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Just need to talk to my friends (122)
Posted: Monday, June 1, 2020 10:43 AM
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 Happy June!!  Maybe things will be better this month.  I know it's going to be hotter and more humid - have I said I'm not ready for that?

 Well, I feel like I've climbed a mountain this morning.  Been busy.  Got up at 6 and got the trash together, got out and fed Tom and Jerry, had my juice and a piece of toast, then bed the babies.  Had to keep Lilly away from the food and water.  Finally got dressed - goodness after three months it was hard to get everything on in the right place - hope I did.  Got Barclee up - he wasn't ready because he likes to sleep late.   Got the trash in the PU  - got it started yesterday and drove about five miles, round trip, to build up the battery.  There's a new cell tower about a mile and half north of us so drove up by it - those things are huge!  Sure wouldn't want one of them on my place.

 Had to make two trips to get Lilly in her carrier and Barclee to the PU.  When I got to the vet's office I was surprised because there were several cars there.  He must be opening for appointments earlier.  Had to wait a bit to get checked in with Lilly and then went out and got Mr. Barclee.  I really hated to leave him.  I made sure to tell them he couldn't hear or see.  He has something under his chin and two or three little cysts.  I told them to leave it up to Mike as to whether to remove them or not.  We had that done a few years ago and they did come back.  I can pick them up tomorrow.  I already miss him and will for sure tonight.

 So, went on into town which is just about a mile from his office.  I debated about whether to go to the feed store or not so sat at the street across from them for two or three minutes to decide.  There was only one PU there so decided I'd go.  I got 1500 lb. of creep feed and four anaplas blocks.  There were several people inside - all worked there.  They had a plastic divider between the customer and clerk.  Had to write the check but didn't have to sign the ticket.  Pam said they had been open the whole time because they're considered essential and they were all okay.  If one of them had gotten the virus they would have had to shut down.

 On to the pharmacy.  The last time I was in town - March 6 - I had a script filled but they didn't have the full number of capsules so decided I'd get that done.  They have one of those drive-up things like drive-in banks have so didn't have to go in.  Then on to Atwoods.  Went inside and everyone except one man was wearing a mask.  I was looking and a woman who worked there, with a mask, asked if I needed help and I told her what I was looking for - they didn't have it but she brushed something off my shoulder - no idea what and no telling.  Had to sign twice with their little pen and with his pen on another thing.  I did wear a glove inside and at the pharmacy drive-up.  When I got back in the PU I used a disinfectant wipe and wiped everything.  Got the tubs and got out of there.  I didn't enjoy it.   I thought perhaps I'd go to the grocery store tomorrow when I pick up the kids but don't think I will.   So - no one was wearing masks at the feed store and everyone but one person was at Atwoods. 

 Glad to be home.  Gosh, it had been so long since I'd been to town I didn't know how to act.  

 When I was waiting to be checked in at the vet's office I was looking out the door at the PU and I saw a cat drop down from underneath it.  She walked around some so I asked the clerk if it was their cat.  She said it was - then she came in the clinic.  I was afraid a cat had been up under the PU from home.  However, it was a gray cat so wouldn't have been from here.

 Still debating about whether to wash the pants and shirt I wore.  I sprayed the bottom of my shoes (after I'd been in the house) and wiped down my purse.  You know if no one had been wearing masks and I hadn't been listening to the news and those dividers weren't there, you wouldn't have known anything was wrong. 

 Riots in Tulsa and OKC last night.  Demonstrations were mostly peaceful but, of course, there had to be a few to make trouble.  Tear gas and pepper balls were thrown by the Police.  Incidentally yesterday and today were when they had the race riots in Tulsa 99 years ago.  (I'm not sure of that number)

 Hope all of you are well today.

Posted: Monday, June 1, 2020 12:39 PM
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Glad you got home ok Lorita.

Was going to post a picture of my irises but I am back to where it isn’t giving me the option to change the size.   There was a new update recently on my iPad so who knows.

Posted: Monday, June 1, 2020 3:01 PM
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Hello all,

My cousin is due to be in Vegas anytime now. I've tried to get my uncle to get up and eat and take his meds but he keeps falling back asleep. I'll let my cousin deal with that when she gets here.

So I go no,e tomorrow and I'm more than ready. Hopefully DMV will be pen as my drivers license will expire next month and I have car registration due next month also. I will call and see if they're offering an extension. I have never went to DMV without an appointment. Way too long of a wait if you just walk in.


Posted: Monday, June 1, 2020 3:38 PM
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free online class with Christopher Kimball

Posted: Monday, June 1, 2020 4:04 PM
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the firefly event is tonight
Posted: Monday, June 1, 2020 4:57 PM
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Judith, firefly event?  How do we see that?

Nicole, glad your cousin is there.  Have a safe trip and good  outcome from your surgery.  Let us know.

Sara, would love to see your iris.   Keep trying.

Lilly's  surgery is over and she's okay.

Posted: Monday, June 1, 2020 5:16 PM
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Hi Lorita,  How is Barclee doing?   I am glad you survived your trip to town. I bet those kittens are going to miss you and their MaMa when they go out to the barn.

Nicole,  Safe trip I hope you surgery goes well. Will DMV let you renew those online?

I hope your all having a real good day.  Hugs Zetta  

Posted: Monday, June 1, 2020 7:59 PM
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I posted a link I think on Sunday? It was educational and beautiful...took me back to being a childand at the same time made me think that the scenery was like our pioneers saw.
Posted: Monday, June 1, 2020 8:18 PM
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 Zetta, I haven't heard anything yet about Barclee.  Not sure when he was going to do the surgery - maybe later after he finished farm calls.  I'll call early in the morning to find out when I can pick them up.   I do miss Barclee - he's quiet most of the time, sleeping in my chair by me or on the divan. 

 The kittens have been so sweet today. One of the striped ones is on my lap almost all the time - he's really doin' it to me, as Charles would say.  I don't know if I'll take them out to the barn this week.  The heat index is supposed to be about 100 later this week and it's hot in the crib.  I need to open the north barn doors so that might make it better.  We'll see.

 Steve came about 5:15 to fix the barn light - glad of that - there'll be light out tonight.  I have another security light on a tall pole just outside of the yard at the side and one on the back of the storage building.  I heard Stormy bark and that's the only way I knew he was out there.  Then, heard Bryon and Shane in their PU.  So all three were here  at one time - everyone's gone now.  I was really worried about Steve - he was here about three weeks ago to fix the light and had planned on coming back in a day or two.  I was worried that he might be sick but he's  just been super busy. The yard and north and west of the house and down to the road looks nice - like someone actually lives here.

 Just fed the babies and they'll go to sleep now for the night.  I'll probably let Stormy and Sheena stay outside.  Drove up and saw the girls.  I have a note that there might be a new baby around the 27th - I hope not because the one I have noted is a young heifer with horns.  Guess I can sleep longer in the morning.   I've been trying to nap all afternoon so it probably won't be hard to go to sleep.

