors have one.  She says she feels like she's been beaten up.  They told her they had to do CPR to revive her so her chest is really sore.  They intubated her so her throat is kind of sore, too.  I don't know how much more she can take but she's hangin' in there.  I can just imagine how hard it must be to be so ill and be alone.  She feels like she doesn't have anything to live for.  I keep telling her that her  purpose now is to take care of her little dog, her cat and two birds.  At least she doesn't have the two big dogs to care for.

 I just got back in from seeing the girls and feeding Tom and Jerry (our outside cats).  I had already let Stormy and Sheena out for a while and when I went through the yard gate Stormy heard the gate close and started barking.  A couple of mornings ago he went with me to see the girls -  now he thinks he should go every time.  So, he went with me.  He crawls up in the CW seat and rides there.  We drove around and around and finally saw everyone.  It's really hard to count them because they keep moving around.  There was one big heifer in the feeder so I got her out - twice - so one of the little ones could get in.  They know they're not supposed to be in there so now I can drive by and tell them to get out and they do.  Three or four of the little ones were having breakfast.  The other cows were either in the pond or drifting up, grazing, toward the MH.  I know the moms were anxious to get going but they're so patient with their babies.  As long as the baby is nursing they won't move an inch.   It's such a pleasant, calming feeling to be out with the girls and babies.  I guess that's why Charles liked it so much. 

 I'm having a lot of trouble with dry eyes even though the humidity is through the roof.  I've been using Refresh eyedrops and they help but not enough.  Last night I found a tube of Gen-Teel gel or ointment and finally was able to get that in.  I think most of it gets on my eyelashes but it made them feel better and still this morning.  I'll get some more eyedrops when I go into town Friday.  You'd think with all the humidity the dryness wouldn't be so bad but not true.

 I got the beans cooked in the slow cooker yesterday and they're delicious.  Had some just after they cooked and again for supper.  That's the easiest way to cook beans I've ever seen.  My sister used to cook them in a pot on the stove - for hours.  We always cooked them in a presto cooker - didn't take long but this way is far better.  I'll have beans from now on - will probably freeze some of them. I ran out of potatoes but if I'd had some I would have peeled and quartered one or two and a couple of carrots and put them on top of the beans to cook a while before the beans were done.  I usually do that - got the idea from Charles.  He said his grandma always did that and  that way she had her beans and vegetables cooked at the same time.

 Tennis is on - Men's quarterfinals at Wimbledon so guess I'll watch some of that.  I need to shampoo my hair tomorrow so it won't wave around at the doctor when I see him.  I dread going in to get the lab work but it's six months overdue - just routine.  I'll leave about 7:30, get the backrubber at Atwoods, get my lab, then groceries and if all goes well should be home before 10.  It's going to be a bit cooler with much lower humidity tomorrow and Friday so it's a good time to get it done. 

 Sara - they're predicting some rain and maybe a spotty heavy storm this afternoon here.  We don't need rain now - we're (Tulsa) is only about 4.5" short of what our normal rainfall is for the year with six months left to go.  I think they said it's the wettest year in a really long time.   And, there's something brewing in the Gulf so we may get some of that next week depending on where it goes when it makes landfall.

 Going to stop and have my juice and find something for breakfast.  I got the kitchen and pantry mopped yesterday - now the LR.   I hate mopping.

 I don't plan on going out but if a storm comes up I'll go out and take down the flag - don't want to break the flagpole - may go to the mailbox after she delivers the mail,, around noon - probably not.   Enjoy the day.

Jo C.
Posted: Wednesday, July 10, 2019 9:40 AM
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 Good Wednesday to everyone.   After reading how well the beans turned out, now I am hungry.  I have never cooked beans in a slow cooker.

Can you tell me how large a package of beans, type of beans, how much water, and any seasonings you used and anything else you put in the cooker?  Guess I am asking for a recipe of sorts.

 I am sorry for those dry eyes, Lorita.  That can be a nagging situation which reminds me it has been two years since I have seen the opthalmologist - time for an appointment.  Nothing wrong, but need a checkup.

 Here is a really good link re dry eyes from the Mayo Clinic.  I especially liked the section on how to choose different eyedrops, very informative and I learned things I did not know.

We are going into the 90's today and will be there at least the rest of the week.  After that, probably more of the same.  Won't be long until we are soaring into the 100's; that is the least favorite part of the year for me.  I feel blessed to have air conditioning, but even though we do not keep the temp set too low, the monthly bills are horrendous; but without it, well, it would be untenable.   The upstairs gets far hotter by end of day; sleeping not easy unless air is kept on.  When it is only in the 80's, a good fan works fine, but not  when things go higher.  Love having fans with remote controls.  No constantly getting up and down to adjust them.  Bill bought a fan that remotes not only the fan speed, etc., but it also remotely adjusts the fan head up or down, and from side to side and one can fix it solid wherever one wants it.   

 Sometimes we have power outages or "rolling brownouts," and then no air and no fans; no nothing.  Sure do need power grids to be revamped and made more efficient and safer across the nation with all the different power suppliers; but for some reason, our legislators never bother with that.  If anything went haywire from intentional manipulation through computer crime or physical assault on the grids, the legislators and their families would also be in the dark so to speak and the dangers would be legion on many fronts because so much of so much is controlled electronically and by computer in all aspects of living and function across the board; by that time . . . . too late.  Really need it done now.  Okay; time to climb down off that soapbox.

We have timed the sprinklers to come on longer and during cooler times of the day, the plants, bushes and trees get so thirsty during this weather.

The poor people in the two small towns that got hit hard by the large earthquake are still having trouble getting things back again.  Trona still has no running water, so no toilets, no electricity, no stores or gas stations able to open secondary to damage and lack of power, and many homes are condemned as unlivable secondary to foundations and support  structure being highly compromised.  I feel so bad for them.  As the experts have said, as bad as this was, if it happened in the largely populated areas such as Los Angeles and Orange Counties, the destruction and outages would be far, far more egregious and be out far longer.  Makes me feel really unsettled when hearing that.  One can only plan for so much as much would be unknown.  There is always something re mother nature for most of us depending on where we live.

