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Posted: Sunday, August 25, 2019 7:25 AM
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How has your experience been with antidepressants?  Our primary care doctor was thinking about giving my father antidepressants to improve his mood.   After thinking about it, I wonder if my father had depression and because it was untreated and lead to his dementia.
Posted: Sunday, August 25, 2019 10:13 AM
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I believe my mom has been depressed for many years (due to life losses) but rejected medication and therapy.

Our PCP started mom on half-dose Remeron last June to help with sleep issues and separation anxiety, it worked well.

After her move to MC, in Nov/Dec she was being more agitated and I talked to the floor doc about it. They added low dose Effexor, which helped. They have since tapered her off the Effexor and gone to standard dose Remeron

It’s worth a try, if your dad will go along with it (I told mom it was “to help her sleep better”)

Does someone help dispense his meds?

Posted: Sunday, August 25, 2019 10:28 AM
Joined: 8/11/2019
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I think my father has separation anxiety with my mom is not around.   My father does not have issues taking medicine.  Either my mom or I can give it to him.   
I think my father got depressed when all of his brothers died.
MN Chickadee
Posted: Monday, August 26, 2019 10:59 AM
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My LO takes an SSRI (celexa.) She also takes a low dose of Remeron at night for sleep. This has worked well for her and she doesn't seem to have much depression or anxiety now. She started the celexa in the mid stages due to agitation and seeming down a lot.
Posted: Monday, August 26, 2019 11:03 AM
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My LO (cousin)  who has VD, was prescribed Cymbalta, early after her diagnosis, due to worrying and crying.  It helped with that a great deal.  Before the medication, it was hard to console her.
Michael Ellenbogen
Posted: Monday, August 26, 2019 11:06 AM
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They are great and help a lot. 

Posted: Thursday, September 5, 2019 7:28 PM
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Mom has depression in addition to the AD and is currently on fluoxetine and under the care of a therapist. Since her long term memory is all she really has (but even that is going now), she focuses on the death of her parents and my Dad. The antidepressant definitely helps but she still has moments of spiraling into depression. Also when she's out of her comfort zone, she realizes just how bad she's gotten and can't function anymore which causes major depressive episodes. I definitely keep her on the antidepressant to help as much as possible.
Posted: Thursday, September 5, 2019 10:17 PM
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Our experience has been great. Both Mom and I take a low dose of zoloft each day. Does it cure her dementia? Nope, but makes it easier for her to cope with the worst of it. Does it keep me from being cray-cray? Uh... most of the time!