 I'm glad the trip to town is over - didn't enjoy it.  I could actually be a hermit if I could get vegetables, dairy and frozen things delivered but too far away from town for that. 

 Judith, I'll check on that link.  If it's about lightning bugs or butterflies it should be good.  I remember when I was pretty young we had neighbors who had several kids and we'd go down to visit at night sometimes.  The had a girl a couple of years younger than I and we'd catch lightning bugs in a jar and watch them make light.  I see lots of them here in the summertime - already seeing them.

 Better go and check on that.  See you all tomorrow.

Posted: Monday, June 1, 2020 8:43 PM
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Oh how I wish I could just pay the fees and get my drivers license online. But we are now required in CA to get a "real ID" so I have to bring 2 forms of proof of who i am, plus birth certificate and ss card. 

But I did find out that I can get a year extension on getting my drivers license. Not sure about the car registration because I need to get a smog done and pay the registration fees before they will give me my tags. But my car will stay in Las Vegas while I'm back in CA, so not sure how this is going to work. Yes in CA we pay and pay and pay. 

DMV is open in CA so I guess I'll have to go there and find out.....ugh!


Posted: Monday, June 1, 2020 11:28 PM
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I miss Barclee.  He's not beside me for the first time in 16 years.  I think if anything had gone wrong they would have called me.  Maybe he didn't get to do it today.  I hate that Barcle e is in a strange place alo ne.  I miss Lilly, too, and I know her babies miss her.  I hear them playing in the bathroom.

I'll call first thing in the morning. 

Posted: Tuesday, June 2, 2020 11:06 AM
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 I have both patients at home so I'm going to be a caregiver, for two, for the next ten days.  Then, they have to go back to have sutures removed. 

 I woke up at 3:30 this morning and couldn't go back to sleep - worried about Barclee so at 7:30 when I thought the office would be open, I called and got Mike.  So got to talk to the doctor about Barclee and Lilly.  He removed the growth on his eyelid and said the eye looked all right. He could tell that Barclee has little or no vision.  Also removed three or four little tumors on his back and a bigger one under his chin.   Did the spaying for Lilly who was in heat.  Either Spanky or Alfalfa will be here in a couple of days for two or three months.  I bet the girls will be glad.  Really didn't know if I wanted to do that this year but if one of them doesn't come we won't have spring calves next year.

A while back I had bought a 40 or 50 lb. sack of Blue Buffalo dog food for the GPs which they didn't like.  So got it out to the car and dropped it off at Happy Paws, our local animal shelter. I've been meaning to do that for quite some time so glad that's done.   I called the manager of the shelter yesterday to see if they take kittens but didn't get her - I'll try again today. 

 There were a lot of people in the clinic - no masks except mine.  One little boy was there with two sisters, a dog and his mother.  He was sneezing and coughing - enough to have to wipe off the front of his shirt - glad I had on my mask.  They're always so busy first thing in the morning - I'll remember that and go a bit later.  Everyone has the same idea to get there early.

I had to take two trips to get them in the house and as soon as I put Barclee down he made his way to his water dish and drank and drank.  Then put him in my chair and gave him something to eat. He's now asleep in his place on the divan.  Also fed Lilly - she got up in the chair by me and gave herself a really good bath and is now asleep.  I haven't let her babies out with her yet - I think she needs to rest.  She has pain meds to take and Barclee has eyedrops, pain meds and antibiotics. 

 When I was coming home I was driving fairly fast on the gravel road and saw something in front of me.  As I got closer I could tell it was a little squirrel standing up eating a nut? so had to brake and he didn't move until the last moment.  Roads are awfully rough.   So I've had a busy two days - got the lawn mowed, barn light fixed, got feed, mineral tubs and anaplas blocks for the girls and got Barclee and Lilly to the vet and home.  I'm going to take a nap this afternoon.  I'm bushed!  Still have to put out the mineral tubs and a couple of sacks of feed in thee feeder for the babies - either this afternoon or tomorrow. 

 More demonstrations last night in Tulsa and OKC.  Lots of damage done in Tulsa and I heard OKC had really violent demonstrations and was under a state of emergency.  Judith, were they close to you?  The night before last I heard there were some at 16th and Classen, I think - not sure about that and don't know how bad they were.

 Hope all of you are all right today.  It's going to be 87 today and each day will be a couple of degrees warmer with heat indices around 100 this weekend.  Stormy and Sheena slept in last night, stayed out while I was gone and are now in and asleep.


Jo C.
Posted: Tuesday, June 2, 2020 3:53 PM
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So glad Barclee and Lilly are home and doing well.  Poor Barclee being elderly and having very low vision, he must be SO comforted by being back with you in his familiar environment.

Glad you got home okay and all is well; what a busy day and lots of concern; no wonder you are so tired.  There's no place like home!   (Most of the time.)

Cannot find yeast anywhere.  DH wants to try and make some bread from that lady with simple recipes you had told us about; I can never remember her name, but no matter where he looks, no powdered yeast or yeast of any kind.  Will have to keep my eyes peeled for him.  Want that dried yeast in an envelope.  Ideas?

Talked to my friend yesterday and she had me laughing talking about her hair and how bad and how much older she looks with it all over the placed since no access to a salon, so looks like I am not the only one.  Hair is just hair but it sure can affect our outlook when we look in the mirror and when it gets inside a collar and sticks up all over the place. 

In the 90's today. Our agapanthus all bloomed, but they are all white!  They used to be that beautiful deep blue; now I am going to have to try and see if there is a way to get them back to blue again; the plants are big as they have been with us for years and they are very healthy, so hope they will get back to color if I find out how to do it.

I read Charles Dickens, "Tale of Two Cities," again.  Haven't read that since high school; got all 600 plus pages for only 49 cents from Amazon Kindle. Whoopee!   He is a good writer, but not an easy read as the language is older and meanings a bit different from what we may think today, but I enjoy that sort of read, so it was good.  Now I am on a Nelson DeMille novel, "The General's Daughter."  It had been a movie, but I would rather read the book.

Saw on the news that the Infectious Disease Specialists are highly concerned about a "Catastrophic" (their word) resurgence of COVID19 outbeak secondary to the vast crowds of activists across the U.S. jammed together thereby increasing exposure and risk and then spreading it to others.  Today there are literally thousands - really thousands of demonstrators in Houston and other places standing shoulder to shouilder in close contact crowds, so many not wearing masks.  I hope that the specialists concern does not come to pass.

Stores were scheduled to begin opening this week in California, but in so many areas many of the stores have been destroyed by arson and looting ruining the businesses and thus taking away not only the businesses but also the jobs for workers.  Many of the small business owners did not have insurance and for those who did, many of their policies do not cover rioting and looting. Same across the nation.   Larger department stores are also closing and boarding up in many areas.  In some areas, drugstores and grocery stores have been looted.  All of this in so many states. This is going to have a severe effect on so many who do not have any other way of making a living to feed their families. 