 Gosh Lorita, sorry to hear about your niece, but I am thoroughly confused.  If she had required CPR and intubation and had acutely fractured her neck, she would never have been sent home within a few hours; she would have been kept and more than likely monitored in ICU or at least, DOU for not only ongoing monitoring but for further assessment for what caused her to stop breathing and cardiac issues that stopped the heart.  When someone stops breathing and has no cardiac function requiring said CPR and intubation, it would be highly unlikely that  she would be sent home quickly with pain meds secondary to concern re respiratory and cardiac function and  with no further treatment, assessment, etc.  Do you think she may have misunderstood what she was told?  I know how worried you are, and how difficult it must be for you.  Hopefully, all will be fine. 

 When it is so hot where you are, do the cows prefer to stay outside or do they try to get into the barn for shade?  I have always wondered how they manage in heat and in freezing weather.  I can appeciate how they like to cool off in the ponds.  Clever cows to live in a place where someone put in swimming pools for them. Must be hard to get their bathing suits on though; the bra cups on their bikinis must be, well; startling.  Do you make them wear those funky rubber swim caps?  I am certain they are udderly adorable!  Surely, all that water wears their lipstick off.  Gads; the size of their beach towels!!  Do the bulls ever get near the ponds to laze about?  I can only imagine Jasper in a speedo . . . . with his French beret in place still singing, "Thank Heaven For Leetle Girls . . . "

 On that note, exit stage left . . . .


Posted: Wednesday, July 10, 2019 10:48 AM
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I’ll be waiting for the bean recipe too.  I soak my beans a long time, 12or more hours.  Then they cook in about a hour.  Never have put potatoes and carrots on top.  They freeze well.  What type of bean do you use?  I usually do pinto or black beans.

I have some trouble with. Dry eyes.  Saved the link so I can look at it later.  July is a bad eye month for me sometimes.  That is when I got the terrible sty.

I heard a Gardner say that cherry tomatoes are like weeds.  I started all my tomato plants but none of the peppers.maybe I will try them next year if I’m able.  I hear they are a little hard to start.  It is a nice feeling to pick good you grew.  At the store I buy Campari tomatoes.  They are pretty good, just wish they were a little bigger.

I peel the beets. Slice them about 1/4in.  Put just a little water in and cook til tender.  You can season them.  I tend not to, they have a lot of flavor plain I think.

Fruit is so expensive and frequently not good.  Makes me afraid to get it.

I agree with you on the jalapeños.  I only had three heads of garlic so I’m able to dry it in the house.  May plant several of the cloves this fall, will cook with the rest.

I will probably stay in house til late evening now.  I planted some cucumber seeds outside this am.  It was hot.  Did a few other little things.  Hope the lawn mower guy comes.he usually comes on tuesdays.  Didn’t see him.

Take care


Posted: Wednesday, July 10, 2019 2:52 PM
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Sara, you might want to put some grass clippings over your cucumber seeds and water it down.  This will keep the moisture in and the hot sun out.   Are the kind of tomatoes you mentioned that you buy like the Roma tomatoes?  I like them but haven't bought any this year.  You mentioned fruit - a while back I bought a couple of the prettiest peaches I ever saw and they didn't have one bit of taste.  There's some big peach orchards about 40 miles north of us and when you can find their peaches in the stores, they're always good.

 For the beans:  I use  a pound of pinto or brown beans (that's what we call them).  I look them - spread them out on the counter and look through them to make sure there's no little rocks or broken beans.  Rinse and put in the slow cooker.  I cover them with water to about 2" above the beans.  I cook mine on high.  You need to watch the water level because it will go down.  When I add water, it's always hot so not to slow the cooking process.  I tested mine at about 4 hr. and they were el dente (if beans can be) so added salt and black pepper and cooked them another hour or so.  How long you want to cook them depends on how you like them.  I don't like much juice on them.  I guess you can add kind of spices or flavoring you like - daddy used to add tomatoes and sometimes chili powder. 

 I've only cooked pintos in the slow cooker but plan to try butter beans.  We've always cooked beans in a presto cooker but it's really hard to get the butter beans just right.  They cook to pieces so with the slow cooker I'll be able to check them.

 Jo - cows don't mind cold weather as much as hot.  Ours are black, except for Ruby who is red, so they get hotter than Herefords or breeds that aren't black.  Ours are spoiled so in the winter when it starts to snow or is really cold they go into the barn.  In the summer they mostly spend the day in the barn if it's really hot - or at the mobile home in the shade.  A day or so ago I went into the barn to see if any of them were in there before I checked them late in the evening and was surprised that it was really pretty cool in there; it's dark and the south end of the hallway is open and I've opened the north door about three feet so the air pulls through.  Also opened the stall door.  I went out an hour or so ago and they were going into the barn.  There were probably a dozen out front grazing for a minute or two before they went in. 

 It's really hot outside now but it has clouded up and there's an outflow boundary that just came through so the wind's from the north - that'll be good for the girls in the barn.  I know it gets warmer in there when they're in because of their body heat and 31 head can put off a lot of heat.  I like to go out in the winter when it's really cold and am always surprised at how comfortable it is in the barn.

 I just took down the flag - there's severe thunderstorms warnings just west of us and I don't want the wind to blow the flag and bend the pole.  I'm a little worried about one of the Royal Empress trees being broken if we get strong winds.

 They're cutting hay - with rain coming in.  I guess he had to wait until they got to these meadows but maybe it won't rain much.  They had to get it cut.  If it rains on it they can always tedder it to dry it out. 

 Jo - I laughed all the time I was reading your last paragraph.  I can just picture the girls in their bikinis laying on beach towels around the pond.  Yes, the bulls do go into the water and so do the little ones.  All of the pond is deep except the south end is more shallow and that's where the little ones start getting into the water - with their moms. 

 I hear rain on the air conditioner - maybe it'll cool it off a bit and still not get too much.  Lots of thunder.

 I haven't heard from Sarah since 6 this morning.  She said she was going to try to sleep some more.  She has her time line mixed up so I'm not sure when she went to the hospital or when she got home.  But it was after I talked with her late in the afternoon or early evening and she called me just after 8 when she got home the next morning.  She says they put a plastic collar on her and told her to go back and see the surgeon in two weeks.  Also said they cut off her bra and shirt, I guess, to do the CPR.  She says they gave her IVs, did a CT scan and intubated her. Says she has bruises all over.   She sounds pretty confused about it and I have no way to know when it happened or what happened.  She also said that she lacerated the top-side of her head and there was blood all over the LR carpet, porch and down the sidewalk where they took her out to the ambulance.  So I really don't know how long she was in the hospital but it's hard to imagine they'd send her home after all she says happened.  She did say they told her they didn't have any empty beds.

