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With reverence.
Jim Broede
Posted: Sunday, December 9, 2018 6:54 AM
Joined: 12/22/2011
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I muse. About life and death. And everything in between.  Whatever motivates me. And often. I muse. In this forum. Appropriately called Musings. And I dare say. That I pretty much abide by the broad dictionary definition of musing. Occasionally, I’m taken to task. For musing out of bounds. But hey. Let’s concede. That musing is musing is musing. I first came here. To muse. When dear Jeanne was doing battle with Alzheimer’s. Glad I did. Musing helped me through those difficult times.  Allowed me to say. What was on my troubled mind. Thank heavens. For flexible rules. Doing whatever works. For me. I sensed that’s what the rest of you do. Whatever works. For you. Yes. Different strokes. For different folks. Most of us have learned tolerance. As we ramble. Accepting the adage. To each his own. Setting examples. For each other. Sometimes straying. A little off course. But that’s all right.  We operate. With good intent. Giving others the benefit of doubt. Giving comfort. In our Musings forum. Having truly learned. The art of musing. You know, it’s a fine art, don’t you? Let’s treat it as such. With reverence. --Jim

Posted: Sunday, December 9, 2018 9:21 AM
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 Muse; from Old French muser (12c.) "to ponder, dream, wonder; loiter, waste time,"

My husband mused philosophically. I never understood. It was years before I understood that I too mused but it was about color and space, mostly space. Right now I am renovating my backyard and have been reading James Rose who wrote

"gardens are highly ordered sculptural compositions of space intended to be experienced rather than simply viewed.

‘Nature’ has nothing to do with ‘naturalistic’. It has to do with spatial continuity and spatial mystery. I have found it helpful to think of a garden as sculpture...not sculpture in the sense of an object to be viewed. Instead a sculpture that is large enough and perforated enough to walk through. One open enough to present no barrier to movement, and broken enough to guide the experience, which is essentially a communion with the sky.a"

I have a friend who I think is a food muser. What do other muse about? Yes, I understand muse time is short when you are an actively taking care of someone on top of other responsibilities but I bet we all muse about something and if you do not at all you might give a moment of muse as to why you do not muse.

Comments about gardens most welcome.