Looks like California is not going to demand that people get their "Real ID" as the federal government mandates by October 2020.  Due to COVID, they have pushed the deadline to October 2021.  Hope all is well by then; we shall have to see what comes to pass.

Had chicken enchiladas yesterday and they were really, really good which surprised me as DH got them frozen from the market.  Really big chunks of chicken, good sauce and a whole lot of cheese, etc.  Had to have broccoli/cauliflower/carrots with them so I did not feel so bad. Sure miss once in awhile getting food from restaurants, but neither of us are comfortable with that at this time. 

Seems since DH has discovered home delivery and grocery pickup, it has caused him rapture of the deep.  I find so many frozen items and other things we do not usually keep.  Yesterday, he also popped a Mrs.Smith Dutch Apple Pie into the oven, just what I did not need.  Had a small slice with a bit of ice cream on top but did not have a broccoli chaser with that.  Ate extra blueberries next morning,but nothing expunges those calories and oh man; they stick onto me like glue.  Sigh. Okay; I need to get more "won't power."

Sure do miss seeing our son who lives locally; but he is a first responder and gets a lot of exposure, so we are talking on the phone and texting right now.  More than anything, I think I miss the freedom for people to be able to do whatever whenever and to breathe without "fear" so to speak.  Basically, we are doing just fine in self-isolation where we have been since March.  Gads; that is three months.  Seems we are okay with that.  Two of my friends also mentioned that they too are okay with being at home and are surprised they accept it.  We always find out a lot about ourselves as we move through life.

By the way, did anyone see the SpaceX rocket launch with NASA?  Wonderful to see and   it was great to see the astronauts arrival into the space station.  What amazing times we live in.  Evidently they will be there 110 day before coming home. I so hope for their safety and safe arrival back to earth again.  Wow!

Hope everyone has a good day and all goes well as can be. Hope Anne is doing okay down there in Mexico.  Brave to stay put and not go up north to where the kids are.  And our other dear friend, Sandy in the down under having her winter time - so good whenever she has time to drop in and say hello and let us know how she is too.  Sees so strange how Australia is moving into freezing winter as we are moving into the dog days of summer and then vice versa.  Strange and awesome planet.

Good day wishes to all of you; be well,


Posted: Tuesday, June 2, 2020 6:03 PM
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Was a very warm and very windy day.  That is hard on things just set out.

Jo some flowers will do that.  Don’t  think they really know why.  Doubt if there is anything you can do to change it back.  Yeast, heard that people went out and started buying bread machines.  Bread flour not always available either.  My yeast was getting low and someone told me they had gotten it at a bulk food store.  Sure enough they had it.  Was in a pound pkg and cost very little more than when I bought a four oz jar.  Don’t know if you have bulk food stores available or not.  Hope I have found a new yeast supplier.

Judith do you have fireflies in Oklahoma.  I love seeing them.  I’ve been very tired and going to bed early so have not seen them yet this year.

Got a few more things planted out today.

Posted: Tuesday, June 2, 2020 6:41 PM
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Lorita has fireflies. I do not but grew up with them in Chicago.

Jo....please do not ever discuss Mrs Smith's deep dish apple pie with ice cream again. I am not a pie fan but that is one wonderful dessert.

Lorita...the cowboy has a new job up in Gurhtie. A heard of about 100+.  Cows with some bulls on the loose. I guess it is a "breeding" facility. Lots of babies.

No demonstrations were near me and I only heard of one business being damaged. I see only more anger in the future. Not more vandelism.... just more anger. 

Posted: Tuesday, June 2, 2020 9:46 PM
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 Jo, I think Barclee is glad to be home.  He's laid on the divan and slept all day except for eating and going outside once or twice.  He has antibiotics to begin tomorrow.  He's sweet and quiet most of the time.  I know he'll be glad to be in his own bed tonight instead of in a cage.  Lilly's doing all right, too.  She's kept her babies from nursing today but has laid in my chair with them.  I just fed them and gave her half a pain pill.  She has two kinds of medicine to take.  Barclee has one kind plus his eyedrops.  When we got home he was thirsty - I had water down in kind of a deep bowl and he kept barking. Then, I realized he had a tumor taken off under his chin and reaching down into the bowl with that and his flat face was hurting so put some in his food dish and he was happy.  I just changed out the litter box in the bathroom.  Found another one with a rim around it.  I just don't know if it would be safe to put them in the barn or not.  I'll open the north door and see how cool it makes it before I decide.  I need to get in touch with the woman who runs Happy Paws to see if they take kittens - I doubt it.  I had meant to call her today to see if she found the Blue Buffalo I left this morning but forgot.

 I love deep dish apple pie and ice cream or whipped cream.  I make what might be called a deep dish pie but it's called Apple Pie Baked in a Sack.  You toss the sliced applies in sugar, cinnamon and flour, put them in the crust really piled up.  Then you put a topping on of cinnamon, sugar, a little flour and butter and bake it in the sack.  I think the idea is to keep it from boiling over in the oven.  I made one down at mother's house once and when it was done I opened the oven door and it burst into flames - last time I did that.  We tossed soda on it and put out the fire, then brushed it off and ate it anyway.

 About the yeast.  For some reason before all of this started - last time I was in the store I bought three, three packs of yeast and the next time I ordered on line I bought a bottle of bread yeast.  I read that sale of bread machines from Amazon had gone up 800% since this started.  Guess everyone's making their own bread - which I need to do tomorrow.

 Sara's right about the flowers.  If you have white and a colored ones together they will all eventually turn white - same with some shrubs.  It's a shame because I absolutely love blue flowers.  Hope you can figure out a way to correct it.

 I didn't see the actual lift-off but began watching a couple of minutes later.  Same with the docking at the ISS.  Those are brave people to be cooped up in a tight space that long. 

 Sara, we have loads of lightning bugs (that's what we call them) out here in the country - many more in the hot summer months.  It doesn't really cool off here at night because it's so humid.  I have a couple of SILs in the Texas Panhandle (high plains) and it gets really cool out there at night and hot in the daytime.  We (mother, daddy, Cheryl (Sarah's mother) and I went to Colorado years ago in late July and on the way we stayed all night in Pueblo, Colorado.  It got really cold at night and had to use blankets.  During the day it was sweltering.

  Barclee just woke up so got him in the chair with me - you know he sweats- only dog I'ved seen who does.   I hear the kittens playing in the kitchen - they just got up from a nap.

 Late this evening I decided I'd put out the mineral tubs.  Went out in the Gator with Stormy to see the girls first - they had just come come out of the barn to graze.  Came back and got the PU.  I pulled one tub out successfully and finally got the top off (they weigh 200 lbs. and are about 2 ft. tall and big around.  I pulled the other one out and it flipped over on it's top.  I tried and tried to set it up but I couldn't for the life of me.  I wrapped a chain around it to see if I could flip it but it just dragged it.  So decided I'd need a fulcrum - I remembered a long crowbar so got it and some fire or chimney bricks (big, thick bricks and heavy).  Finally got it lifted up about 4", got my hands under it and flipped it over.  I was determined I was going to get it done and not have to call Darwin to flip it for me.  That's the only time that's happened except once when it flipped and didn't have a lid on and the minerals came out and I had a terrible time getting it back in the tub.  The minerals are hard, like cooked caramel and the cows lick them.  So, needless to say I'm tired again. 