  She should not be by herself but I don't know what to do about it.  I know she's depressed about Todd and for sure I can't do anything about that nor can she.  Those of us who have lost our husbands or wives know how hard it is to be alone when you've been with someone for years so I can empathize with her feelings.

 I just stepped out on the front porch and it's pouring rain and there's some wind - cooled off a whole lot.  Maybe it won't rain too long.  It's supposed to be less humid for the next 3-4 days and they think maybe the Gulf storm may be close enough to us to give us more rain.  We'll see.

 Jo, have you and Bill ever thought about getting a generator?  We did without one until 4 1/2 years ago and having one gives you a sense of security knowing you won't be without power.  We had so many times in the winter when we'd be without power for days on end - really hard.  Ours runs on propane and comes on automatically within 10 seconds when the power goes off.  It powers all of the house, carport and barn along with the three security lights.

 Thanks so much for the link on dry eyes.  I've had them, I guess forever but the first I noticed was when I was 22 or 23 and decided I wanted to try contacts.  I tried for several months but just could not wear them because of the lack of tears.

 Sara, I use Refresh eyedrops for dry eyes.  I've tried different kinds and really like them.  I think they also have a gel.  I had one kind of gel a few years ago that was really good but don't remember the brand.  The Gen-Teel I've had for a while but never tried it until last night.  Usually when I use the gel I don't have to use drops the next day.  So far today I haven't used drops today and my eyes feel much better.   Sometimes when I wake up in the mornings it's almost hard to get my eyes opened because they're dry.  I haven't used the ceiling fans at all this summer and when I leave the AC on in the bedroom I prop up a pillow at the end of the bed to keep the air from blowing on me.  Same thing with fans - can't blow on me at all.   The dry eyes do keep me from reading very much - guess that's why I watch TV more.

 Didn't mean for this to be so long.  We're losing TV reception because of the storms so I'll stop and go out and see what's going on - at least look out the door. 

Posted: Wednesday, July 10, 2019 4:26 PM
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Is salt and pepper your only seasoning?  I fix them that way a lot anymore but they are the best with some bacon grease.  That is how I was raised.  Ok and Ky seem like they are a bit alike.  Many there called them brown  beans.  I had really good beans once at a Mexican restaurant in Houston, Tx.  I was young then, still had blond hair lol.  I know there was tomato and onion in them.  Not sure what else.  

I had put row cover over my seed.  Stays moist with that.  I’ve been using it when planting things and it has been working well.  I don’t have grass clippings because it all disappears when they mow.  The boys have not showed up again today.  I’m a bit disappointed.  I know they have equipment trouble sometimes.  I put my night fences up because saw a few gray clouds and it actually felt nicer than earlier today so hopefully they don’t show up late.

Here Roma tomatoes are usually in bulk in a bin.  The Camparis are usually in a clear plastic carton. They are not as small as a cherry but not as big as a Roma.  I slice them and usually use the whole tomato for a sandwich.  They smell like a tomato and I love that smell.w

Hard to say what went on with S.  From my days as a RT I can think of quite a few scenarios that could have happened.  At the same time it could be something totally differentt than anything I have thought of.

Posted: Wednesday, July 10, 2019 5:22 PM
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Sara, don't you love the smell of tomato leaves when you're picking them?  I know I do and I miss it.

 Salt and pepper is all I put in the beans but I do add hot sauce when I eat them.  Daddy used to add different spices and I know he put either bacon or a ham bone in them\] when he cooked them but he took the meat out before he "took them up" for supper.  He knew I didn't like to eat meat, even then.

 How did I get the idea that you lived in either Indiana or Ohio?  My mother's mother was born in Texas and moved to Arkansas where she met grandpa who was born there.  After they got married they moved to Oklahoma but a lot of our ancestors came from Kentucky.

 I've never seen those tomatoes in stores but I'll look some more.

 The front came through and it's much cooler now - hope it stays that way for a few days.  I have to go into town Friday for routine lab work and another backrubber, however, the old one is still up so I'll leave it until it breaks and falls down. 

 I probably should call Bryon to mow this weekend but may wait until next week.  I want him to cut up the limbs they cut off when they were here so I can take them to the brush pile or if he cuts more they can take them.  It was dry enough, I think, to get over there but not sure now.  It's muddy because the pond in the NE pasture runs over and the water from the runoff makes it muddy.  I think the girls are still in the barn.  I've looked a couple of times but don't see them in the pasture.

 Sarah just called.  She slept some today but says she doesn't feel well and is really sore.  She can't remember when whatever it was happened or even when she came home.  She thought it was nighttime but she called me about 8:30 a.m. and said she'd just gotten home so I don't know - probably never will.

 Everyone in the house is sound asleep except me and I think I dozed off a couple of times.  Stormy likes to lay against something on his back or side with his feet against whatever it is.  He's funny.  Sheena has turned into a junk-food eater.  Up until a year or so ago she wouldn't eat anything except dog food but she does now.  I've had her four years  - she was a year old when I got her and I've had Stormy almost as long - minus a couple of months.  He was the cutest little puppy.  Now his head is as big as he was when I got him. 

 Glad you have row covers on your cucumbers and other things.  Our neighbor has a garden and they have stakes in the ground and put sheets or some type of cover on them to keep the hot sun off the tomatoes.  When we gardened we always put sweet corn on the west side of the tomatoes to keep the sun off. 

 Weather just said it's going to be 89 tomorrow and 66 Thursday night and 92 Friday.  That'll be good when I go into town.

 Sleep tight.   Yellowstone tonight!

Posted: Wednesday, July 10, 2019 8:43 PM
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I hope Rip keeps his hat on!
Posted: Wednesday, July 10, 2019 10:22 PM
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He did!!
Posted: Wednesday, July 10, 2019 11:48 PM
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You two are so funny!
Posted: Thursday, July 11, 2019 5:02 AM
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I was born in Ky.  Moved to Oh when I was 7.  Was in Houston visiting my uncle and aunt.  A lot of the things you talk about regarding Ok remind me of Ky.  You would never here a native Ohioan call pinto beans brown beans.  My relatives in Ky would call them brown beans.  From time to time I notice similarities  like that.

