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Is there anything I can do to?
Posted: Sunday, August 18, 2019 4:59 PM
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I placed my LO in an AL facility about 9 months ago after a diagnosis of Alzheimer's. She is mostly unhappy and angry. But, every once in a while she makes a new friend, becomes deliriously happy, developes a crush on them, has a falling out with them, and becomes despondent and angry. I suspect what is happening (although, I don't know for sure) is that she is acting on the crush and being rebuffed.
We have had many conversations about how these women are straight, and that if she is "making a move on them" it is like a straight man propositioning her when he knows she is gay. She seems to understand this at the time but then I think forgets it.  It makes me so sad when they have a falling out and she is so miserable, and so angry. I can't figure out how to help with this cycle.
Does anyone have any suggestions?