 I did try to watch Judge Judy this afternoon but went to sleep before she came on and woke up an hour and half later.  Tomorrow I'll open the back barn doors.  When it dries out some I'm going to call the guy who did the work on the inside of the barn about cleaning out the barn.  When he was here he said they did that work and would do it.  

 On the way from town Monday I noticed that a lot of hay has already been baled.  Our neighbor has one of his meadows already baled.  I need to call him to let him know I want to buy about 50 small bales this year.  Bought 70 last  year and may have 20 left but you never know how much you'll need - that's on top of the big, round bales

 I'm anxious to see how the girls react when Alfalfa or Spanky get here.  Mike said they were beginning to move bulls so it should be in the next 2-3 days.  Both of them are gentle but I still don't feel as comfortable out among the girls as I did when we had Jasper.  They've never made a move so maybe it's just me - he says they're gentle and they seem to be. 

 Going to stop (bet you all are saying "thank goodness" and get ready for bed.  I bet I can sleep tonight.   Sleep well, everyone.   Oh, forgot, I have buds on both of the peach roses - really anxious to see how they look.

Posted: Tuesday, June 2, 2020 10:28 PM
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Really messed up so it'll be another night of worry.  I thought I'd give Lilly a pain pill but decided I'd just give her half of one.  Gave it, then decided I'd read about it and it was Vetprofen - not to be given to humans or cats.   Immediately called the vet and he said he didn't think half a tablet would hurt her but it might make her sick.  He said he didn't think it would kill her.  Said to give her a little milk to dilute it but the only milk I have is frozen half and half and almond milk.  I have soured milk - which she won't drink and almond milk - don't think that will be good for her.  So, I'm thawing some half and half and will dilute it just a bit and see if she'll drink some.  Should have been more careful and only discovered it because I was looking at another medicine for her - which is the pain medicine.   He said cats have trouble throwing up.  Max doesn't - if he eats too much, too fast he lets go.  
Posted: Wednesday, June 3, 2020 5:22 AM
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We usually call them lightning bugs too.  We only have them a short time each year.

Giving rain today.  Maybe I can plant a little more between rain drops.  Saw a sprout on one of the beans I direct sowed.  I was beginning to wonder if they were coming up.  They are called dragons tongue.  They are a yellow wax bean with purple stripes.  A lot of people say they like them so I’m trying them.  

Posted: Wednesday, June 3, 2020 11:31 AM
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 Sara, good for your beans - I bet they'll make it.  I've never heard of Dragon's Tongue beans.  I bet they'll be pretty.  I watch "Chopped" occasionally and they have what's called Dragon Fruit on there sometimes.  It's beautiful but I have no idea what it really is.  I think the outside is red and the inside is white with black spots.  I've never seen it in stores here.

 Just put the babies down or in the bathroom for a nap.  They've been running around, knocking things off for about three hours - all I can take for now.  I got up a couple of times during the night to check on Lilly and she seemed okay.  She ate well this morning and I guess she's all right.    Barclee slept well, got up, took his medicine while he ate and is now asleep on the divan - has been for a couple of hours.  The vet said to put Gentamycin drops in his eyes and I had a full bottle but it's nowhere to be found.  It was on the table by my chair so the kittens probably knocked it off in the waste paper basket.  So, called  him about 7:45 to ask if I should use the drops that have Dexamethasone in it.  He called a couple of hours later - he's been working cattle and couldn't respond at that time.  Anyway, he said since Lilly seems okay, she'll probably be all right from getting the wrong meds.  Also said to use the Dexa drops 3x/day until he goes back to have suture removal. 

 He said Toad was going to bring the bull since they're moving them today.  I told him I thought the girls were in the barn so when he got here I told him and he let him out in the lot.  He took off like a turpentine cat (do you all ever use that saying?).  He went straight to the MH so maybe they're up there.  Not sure if it's one of the bulls we've had before.  He looked pretty. 

 I am going to take a nap this afternoon. Eyes are bothering me today. I should bring the humidifier in to see if that will help.  It's already 85 here with 66% humidity - typical early summer weather.  I think there's a 40% chance of rain tonight - our weatherman was warning ranchers who might be baling hay to be aware. 

 The FedEx girl came late yesterday afternoon and Stormy was outside.  She had never seen him before and he was really barking so I brought him inside.  She brought a couple of boxes day before yesterday so I'll open them today and leave the other one until tomorrow.  She brought two 40 lb. boxes of cat litter - I'm using a lot.  Decided I'd have to open the back barn door either very early in the morning or late in the afternoon after they leave.  I'll have to unwire the doors on the inside and move the cattle panel, then go around and unfasten the doors and move boards that have the doors wedged in and open them.  Not an easy thing to do sometimes.  I thought I'd be sore from jockeying that 200 lb. mineral tub around yesterday but I'm not.  Girls jumped on them as soon as they came up.  They were very curious about what I was doing so it didn't take long.  I put 50 lb. of creep in the feeder - wondering if the babies found it (bet they did).

 Nothing else going on and I hope it stays that way.  Hope all of you are well this morning.  Sara, how are your tomato plants doing.  I saw a garden yesterday on the way to the vets and they had tomato plants probably two feet tall and bush.  They'll have tomatoes in no time flat.

Posted: Wednesday, June 3, 2020 11:33 AM
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Just when I thought life with dementia couldn't get worse, Lou comes down in her back.  Having back surgery myself and living with back pain, I know what she's going through. I believe its finally ran its course since last night was the first night she slept all night for the last three days.

Lightning bugs and fire flys is what we called them! I can remember catching them in a jar with holes in the lid. A lot of childhood memories running around in pitch dark seeing how many we can get in the jar. Didn't have outdoor lights and pitch dark with lightning bugs was fun.

I might need to stay on this soft food diet, I've lost 7 pounds already! I might be able to get back onto some of my other. clothes. 


Posted: Wednesday, June 3, 2020 1:57 PM
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I picked lettuce and kale from the garden today and ate some for lunch. I also had homemade potato salad, yum!

We have bluebirds nesting in our bluebird house. So exciting! I love seeing them.

Hope all are doing well this week.


Posted: Wednesday, June 3, 2020 5:16 PM
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is a blue bird the same as a blue Jay?
Posted: Wednesday, June 3, 2020 6:37 PM
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They are two different birds Judith.  The jays breast is white.  Tail feathers are blue, black and white pattern.  There are different bluebirds.  In Ohio we have the eastern bluebird.  It is a pretty shade of blue and the top of its breast is a reddish color and bottom is white.  Mr google says the eastern bluebird is in Oklahoma.

My tomatoes are just standing there Lorita.  They are about 10 inches tall I would say.  We are doing good here if we get a tomato by end of July.