Continuing to give it hot here.  Maybe we are going to have an Ok summer.  They are giving chance of rain.  Hope it is a gentle  shower.  We have had so many hard ones.  I was hoping they would come mow my yard.  We shall see, they won’t if it rains.



Posted: Thursday, July 11, 2019 9:38 AM
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I don't think it is as good as season 1.
Posted: Thursday, July 11, 2019 11:26 AM
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 Sandy, you know Rip looks better with his hat on - just a fact.  Wouldn't it be nice to have him as a protector - or just to look at?

 I think I agree, Judith.  The first season had more action in it and we were getting acquainted with the characters.   It seems this year is more about politics and getting someone in office and Rainwater getting hold of the Yellowstone. And, to me the language is worse - I don't see that as being necessary.  Maybe it'll change.  But - we still get to see Rip and John!

 Sara - it's so nice here today and will be even better tomorrow, they say.  I went out a while ago to bring in Barclee and the temperature on the porch was 76 - heat index maybe a couple of degrees higher.  Early, early this morning it was still humid but I guess the cooler, drier air has gotten down this far by now.  This time yesterday our heat index was about 108.  Yesterday afternoon was horrible until the rain came in. In Tulsa the news said several people were taken to the hospital because of the heat. 

 Patsy and I have talked about it and when we were growing up it was hot but not as humid.  I guess building Lake Eufaula has contributed to that.  Of course, we didn't have air conditioning and I think that has spoiled people - everything's air conditioned unless you're outside.  Also when we were growing up everyone farmed and used tractors without cabs so no AC, power steering, etc. - now they have all the comforts of home.  I can only imagine how hard daddy worked farming the whole farm with a little Allis-Chalmers with the two front wheels close together.  Quite a man!

 I'm glad tomorrow will be cooler.  I saw earlier this week that it was supposed to be cooler so scheduled my doctor's appointment for either today or tomorrow - vacancy was on Friday.  I got the notice that tags on the PU and car are due so got everything together this morning and I'll get them tomorrow, too.  A couple of days ago I looked and looked for the registration on both of them (Oklahoma now requires that you carry the registration in the car) - couldn't find them.  This morning I found them in the vehicles and insurance verifications for three or four years back  - but not this years.  Came in and found them in the envelope with the policy - so everything's together except putting the insurance verifications in the vehicle.  Always something.

 Stormy and Sheena both went with me this morning to see the girls.  Stormy rode and Sheena walked.  When we got home she was soppin' wet - big dew this morning but she happy to go.  The girls were way down in the pasture early when I went to the mailbox and when we went to check they were under the hackberry trees.  They  may stay there today - there's a good north breeze and it's much cooler.  I thought it was funny that on the way back to the house one of the babies decided she's chase Sheena and she followed us all the way to the house.  They're so curious.  We saw a couple of little ones separate from the rest and run to the creepfeeder to eat, then went back to the others.  They provide a lot of entertainment for me - glad they're here.  I so dread the time  come, if it does, that I can no longer run cattle.

 One reason I went to the mailbox early was to check out the meadow.  Looks like they got about a third of the 35 acres mowed - it got wet but they can tedder it and it should be okay, even though it has a lot of dead grass in it.  After they get it mowed the new grass will grow for a second cutting - they've already fertilized it.  They still have the 20 acres west of the house to mow. 

 I think I must have slept on my right shoulder last night because it's hurting (that's the one I hurt cutting ice a couple of winters ago) but it will get better with the help of Theragesic.  I feel like I'm walking on a couple of wadded up socks this morning because of the bilateral Morton's Neuroma.  I put on the Zen Toes so maybe that'll help in a while.  I'm going to ask my doctor if there's anything short of surgery to help - I doubt it but won't hurt to ask.

 Sarah called - said she slept some last night but her chest is really hurting - says she feels like she's been beaten up or rode hard and put up wet or dragged through as barbed wire fence backwards (the last one from Leanne). 

 Enjoy the cooler day if you're in Oklahoma (not sure about the western part of the State) and stay cool if you're elsewhere.  Jo, hope you all haven't had any more earthquakes - that would be so scary for me.  Patsy used to live there and was only about 80 miles from the big one that hit San Francisco.  She was working and she said it moved her chair away from her desk.

Posted: Thursday, July 11, 2019 6:28 PM
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Hello all my friends.

Wow, so much reading and catching up to do.  Wish you could send some of your rain here, we are now on level one water restrictions... hand held hose with trigger nozzle before 10 and after 4 only.   

I’m home!   Got here last Saturday. I was away 2 days short of 8 weeks, which is about what I’d planned on doing.  I had a great time...saw lots, did lots.   I stayed with an old friend on the coast the last couple of days and we went for a drive to a lookout and saw lots of whales.  At this time of year they are heading north to calve in the warmer waters and since whaling has been stopped (except Japan still does it) the numbers are increasing each year.    I had booked in to a whale watching cruise, but it was too rough to go out over the bar, and as I’d made arrangements to go to my friend's I didn’t wait till the next day.

Going to have to try the beans too, my daughter makes homemade baked beans and they are wonderful....I can’t eat the tinned ones.  Don’t know what else she puts in them, so going to ask her......or Mr Google

Going to have dinner with all my family on Sunday, which I’m really looking forward to.   I wasn’t here for Ron’s anniversary, and it is our sons next week, so think they want to be together for a change.

Off to do my kiosk duty now.  Cheers.....Sandra 

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Welcome home, Sandra!    Bet it was nice to sleep in your own bed, even though you've been sleeping in your own bed in the RV.   It's always good to get home from a trip and you've had a long one.  At least you don't have to do much unpacking - I hate the unpacking.

 Sounds like you had a wonderful time - many memories to have and I bet you took a lot of pictures.  Maybe you'll share some more of them with us.

 I'm sure there are lots of people in the States who would be happy to share some of their rain with you.  Looks like New Orleans is going to be flooded pretty soon.  I think the storm will pass to the east of us but Arkansas and Mississippi will get it for sure. 

 They cut some more of our hay today.  Because of all the rain the first cutting is now over a month late but if they get it cut and baled there will still be time for the second cutting.  Everything's running behind here because of the rain.

