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''''FALL '''
Posted: Monday, November 5, 2012 1:21 PM
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Dear Friends.....its been a long time.....I recently went to an all

day Grief Seminar and they had a panel of wonderful people who

lost loved ones and I wanted to share this wonderful poem (actually

a song)......from Kelly who was on the panel.  She said it was OK

to post.  I actually joined in 2006......Z 


                                     *****  FALL  ***** 


There's a chill to the air

the leaves are starting to fall

I watch the days pass by

I can hear winters call


The birds will soon begin to leave

I watch them with a little envy

if I could just fly away

It'd help me get through these days


Like the seasons there's change in me

a deeper meaning that I see

I wanna do more than just survive

I'm gonna feel good to be alive


So I've learned to embrace the pain

and know it's good not to be the same

from the lessons of this life

I believe I can thrive


As the last leaves are falling down

before the snow blankets the ground

Like a seed waiting in the dark

I can feel hope in my heart

I can feel hope in my heart


copyright 2012 Kelly J. Vaughn