That salad sounds good Beth.  Fixed a potato, egg, Swiss chard mixture for lunch.  Hope to have wilted lettuce Friday if nothing happens.  Was one of my favorite meals when I was a child.  Don’t know if that is a Kentucky thing or if everyone eats it.  Good with fried potatoes, pinto beans and cornbread.

Hope Lou sleeps well for you tonight Ron.  

Hope you get babies Beth, that will really be exciting.  Poor bluebirds have a hard time, especially if the house sparrows are around.

Posted: Wednesday, June 3, 2020 6:47 PM
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I have, then, never seen a blue bird.
Posted: Wednesday, June 3, 2020 7:32 PM
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 Ron, surely hope Lou's back improves quickly.  Having back problems is awful.  I used to have a lot of low back problems, not so much anymore.  Surprisingly, my back isn't hurting today from lifting on that mineral tub but my right upper arm hurts.  I think that's from lifting the heavy crowbar out of the back of the Gator.  Looks like I'd finally learn - but I don't seem to.

 Your lightning bug store brought back memories of when I was little.  I mentioned it on another post.  We'd go down to our neighbors at night sometimes and their daughter, a little younger than I would catch lightning bugs in jars (with holes in the lids) and when we'd get quite a few, we'd get into the floorboard of the car and let them light it up.  Little did we know it but those were the good old days.

 Good for you losing the weight - did you need to?  I've lost about 20 pounds since all of this began - but need to go another 30 - then I could get back into a lot of my clothes.

 Beth, I also hope you get babies.  I found a little pinkish bird egg with little dark spots on it in the path the other day and later found another just like it in the asparagus fern I'd put out in the yard to get rain.  Guess the wind blew them out of the nests. 

 Sara, glad you designated between the bluejay and bluebird.  When I think of bluebirds I always think of Song of the South with the little bluebird flying around.  I've never seen a real one and have only seen a couple of bluejays and that was at the VAMC - not here.  Our State bird is the Scissortail Flycatcher - I see quite a few of those.

 Wilted lettuce - brings back memories.  That was one of Charles' favorite things.  So, it's also an Oklahoma thing.  Really good with brown beans, too.  Bet you all think that's about all we ate - brown beans, potatoes and cornbread - also add into that fried okra, sliced tomatoes, onions and cucumbers and onions with vinegar.  We always had meat but I didn't eat much of that even then.  Daddy butchered hogs and  would put up a calf to fatten and take it to be taken care of.  He hated to do it and put it off as long as he could. Now I know why.  Have you ever had pickled okra or pickled beets?  I liked the pickled beets but not the okra.  When I was growing up we had fried okra but when I was older and married Charles and I liked to pick the pods when they were a couple of inches long and steam or simmer then in a little water with a little bit of vinegar - just in case a pod broke.  The vinegar prevented the slime you can get from okra.

 Sara - when the weather warms up your tomatoes will grow - they like warm, not too hot, weather. 

 It was hot today.  I sat in my recliner with just the fan on and slept a couple of hours.  When I woke up it was hot and the weather said it was in the mid 90s with a heat index of near 100 and will be the same for the next few days.  We have a 220 AC in the LR wall and I turned it on.  It doesn't have a filter and there's nowhere to get one.  It's very old but used very little.  I turned it on and then turned on the one in the bedroom. It's filter was full of dirt.  I cleaned that and tomorrow I'll tackle the one in the utility room.  Normally I use the utility room one and the one in the bedroom and it keeps the house cool enough.  I close off the front bedroom and sunroom.  I didn't put covers on them during the winter so they're a mess.  It's feeling better in here now.  With the weather being so hot I don't think I can put those babies out in the crib and it gets hto enough in the bathroom with the doors closed. 

 Early in the morning I'll open the back barn doors so the air can go through for the girls.  I didn't see them when they came out of the barn but after I woke up did see all of them on the other side of the pond.  Guess the bull found them or vice versa.

 Beth, I've never eaten kale.  It seems to be a big thing right now.  Do you cook it like you cook spinach?  I didn't even cook any poke this year.  it's everywhere and now it's too big.  I try to break off all of the shoots so they won't get big and have berries on them.  When I was little we used the juice from the poke berries to color things - mostly our fingers.  I've heard it's poison but don't know for sure.  I do try to keep it out of the lot when we have little ones so they won't nibble on the berries or stalks.  I know the stalks are toxic if they're not cooked the right way.

  Barclee has slept most of the day and seems to be okay.  Lilly is okay, too.  What a dumb thing I did - guess there's too many canines, felines and bovines here on the farm so I get confused. 

 I can't find my patio dresses.  I know I packed them and other dresses I wear away so must be in the storage building.  I found one in a drawer but it snaps down the front and I can't keep it snapped - good thing no one's around.  I'll check out there tomorrow. 

 Really good to have light out at the barn.  You can't imagine how dark it is here in the country but good for star gazing.

 Going to stop and try to find something for supper and something to watch on TV.  The kittens are playing in the kitchen.  Their mom has been taking care of them today.  I bet she missed them while she was gone.

 Have a good night's sleep.  See you tomorrow.

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 It is MUGGY here this morning - 78 degrees with 75% humidity.  The only saving grace is a nice SW breeze - but if you live in Oklahoma you know that means more hot weather.

 I did sleep well last night - went to sleep and slept, I thought, a long time but it was only a little after 1 but went right back to sleep and woke up at 6.

 I've been outside the last hour and half but I'm back in now except for going out to turn off the water.  I filled a big water tank in the lot and now I'm filling one in the garden.

 Fed the inside cats, turned on the AC in the utility room (will have to clean the filter later today).  Let the babies out of the bathroom - it didn't seem too hot in there - I don't know where they are now because all is quiet.

 Got out and fed Tom and Jerry, then on to the barn.  Rewired the cattle panel across the back entrance and unwired the doors.  Then around to the back.  I couldn't budge the 2x6s I had across the back to wedge the doors last winter.  So, had to come back to the house and get the old faithful crowbar and a brick.  Got them loose and finally got one back door open.  I'll see how that works.  Somewhere in all of this I've lost my fencing tool.  A few years ago I painted the handle orange so I could locate it - I have a bad habit of dropping a tool when I'm finished and not holding onto it.  I've looked and looked and can't find it.  Went back to the carport to find the handled magnet - couldn't so looked some more to no avail. 

 Got the PU out of the carport and loaded a couple of sacks of feed in the back of the Gator to put in the creepfeeder.  Stormy went with me.  It still had some from yesterday so only put in 50 lb.  I had seen the girls up toward the MH but Stormy and I drove up close enough to see all of them - guess the bull found the girls so if I counted right, they were all there.  They're grazing while it's cooler but they'll head to the barn in a little while.

 Sorry, had to stop and go check the water tank - it has another ten minutes.

 We came back by the back of the barn and I looked some more for the fencing tool but didn't find it.  So, decided I'd fill the water tank in the garden and while that was going on I looked for my patio dresses.  Put a new light bulb in the storage building and found two boxes of summer, house dresses and gowns.  Then, decided there was too much althea and nandina growing in front of the AC in the utility room so cut that back.