 I'd love to see the whales - what a wonderful thing to see.  I'm glad their numbers are increasing.  I watch a lot of nature shows and it's so sad that so many of the animals of our world are disappearing.  Guess it started with the buffalo here in the US.  If you really think about it, man is really doing a job on our planet.

 Just saw on the news that Russell Westbrook of the OKC Thunder has been traded to Houston.  He had four years remaining on his contract and $170 million dollars.  Wonder if he'll get to keep part of that.  So, guess the Thunder is going to have to rebuild.

 Guess I'd better stop and get to bed so I can get a good night's sleep.  Going to  get up at the regular time but need to get out of here by 7:30 in the morning.  I'm going to go by Atwoods and get the backrubber before my doctor's appointment.  I had planned to get car and PU tags but they're not due until next month so I have a couple of months to get it done before a penalty begins.  I just want to get into town and get back home.  It's going to be cooler tomorrow with lower humidity.  I can take a summer like it was today.  I know the girls really enjoyed it.  GPs stayed in the house anyway except for going in and out a few times.

For those dry-eye girls - I put some of the Gen-Teel gel in night before last ? or maybe it was last night.  Anyway have only used drops once today but I feel like I need to use it again.  It's so hard to get it in - wish there was an easier way.

 Sleep well tonight - glad you're home, Sandra and that you enjoyed the trip.

 Addendum:  Just checked - it was Tuesday night when I put in the Gen-Teel. 

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re the dry eyes problem. I have found a couple of brands that now put out spray bottles instead of drops. You close your eyes, spray onto the eyelid, and the drops run down onto your lashes and then into your eyes. Soooo much easier than trying to get the drops in. Of course, the doc can't understand why I prefer them. Just wait till he has arthritis in his fingers!

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Lorita I am going to get going early too if nothing happens.  Suppose to be 80 today and sunny, back to hot after that I think.  After all that rain, now we will probably be watering. Talk later
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 Barbara, I'll look for that spray when I'm in the store this morning.  Sounds like it would be a lot easier.  I miss my eye almost half the time when I try to put in drops.  I did get the gel in last night - well, pretty much and my eyes feel better this morning - but it's hard to do.  Thanks for letting me know about them.  I looked at the tube and it's called Genteal tears.

 Sara - it's supposed to be 89 here today with lower humidity.  Try to get done whatever you want to do outside this morning so you can enjoy the afternoon and the cooler weather.  Our heat and humidity will come back with a force the mid to latter part of next week with temps of 98 and 99 - I so dread that.

 I just came in from trying to see the girls.  Saw all the big ones so if they're not bawling I know the little ones are around.  Daisy (the little white-faced girl) was in the creepfeeder.  I was in a hurry so didn't let Stormy go with me this morning - when I got back he was standing at the gate.  I'll let him go with me this afternoon.  There isn't any wind this morning at all so hope it picks up a little later.

 I'd go in a bit earlier and get the groceries before my appointment but not really sure how long I'll be in there.  Have to get the blood drawn, wait for the results of the tests they can do there and then see the doctor.  I don't know how the dairy products would fare in the car - probably all right because I'll use the insulated totes.  I'm not really in the mood to go into town but I will and get it over with.  The backrubber is still up but that's probably because it's been a little cooler and the girls may not be going into the barn.  I'll leave it up until it comes apart before I put up the one I'll get today.

 For the life of me I don't know how I got up every morning, put together something to wear, drive 25 miles in all kinds of weather and get to work by 8 a.m. for those 33+ years.  Now, it's even hard to decide what to wear twice a month.  Of course, I was a whole lot younger then.   Patsy says the same thing. 

 I'll stop for now and watch the weather, then get ready.  I can't even have a big drink of juice this morning.  I'll take a bottle of it with me to drink after I get the lab work.  That's the hardest part - doing without the juice for a while.

 Enjoy the day and the cooler weather.  Extex, looks like you  may be getting a lot of rain in a day or two.  Be careful.

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I got everything watered.  Did not even sweat.  It last rained on Sunday and they are not giving rain for the next four days.  It may turn dry now.  You never know it has done that before.  Hard on things when they are use to rain every day or two.  

Guess I will go shopping this afternoon.  Hope my leg will behave.

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 Sara, glad you got your watering done.  How often do you have to water?  The only thing we have ever watered is flowers and new shrubs or trees.  I remember one year when it was so dry I did water some of the grass.  There's not much in the yard because of the shade so we don't bother.  It's still humid today - dewpoints in the 60s so I was really warm by the time I got everything inside - still much better than it has been.  You're so right - we never know when the rain will shut off.

 How does your leg bother you -painful or hard to walk?  Hopefully, it won't bother you this afternoon while you're shopping.

 I am so glad to be home.  I left here about 7:40 and got home a little before 11 - got everything inside before 11.  That was the worst part.  I got into town about 8, stopped and got the backrubber, then on to the doctor's office.  One man and I went in about the same time so we opened the place.  Got my lab work - cholesterol only, saw the doctor and was out of there in maybe half an hour.  My cholesterol is good for me - lowest it's been in ages, maybe ever and even the triglycerides was only 19 points above normal limits.  I can remember many years ago it was horrible - about 500, if I remember correctly.  Visited a bit with the doctor.  He'll have a birthday in October and will be 73.  He said he has a brother my age.  He's been my doctor for a long time - just kind of like a friend.  Everything was okay so I go back in October for all the lab work. 

 When I got out of there it wasn't even 9 so decided I'd get the vehicle tags -  had to wait maybe five minutes.  One great advantage of living near a small town - no long lines for anything much.  Glad I took the paperwork with me - I had had thoughts of not doing it.

 Then, on to WM.  Hated it but had to go there for my eyedrops.  I don't want them shipped in the summertime.  Barbara, I looked for the spray kind but didn't see any.  When I see my ophthalmologist in October I'll ask him about them.  Got Refresh plus eye drops and Refresh gel.  They have so many kinds - makes it hard to decide. 

 They had moved everything around from when I was last there so had to look for things.  They no longer carry Veggie Chips - why, I do not know.  They're so good.  They also no longer carry, and neither does Top Value, the usual store I go to, the little frozen pies that you cook in the microwave.  I did find some small apple and blueberry, already baked.  The woman who checked me out was kind of elderly, too, but very efficient.  I put things in the insulated totes and she dumped them out, checked them and put them back in.  When she got to the last one I had my pop bottle of juice in it - she held it up and said I've never seen this in here before.  Had a laugh about that. 