 When I get the water turned off in the garden I'll be inside for a while.  In the summer in Oklahoma, if it's possible, you get out and do what has to be done early in the morning.  Hay baling, etc. is a different thing.  Now, all the tractors have cabs and air conditioners and everything else.  It's hard work but they'll still not hot like daddy was when he worked in the fields with his tractors.  Times have changed. 

 Now, have to put in Barclee's eyedrops and give him his medicine and breakfast.  I need to box up my winter sweat shirts an flannel pants.  I hope there's some good boxes in the building - maybe I'll do that tomorrow.

 There's some rain NE of here but it won't make it to us - going into Arkansas. 

 Have you all noticed that when you order online things are more expensive - or is it just me?  I finally found some powdered milk and got it a couple of days ago - just in case I need some.  Still have a quarter gallon frozen and some little cups of frozen half and half.  Had to thaw one of those to give to Lilly to dilute the wrong medicine I gave her.  Had planned on making waffles this morning but I'm too tired now so cold cereal with almond milk will have to suffice.

 Talked with Sarah last night.  She is so very sick and may have gone to the hospital last night.  She said they put her on hospice a couple of days ago and someone has notified APS so they've contacted her.  Alarm is going off so I'll stop and turn off the water.  Back later.

Rescue mom
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Just to share some old southern country poke lore....and blue jays and bluebirds.

Poke growing wild was common where I grew up, we picked and cooked and ate the young leaves like you’d eat spinach. The birds loved the berries—but it was an awful mess because the berry juice stained their droppings terribly.  Clothes on the line, cars, outdoor furniture—anything the birds “dropped” on after eating poke berries was almost ruined!

Some of you may recall the old soul music hit song about “Poke Salad Annie” the Louisiana woman who was so poor she had to always be out picking poke leaves, aka “salad” or “Sallit”.

We had and still have lots and lots of blue jays. They are handsome, but bad for other birds. The jays will destroy other birds nests and kill the babies, and keep other birds away from feeders. If you have lots of jays, you are less likely to have other birds.

A bluebird sighting was a rare thing in my childhood. My mother put up houses and places for them to nest, but they were hard to sight. A very special thing when you did....bluebirds are smaller and cute and shy; a jay is bigger, brighter, and more like a crow or raven. I have not seen a bluebird in many years. No more fireflies either. Sad.

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Hi Rescue Mom,

 What better food could she have had than brown beans, cornbread and poke?  You said you ate the young leaves like spinach - cooked?  How did you all cook it?  We always boiled the young leaves and tender stalks in water, then poured off the water and boiled it again.  This time we lifted the poke out of the water and cooked it a little bit in hot grease.  I've always heard if you didn't cook it right, it could give you diarrhea.  We always put a little bit of vinegar on it before we ate it.

 Did you all ever cook it with eggs?  We did once - better, I thought with just a little bit of vinegar on it.  Did you ever gather and cook wild onions?   I loved them cooked with eggs but hated like everything to clean them.  They're so tiny it's hard to do.  We'd cut them in short pieces and cook them in a skillet in water, then pour it off and add the eggs and scrambled them together.  

 My parents, after they'd butcher hogs, would keep brains in water for a while, then cook them with eggs.  I never tried that and always had to not look at them.   All of this is old-time, country-style cooking.

 Back to the poke - my cousins has told me she has seen cans of it in stores for sale.  I never have and don't know that I'd eat it not knowing how it was cooked.  We had a friend once, social worker who lived in town - he came out and dug up poke roots to plant in his garden so he'd have poke.  It grows in all of our fences, around the corral and yard.  I try to keep it broken down but some get away and grow really big - then the berries.  You're so right - the berries, eaten by birds, stains everything - same with mulberries.

 The girls came up to the barn and I saw the bull they brought yesterday.  I don't think it's either Alfalfa or Spanky - looks like he's young and energetic.  He didn't go in while I was watching but went through the gate to the NE pasture.  If he doesn't go in today,  he'll learn in a day or two.   There's a really nice breeze out - Stormy and Sheena haven't come in yet so if you're just outside, not doing anything, it's all right - for now.

 I cut some mulberry sprouts in the back yard that were around the crepe myrtles, althea and even in a big golden shrub at the corner and side of the house.  I'm through with that for the day. Had not meant to do that but noticed them as I came back in from turning off the water. 

We had another friend, another social worker, who ate dandelions.  We never tried that but I do think they're pretty.  There's all kinds of things out there just waiting to be eaten.  Indians took advantage of all those things.  How about bean dumplings or grape dumplings?  Daddy was raised by his aunt and uncle - aunt was a Cherokee - so he learned all of these things.  Nothing better than the above dumplings.  I'm not good at making dumplings - they disappear while they're cooking.

  Rescue Mom - where did you grow up?

Rescue mom
Posted: Thursday, June 4, 2020 11:41 AM
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Oh Lorita as best I can remember, we just boiled the young poke leaves in water, then ate with vinegar and/or hot sauce. My mom might have added a bit of pork (as with other greens) but that was about it. Her parents, my grands, raised and killed pigs to eat.  We had wild onions but never gathered them to eat at meals. As you say, that would be a lot of work! So tiny and delicate, but we ate lots of other onions and garden produce. I grew up in upstate S.C., close to N.C. line. It was mountain foothills country.

I have never seen or heard of poke being sold in a can, or any kind of commercial way. I’m like you, I would be extremely leery of eating any like that.

You also mentioned pickled okra, which I still love. The big problem now is finding little tender pods, all the ones in groceries are too big and tough. I do pickle beets, though, I roast them in the oven, then pickle them. That’s another messy thing—beet juice stains so bad! But I like a really tangy pickle, and store-bought beet pickles are too sweet. There are some good brands of pickled okra, though...Roasted beets and blue cheese and pecans makes a really good salad, now I want that!

I have eaten dandelion greens from farmers market, and did not  care for them. I do like kale and collards (cooked the same way, boiled with some bacon/smoked meat and garlic) but they both stink up the house even with the stove fan at top speed. But I like my greens to have some crunch, some people like them more mushy. Everybody has their own own likes!

I never been anywhere with mulberries, but I had them a few times traveling, and they were so yummy. But stained fingers, if I recall correctly.

Posted: Thursday, June 4, 2020 12:07 PM
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Rescue Mom - I've never bought okra in a store.  I've eaten very little pickled okra - mother liked it so she made it.   When we made pickled beets, they were cooked in a big, pressure cooker.  When the top was off and it cooked a little bit it was taken outside and it was my job to peel the beets.  I liked doing that because all you had to do was move the beet around in your hand and the peeling came off.  Mother made the canning liquid from what they were cooked in.  They were delicious - can't remember really but they were somewhere between tangy and sweet.  My cousin, Patsy, loves pickled beets and tells me that Atwoods has a brand that's really good - Amish Wedding I think is the brand.  I've never tried them.  I remember a short time after Charles and I got married he decided he'd cook beets for supper.  I'm not sure but I think he tried peeling them and, of course, got beet juice and stains everywhere.  He called mother to see how to do it - after he'd tried.  He was raised in town so didn't know about beet stains.  I can remember when I was working they sometimes had Harvard Beets in the canteen for lunch.  I never tried them but, to  me, they looked like they would be sweet - reminded me of blackberry pie, without crust.