 Got everything out of the store and into the car and home.  On the road just east of us I forgot about a place that sometimes gets muddy and the car hit it really hard.  Kind of worried me but guess everything's okay. 

 I doubt I'll go to WM again anytime soon - don't like it.  I much prefer to order things and then shop at the little store where I can get in and out I less than half an hour.

 When I came by the meadow I saw four or five of the oddest looking birds.  They were big black birds with red head or combs, not sure.  Maybe they were wild turkeys - don't know.  I don't think they cut the west meadow - didn't look but won't bale today.

 Just as I got everything into the kitchen and put away the landline rang, no message but I decided I'd look and it was Sarah.  When I got to the doctor's office I turned off my cell phone and forgot to turn it back on.  She had tried to call and didn't get an answer and it really scared her.  Wish I hadn't forgotten to do that. 

  Stormy and Sheena stayed outside and were more than ready to get inside.  Stormy screamed and screamed - like I'd been gone for days.

 Going to stop and rest - I'm tired and my back hurts.  Have a good afternoon.

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 Pretty day, so far, but it's going to warm up some.  The disturbance that's making landfall in Louisiana may give us a few showers so maybe that'll cool it off - and maybe they'll get the rest of the hay baled before that.

 When I woke up this morning I had thoughts of just staying in bed a while - but I didn't.  Took Stormy and checked the girls - they were close to the house, fed the cats and then decided I'd trim Stormy's toenails.  When he rides in the CW with me he hangs his front feet over the side of the seat where you usually put your arms - there's a piece of metal to hold onto.  He was very good and let me trim all of them - didn't get the double dewclaws but I think they're all right.  I knew it was time because when he walked you could hear his nails on the floor.  He's hurt his right front foot somehow.  I put Neosporin on it last after I checked it.  Seems to be in the center of the pad.  This morning when we were outside I looked again at it and couldn't see a cut but he must have stepped on something. 

 I drove down to look at the hay - they've baled what they first cut and they've mowed the rest of that meadow and the west meadow - didn't do a bang-up job though.  The left places where they could have mowed but they're not familiar with it.  The baled hay looks good - may bale the rest this afternoon or tomorrow.  I called Mike and told him they'd baled it - last night I told him I didn't think they had.  I told him I'd wait for the second cutting for the hay I keep but have about decided I'll use some of the hay from the old meadow because I'm afraid by the time it's cut the second time the sage grass may be blooming and the cows won't eat that.

Decided that before I lose the pink paint again I'd paint the bathtub.  I have the first coat on - not really the color I wanted but it was the closest.  This is a dark pink and I like a lighter one.  I'll put on a second coat in an hour or so.  I didn't realize the grass was so tall so called Bryon to tell him if he finds some time this weekend or one evening early next week I'd like him to mow.  It's going to get close to 100 from mid week on next week and it'll be so hot.  He didn't answer and his mailbox was full so I'll try later.

 As you all know, I'm a country girl, through and through.  When I was in the store yesterday I saw a loaf of Lemon Brioche bread.  I've never eaten Brioche but it looked good.  It is but I thought it would be a bit sweeter.  I toasted a piece and put on some honey (of course I got honey all over everything, always do) and it was pretty good.  I gave Stormy a bite and he didn't want anything to do with it.  My favorite bread is Asiago Cheese bread but they didn't have any yesterday.   I have some Asiago cheese in the refrigerator and have had for quite a long time.  It's never been opened so I'm wondering if it's still good. 

 I stood by the single Royal Empress tree I'm going to keep and I'm sure it must be 8' tall - they grow so fast. It wasn't long ago that it was just up to my shoulder.  I bet there's a dozen around the even bigger one I'm going to keep and I'm not sure I'll be able to even use a lopper on them.  There's one by itself that I'd love to keep but it would be too close to the others.  The two I'll keep are pretty much in the same place the ones we lost were.  The leaves are huge and they make such a good shade.  Bryon may have to cut them with a chain saw - they're still green but I imagine they're tough.  When I go out to give the bathtub a second coat I'll take a lopper and see if it'll work.

 Sarah called when I got in.  She sounded pretty good - says her throat is sore from the tube and upchucking.  I told her last night to gargle warm salt water - don't know if she did.  Yesterday she only had aspirin to take for pain but the pharmacy delivered some pain meds last night so I told her to take her supplement, take a pill and lay down a while.  I know she feels so alone so it's important we talk at least once a day.  It would be nice if we were closer.

 I watched Martha Stewart a while ago and she was making a raspberry-gooseberry tart.  Her gooseberries were red.  Years ago we had some gooseberry plants (Charles' favorite pie was gooseberry).  They did well but when I made the pies I used the berries before they were red and they were tart.  When they're ripe they're sweet.  So, maybe I was making them at the wrong time for the berries but the pie was delicious with ice cream.  I think I remember seeing canned gooseberries and I believe the picture showed them to be green.  Talking about berries - when I was down in the meadow I drove past blackberry vines in the west meadow (they have taken over) and the berries seem to be gone.  I remember years ago picking berries down there.  That was before the vines spread so much.  The berries were huge and I'd have to reach up into the trees where the vines had grown to pick the berries.  Three or four years ago Darwin went down to pick berries and he said they had gotten to be small. 

 I saw a really good tennis match last night between Federer and Nadal.  So glad Federer won -  he'll play in the finals tomorrow (Wimbledon).  This morning caught the second set of the women's finals.  Halep won over  Serena Williams. 

 I'll stop for now and finish my tea.  Hope all of you are well today.  Stay cool or dry whichever applies.


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Serena lost in 56 minutes????? Wow!!!!!!!!!!

Had my 2-4 year olds at the museum this morning. A treat. We made them "hooves" out of coconut bras from the costume shop and had them sit around the Degas horse paintings and statues. This exhibit is part of the Mellon collection from the Virginia Museum of Fine Art. Van Gogh, Degas, Monet, Manet, Gaugin, Picasso, Dufy, Surat, Renoir and more. The tickets are timed at 15 minute entrance and are $15. Some folks were a bit surprised by the circle of little ones clip-cloping when they entered. Most had smiles and joined in. Some definitely not pleased.

Quiet now at home so I will do some writing maybe some painting.

It is a lovely day out. I could be sitting on my screened porch with a fan on. Too bad it is not built yet. Taking any/all suggestions for what to have on the porch besides the fan.

The special Caladium bulbs have done nothing. Not here or at two friends houses. So much for that. I will do plants from now on.

I just googled your area Lorita.....main and broadway...there is nothing there. Saw how huge the lake is. I had no Idea.

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It is great Judith that you have found something that gives you so much enjoyment.
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 Judith, I missed the first set of tennis - twice.  Halep was really playing well today.  Glad she won.

 How nice to have the little ones to be with for a while.  I bet they were cute in their coconut shell hooves.  I imagine the paintings are lovely.

 What kind of painting do you do - landscapes, etc.?

 I googled my address, too - only saw rows of baled hay - couldn't get it to go as far as the house.  Main and Broadway?   Which lake - Eufaula?  On my old tablet I could google our address and see everything, even the red Jeep sitting by the cistern.  Haven't tried the new one.  Just tried - don't get anything.  On my laptop it only shows one pond when it shows the hay but on one it does show all four ponds.  The ice-cream cone shaped one is the big one in front of the house

 I think they're baling hay.  When I go out on the porch I hear tractors.  When I went down this morning I think there were four - all older models than last year.  I think I even saw a tedder so they may have used that on the hay that got wet or brought it just in case.  Really fun to watch that - it throws the hay up in the air to dry it out.  I'll go down after a bit and see how it looks.  The hay they baled yesterday was pretty and lots of it.  I told Mike I'd take hay from the second cutting but I'm kind of afraid of the sage grass so may get hay from the old meadow.  You can never tell what the weather's going to do in the summer - it may get dry and not make as much or as good.

 I got the bathtub painted - two coats.  Like I said, not the color I wanted but was the best I could do.  I may have bought pink paint and painted it with a brush last time - can't remember.

Judith, how big is your porch going to be?  Ours isn't screened in but it goes all across the front of the house.  We have a small metal table and two chairs, a porch swing and two redwood chairs and a chaise lounge.  Not using any of them right now except the swing off and on.  The cushions for the redwood things are in the storage building.  You could have a chaise lounge and a chair or  a two seater - you'll  need a small table to put your drinks on.  When are you going to have it built?

 My caladiums in two pots are slow growing.  The one just outside the yard is doing well.  The others are coming along - I may have planted the bulbs too deeply.  Don't give up - they may make it yet. 

 There're already having flooding in Baton Rouge and from what it shows on TV the bad weather and rain should stay just over into Arkansas.  Extex - look out!

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I do not have your address so just zoomed out from Walmart.

The instructions said 2" deep, points up. Oh, well.

I paint people from photographs/magazine pages. I limit my time to 2 hours per subject.

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Judith, I never plant them that deep.  In fact  O barely cover the point. I think I got some of mine too deep.  Try pulling some dirt away from the bulbs, if you can find them , and water them.  Might work-worth a try.

Drive down and checked the bay - not nearly all baled.  Looks really good-smells good.

We're about 11 or 12 miles from WM.

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I just smelled fresh hay a few days ago.  I love that smell.  Used to help my dad bale hay.

I have cannas this year.  My sister gave me two bulbs.  They both had eyes you could see.  I planted them so you could see the eyes.  One is beautiful.  The other formed  a leaf, you can see the tip of it.  It has never came on up. Still looks healthy.  Sort of strange.  Wonder if something about the year not suiting caladiums and cannas.


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 Sara, I don't have good luck with cannas.  I don't know if it's me or the conditions out here.  It can get really cold and so hot.  I don't remember my mother having a lot of cannas either  - she had some but not a lot.  I know in the town I usually go to they have beautiful cannas at a house by the library.   We have a white, pipe fence that goes from the front yard to the corral and I'd love to have tall, red cannas there.  I've tried them and they never grow tall and only last a year or so.  Some things just don't do well out here.

 It's a pretty morning but it's already quite humid and very warm so it'll be a hot day.  I drove way down into the NE pasture to see the girls as they were coming up.  On my way back to the house there were clouds along the south horizon, not far up but beautiful.  I imagined that's the way it would look where there are mountains.  They're saying we may get a few showers from Barry today and tomorrow.  Hope it waits until the hay gets baled.  I took down the old backrubber and put up the new one with fly bullets on each end.  I didn't charge it - will do that tomorrow.

 I didn't take Stormy with me because I didn't know how long I'd be gone.  His foot is better this morning - not limping as much.  Both of the GPs went out with me but are back in now sound asleep.  Mr. Barclee's still in bed.

 I'm watching the men's finals at Wimbledon - pretty good so far 1-1.  My right ankle is hurting for some reason - began hurting yesterday.  I haven't turned it so don't know what's going on - old age, I guess.  New aches and pains turn up often.

 I did call Bryon about mowing.  He may get to it today, if not, one day this week.  I'll see if he'll either mow or weedeat the grass and a few weeds in the west lot - looks awful and that's where I got my chiggers.  Finally, they've quite itching so much.  I hate chiggers.

 Enjoy the Sunday.  July is almost half over.  I do not like July and August - way too hot and humid in Oklahoma.

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I have had cannas several times but I bought the plant.  First time for starting them.  

Got 4 cucumbers this morning, pepper and one cherry tomato.  My biggest harvest yet lol.  Made a little fresh salsa. Will eat it this eve.  Hope it is good.  I had zucchini and yellow squash for lunch.  Bought them at a little store 25 cents each.  This is my second meal and I will get at least one more.  Pretty budget friendly.

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 Sara, you really got a good deal on the zucchini.  I bought some when I went to town and they were $1.87 lb.   I plan on cooking them with onions and canned tomatoes.  They're really good that way and good to eat with beans.  We used to have fried zucchini.  I think we sliced it roundwise, dipped them in eggs, then bread crumbs.  They were so good.  There was a restaurant in town and that was their best dish. You know you could plant one hill of zucchinis and have more than enough for the summer - they're very prolific.