 Now, Judith and others won't like to read this - but, do you remember after the hogs were put to sleep and eviscerated, they were hung in a big tree to drain, then hot water thrown on them and scraped to get the hair off?   We had big mulberry trees on the north side of our house and I can remember seeing them hanging there.  Not a good memory.  Nothing like growing up in the country in the 40s and 50s.  We thought nothing of it because everyone else was in the same boat - doing the same things.  I wouldn't give anything for the unbringing I had and the things that we did.  My friend, Carol and I talk about this often. She was raised a very short distance from me, however, went to a different school because of the way the districts were arranged.  People don't do things like that now, at least not around here.  Kids don't even know where vegetables or meat comes from. 

 We always had a big garden and raised lots of potatoes and onions that lasted all through the winter - they were stored in a below-ground cellar where they didn't freeze.  The other vegetables we canned until we got a freezer, then froze some things.

 My parents had a small dairy when I was very, very young. I can remember sitting on a stack of bricks in the cowshed watching them milk.  We had a cream separator - sold cream and kept the milk.  Sometimes they'd put the unseparated milk in big bowls in the refrigerator until the cream came to the top.  We'd churn that and have our butter and buttermilk.  I was raised on raw milk and it didn't hurt me one bit.  I can remember watching daddy milk and squirt milk into our barn cats' mouths.  Wouldn't take anything for those memories. 

 It was lots of work but no one seemed to mind - it was just part of living.


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Hello All, I changed my profile pic to the bluebird so you could see what they look like. So pretty! I still haven't figured out how to just upload a pic, although I've googled it and tried a few things.

We ate what I would call baby kale. It's small and I just cut a few leaves and threw them in with the lettuce for a salad. Later, I'll use them for salad and in smoothies. I make my smoothies with yogurt, almond milk and fruit, and sometimes throw in a bit of spinach or kale. 

Praying for Sarah. So sorry to hear she is doing poorly.

Lorita, our local animal shelter went from around 1,500 animals, WAY DOWN to 7 dogs, 25 house cats, 20 barn cats, a few birds and a few horses during the pandemic. People were wanting companion animals and nearly cleared the shelter out. I tell you this because I know you were considering taking the kittens to a shelter, and that there might be a continuing big demand for pets. 

Have a good rest of the week! Stay safe, stay healthy, show compassion for those less fortunate and I'll try to do the same.
Rescue mom
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Wow mom talked about milking cows (for family needs) and how the barn cats would sit up for a stream right in their mouths! She also talked about how awful hog butchering was, she hated those days. But that was when she was a kid, I never saw any.

I sure do miss “real” buttermilk, butter and cream, though....we always had cows just because we had pasture. Mostly black Angus, and some Holsteins. My dad just  let others use the pastures, we did not “know” them like you do. But we did have horses, donkeys, and...guinea hens! Such funny little birds, like a watchdog. I wonder why goats were never a thing there, they are easy keepers, but nobody ever had goats.

Posted: Thursday, June 4, 2020 5:45 PM
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Sorry poor Sarah is having such a hard time.  Know it is hard on you and her.  

Have never seen a scissor tail flycatcher.  As far as I can tell they are not in Ohio.  They sure have a long tail feather.  

Think we can sort of expect prices to increase at some point due to a lot of employers having  increased expenses.  Really haven’t noticed too much increase in prices at the store so far though.  Where my nephew works at , he says sales have been like Christmas time.  Said lots of people are staying home and doing projects.  Know my dentist said he enjoyed staying home and getting work done on his garage.  Noticed a lot of my neighbors out working in their yards.

Finally got a birdbath fixed up.  Turned a large clay pot upside down and stuck a large saucer on top.  Have a few rocks in it.  Ordered a solar pump for it and it is suppose to be here in a few days.  Never have messed with a solar pump before so hope I can get it all figured out.  If I get it going will try to figure out somewhere to put at least one more.  Hope it works out.

Would love to have a poke plant.  Maybe a bird will drop a few seeds for me. Just want it for a natural bird feeder.  Noticed several black raspberry vines at edge of the woods.  Maybe eventually I will have enough to make a cobbler, or it will serve as a natural bird feeder too.

Here in Ohio people for quite a few years have been putting up hundreds of blue bird boxes.  They have made a huge come back in our area as have the bald eagles also.

People use to use poke medicine for arthritis.  My one sister found directions and tried it.  It did not help her.  You do definitely need to be sure you know what you are doing as it can be poisonous.

Definitely remember hog butchering. day.  All that hot water and scraping.  They used a big old oak tree.  It was some good eating.  Loved that smoked ham and red eye gravy.  My grandma made the best sausage I ever ate.  It was like eating seasoned hamburger.  None of that rubbery, gristly stuff you get at store. 

Would love to have a big glass of homemade buttermilk.  My nephew who is in his early twenties is talking about trying to buy a couple of acres of land.  He wants to start doing some things there to make money but plans on keeping his regular job til he sees how profitable he could be.  That would make my day. His mom and I both hope to help them if things work out.  You just never know what life may hold up in front of you, good and bad.  Know he is thinking about micro greens and rabbits.  Rabbits and goats both are popular with homesteaders.  Rabbits are becoming a popular source for sustainable meat as can raise them just about anywhere.  Oh, and too, then I would have access to rabbit manure.  That would make me very happy.  Never cared too much for wild rabbit meat, understand that these rabbits have much better tasting meat.  Will see what works out over time.  His wife’s friend has goats and she likes to go visit the goats.  My cousin in Ky. raises goats and has for several years.  Guessing she is making money at it.

Grape pie is good, guessing dumplings are too.  When you say dumpling and beans, are you talking about pinto beans?  Do you do it just like if you were making chicken dumplings?  I can do that.  Is there anybody out there that know how the Mexican culture seasons their pinto beans?  Many years ago ate at a Mexican restaurant in Houston,Tx.  The pinto beans were delicious. Definitely were not my mamas beans, which I love too.

Never ate okra til I went to Houston.  My aunt was born in Amarillo.  She fixed fried okra. That was some good eating.  Have never had pickled okra.  Pickled beets one of my favorite since childhood.  Like about anything pickled except green beans.  Corn is excellent pickled.

Haven’t been able to attach pics now either.  Can’t get the option to come up allowing me to change the size.  If you don’t change size, won’t attach, c/o file being too big.

Someone mentioned collards being stinky.  Just learned that this evening.  I picked my salad early this morning and it had been setting in Cold water all day.  When I took lid off  to finish supper I smelled stinky.  Figured out it was the collards but they still looked fine.  Have not raised collards before.. Put them in my salad and salad was delicious.  Got a lettuce mix from Baker Creek SeedS called Rocky Top.  It is so beautiful.  All different colors and shapes.  Made a good salad too.