 It's been a kind of busy day here.  The guys came and baled the rest of the big meadow but not the west one - guess that'll be done tomorrow.  B and S came and mowed.  Everything looks so nice.  Bryon managed to get two big limbs out of the maple tree south of the house that had broken and were hanging by mostly bark.  Now, I can see when I go to the end of the porch to see the girls.  They also weedeated and mowed the west lot - won't have to worry about chiggers now.  There was tall grass growing in the prickly pears and they got the tops of it now - looks so much better.  A couple of hours after they left I went out and everything seemed so open and I could breathe again.  I called him and thanked him again.    I told him to come back and mow again in a couple of weeks.  At that time he wants to do a barter regarding the Jeep.  He and one of his friends work on old cars so maybe they can get it running again.  Hate to let it go but it's for the best. 

 I drove down and looked at the hay again - really looks good even though there is some dead grass in it.  Girls should like that.  I'm torn between keeping 35 bales of it or waiting for the second cutting.  I checked and last year  it was cut the second time Sept. 14 and at that time there was a little bit of sage grass blooming.  Do not want that in my hay.

 Ruby was behind the barn eating grass so stopped and talked with her a bit. I noticed that the east back barn door was out a little bit too far.  I checked and the girls have pushed dirt from inside the barn against the door so I have to get that fixed.  I have a cattle panel across the door to keep them from pushing on the door so guess I'll take that down, dig out all the dirt that might be against the door and put the panel back.  I think I can put some of the metal from the bottom of an old hay ring against the panel and that should keep the dirt from getting against the door.  Also have to charge the backrubber.  Don't think I'll take down the trash.  It'll take an hour or so to get all of that done and by that time it will begin to get warm.

 We had a couple of really good showers while Bryon and Shane were here - got them wet and cooled off a bit although it hasn't been bad at all today.

 Had a nice visit with Darwin's wife.  She hasn't been feeling well at all.  Every day I mean to call her and the day gets away before I get it done.  Also had a call from Logan so had a good visit there.  She's going in for tests Wednesday - some kind of stomach problem.

 Watched five hours + of tennis today - such a good match.  Went five sets plus 12 more games, then the first tiebreak ever played at Wimbledon.  My guy didn't win.  I read his net worth is $450 million so he surely didn't need the 2.5 million they get for winning.

 Guess I'll stop for the night and rub my ankle again.  All day I've meant to put a wrap on it but haven't.  I guess I turned it yesterday when my knee kind of gave way - always something!

 Sleep well tonight.

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Think I will try to find a small compact zucchini plant for next year.  Mom says she is going to grow a zucchini plant for me.  I told her only grow one.

Looks like the moon is full.  I’m sitting on the porch watching the lightning bugs.  They are beautiful.  Saw a hummingbird at my flowers for the second time.  That makes me happy that they found me lol. 

Hope you sleep well tonight Lorita and that your ankle feels better in am.



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Sara, a week or so ago I made some hummingbird food and put it in two feeders on the porch. I can't tell that any is gone and haven't seen one. Had a couple last year.  I don't know when they're supposed to be here.

Thanks for mentioning the full moon. I'm go out and check it out. We can watch it together.

Thanks,I'll put a wrap on my ankle in the morning if it still bothers me.

Good night.

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Still light here- will check in a few minutes.  Love lightning bugs.  We used to catch them and put them in a jar with holes punched in the lid. I've seen some this summer.

Checked and one hummingbird feeder is almost empty so they must be around. I'll have to get out and sit on the porch some and watch for them.  They're so pretty.

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 It's a beautiful morning  and in the low 70s - that is if you're not doing anything.  I just got back in after being out an hour and a half, at least.  I almost got too hot I think.  Anyway the cool house, wet paper towel and fan really felt good.  I'm fine now.

 I got out and fed the cats, then drove down to see the hay again.  Talked with the vet a while about the hay and told him which I wanted - he or his hired hand will bring it up soon so the grass can start growing again for the second cutting.  Got back and mixed up the solution to put on the backrubber and got that charged - the girls were already coming up.

 Then, finally found my small shovel - I like it because it doesn't hold too much and doesn't bother my shoulder too much.  Now, what to do about that back door.  I dug and dug away dirt from the doors inside the barn, went to the back and took out boards I'd used to scotch the big doors.  There was one board that had gotten underneath both doors and I had a hard time getting it out but finally dug enough to do it.  All this time there was a cow or two or calves right beside me, watching.  Finally got that board out and opened one door all the way.  The cows had been laying in front of the opened part of the door because it was cooler so all the dirt had been pushed down against the doors.  This will give them twice as much cool air coming through.  It was already pretty warm inside the barn.  I'll try to figure out something for next year - maybe have plywood cut and put it across the doors to keep the dirt away.  We'll see.

 Decided that would do for today so got out of there after I put a long post from one side of the doors to the other to try to keep dirt away.  I'll work more on it as time goes by.   By the time I got into the house I was getting hotter and hotter so got my shirt off, turned up the fan, wet a paper towel and sat down with some cold juice.  I have a fan that has water in it so you can mist yourself and it cools you.  I did that. 

 I'm in for the day - not going to take down the trash.  I haven't been to the mailbox since Thursday but probably nothing there but junk mail and/or bills.  They'll keep.

 The hay looks so pretty on the meadow which is already greening up.  I imagine they'll bale the west meadow today.  Everything looks so nice this morning since the guys mowed yesterday. The lot is so much better without the tall grass and weeds.  I had cut those weeds at least twice but they kept coming back.  I wore my boots doing all this stuff so no chiggers today!

  I'll try to get a picture of the bathtub with the Royal Empress trees in the back so you all can see how tall they're getting.  If I can't cut the ones I don't want to keep with the loppers Bryon will cut them when he comes back.  I think I could use a hired hand for a full week doing all the little things - but they're few and far between and so hard to find.  A few years ago we found a couple of vets, older men, and they were so good to do any and everything we had to do.  One thing they weren't good at doing was pulling t-posts, even with a puller but everything else was good. One of them is back driving trucks over the road and the other had to quit because of heart problems. 

 Anyway, glad all of that's done.  Hope all of you are okay today.  It's going to get super hot by the middle of this week 98 and 99 with pretty high humidity - not good.

 Maybe I'll fix the zucchini today.  I wanted some salsa yesterday (Sara, you  made me hungry for it), opened a jar I'd had a while and it smelled so good.  Then, looked at the expiration date and it was last year.  I'm afraid to eat anything that's expired or sat too long opened that has peppers in it. 

 Back later.

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Be careful Lorita,try not to get too hot.  Sometimes those expiration dates sneak up on us.  My sisters and I went to Lake Erie today.  It was nice and cool there.