Rained a lot here today and hard at times.  The new mulch I’m trying did wonderful.  No stream of mulch floating on my sidewalk.  Made me smile.  I had to sweep up mulch every time it rained last year.

My meat store is open again.  Oh how I love that meat store.  Got everything I wanted and did not get to go early.  They are doing it car hop style.  I loved it.  Going to go about every two weeks and buy meat to get ahead.

Take care, enjoyed reading all your comments.


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Lorita are right. I want my meat from them eat market. I will not even buy hot dogs with natural casing. Children know perfectly well that vegetables come from the

Sad news about Sara. Not such good news about Patsy either. I am sorry.

The cowboy got bucked off and may have broken his wrist.

Thanks for the blue bird picture. They are beautiful.

Got to the Drs yesterday. I drove that right way for vallet parking. Of course there weren't any. Found a parking spot and got to the door for the Dr's building only to find it locked with a sign to go to patients entry. I of course did not know where that was. Asked a Dr walking by who said it was just around the corner. I barely made it. They checked my temp and asked if I ............or short breath. I told them I certain did have short breath after my hike. They let me in and I had to walk the same distance back to the door I needed to use.  It was bad and I am so off balance and dizzy today. The worst since I was hospitalized 4 years ago. I learned a big lesson or two.

It is off to bed early for me!

Posted: Thursday, June 4, 2020 8:58 PM
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What a day, Judith.  I hope the dizziness goes away overnight.  I bet they took your BP not long after you got there, too.  That's what happens at my doctor's office - you walk back to the scales, get weighed, go in and sit down and they take your BP.  Hope everything was okay at the doctors.  Has it really been four years since your awful dizziness?

 Sara - how did it go at the dentist today?  I know you couldn't wear your mask but I imagine the dentist did.  Did you feel safe?

Did you notice in the picture of the scissortail flycatcher that his tail feathers were in two sections - just like  scissors.  They're really pretty birds.  Have you ever seen a roadrunner?

 About your birdbath and fountain.  How will the saucer balance on the upturned pot?  Maybe if there aren't dogs or cats around it'll stay that way.  Hope it works for you.

 I don't think you'd really want a poke plant.  When the birds eat the seeds the result is really bad staining on whatever the droppings get on.  I don't think they're really that pretty a plant either.  Maybe it's because I see so many of them and get behind on keeping them broken down.

 I didn't like the butchering days either.  Mother and daddy made their own sausage, too, and it had the best flavor - like you said, not at all like you get in the stores.  The closest I've ever tasted is Blue and Gold Sausage sold once a year by FHA but still not the same.  We used to like sausage gravy served over biscuits.  Reminds me, Patsy said when they went to her wound specialist Monday, they stopped at McDonalds and ordered biscuits and gravy to eat when they got home.  I haven't eaten gravy of any kind in probably 40 years but used to love it.  The morning after daddy butchered we always had tenderloin - really good.

 Yes, pinto or brown beans with lots of juice for the bean dumplings.  Patsy said her mother also made the dumplings often.  Not sure about what they put in brown beans for them to be Tex-Mex.  I would imagine either cumin or chili powder and some kind of tomatoes.  Daddy used to make them but not sure what all he put in them.   Nothing like a glass of cold "real" buttermilk.  The closest I've ever found is Bulgarian Buttermilk - it's nice and thick.

 In our garden we always had two rows of okra.  I hated picking it because no matter how hard you tried to avoid it< you always  had itchy arms and hands when you finished.  Amarillo - nothing like the pretty country out there - I have in-laws north and northwest of there.  I remember the first time Charles and I went out there after we got married I was flabbergasted at how ugly, to  me, the country was with the scrub trees and gullies.  But, it must grow on you because his brother and sister live out there and they love it.   After you leave OKC the scenery changes drastically.  Our weatherman showed some pictures of the very NW part of Oklahoma last night and it's so dry and brown - he said they hadn't had much rain at all in the last six months.

Rescue Mom - I liked the buttermilk, too, and the butter.  I can remember watching grandma churn when I was too little to do it, then I got to do it some when I got bigger.  When we moved to town when I was about five, we didn't have homemade butter so had to buy oleo.  I can remember watching grandma mix the orange coloring into the white oleo.

Most of the cattle around here are black Angus with quite a few red ones showing up.  Ours are Brangus but with the vet's Angus bulls, they're getting smaller.  Brangus cattle are big - remember Jasper weighed 2200 lbs.  We still have several big cows.  Daddy used to have Jerseys when they had the dairy, then when we came back from town he had Herefords.  You still see a few of them but not many.  The Hereford calves are so pretty - but all little calves are.

 Beth, love the picture of the bluebird.  I wish we had them around here.  We have a lot of barn swallows that nest in the barn.  Used to make nests on our front porch until a snake got into one of their nests - crawled up the wall.

 Thanks for the information about the animal shelters.  I'll try to get in touch with Kate tomorrow and see how they're doing over there.  When I dropped off the dogfood Tuesday I heard dogs barking inside. Not sure if they're doing it now but they were taking dogs to some other state to be adopted.  Ours is a no-kill shelter.  I've been inside when I was looking for Pyrenees and it's kept really clean and the dogs can get outside in the fresh air and sunshine.  Guess you all know it's all or partially funded by Carrie Underwood who is from Checotah.

Almost all of our mulberry trees are what I think they call white mulberries - they don't have berries.  When we lived at the MH our mulberry tree did have berries. Mother used to eat them but I always thought they looked wormy.  Is it mulberries that have a natural pectin?

 Thank you all for your concern about Sarah.  I'm really worried about her.  Today was really hard for her - it's the 30th birthday of her first son.  She says every year on this date she has flashbacks of all of it.  She has CP on the left side and her bones on that side are smaller than the right side so birthing was very hard for her.  Her second son is 21 months younger.  I talked with her this morning and she said she did sleep some last night and maybe she'll be better tomorrow.  She often tells me she wishes she'd never had the first surgery for her gastroparesis.

Sandy, so enjoyed our visit today.  So good to talk with you.  I'm glad you're staying in - especially with all the demonstrations and looting so near you.  After our visit I thought I'd watch a couple of episodes of The Waltons - got through the first one but went to sleep and missed the second one and also slept through Judge Judy.  Hope that doesn't mean I won't sleep tonight.  I'm so glad you're able to order groceries and have them delivered.  Wish I had that option.  Things will eventually get better but I doubt it'll ever be the same as it was before all of this.  I did see today on the news that they had a peaceful march in Wagoner - a fairly small town about 15 miles north of Muskogee. 

   Barclee has slept most of the day so I'd better get him up and put in his eyedrops. 

 Have enjoyed our posts today and reliving the good old days - or not, Judith.  You're right, to kids vegetables and meat come from the grocery stores.  Hope you feel better tomorrow.

Sleep well.