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My husband has died.He was 58
Posted: Monday, May 20, 2019 2:23 PM
Joined: 5/19/2019
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Someone directed me to this forum.Six months ago my husband died. He was diagnosed in 2016 with post concussive disorder.7 months later(2017) Alz, 9n months later not alz FTD and then maybe CTE. Mri's pschologists.neurologists,CT's.Whatever it was it was moving fast!He had seizures,lost 40 pounds no matter how much he ate. Our 16 year old cocker died and the same day our cocker puppy was born(pure coincidence) Friends said I was nuts to take on a new puppy what with my husbands health and me working but he was really looking forward to it. Looking online at the puppy's growth.A week to the day I picked up the puppy, my husband died.I had gone to the grocery store for 30 min. I had done what I thought I should. Put pills in a safe,locked all items away but it wasn't enough. I had informed his doctors and they said he was fine. I contacted our local alz. society 5 times!! No e-mails or phone calls back. His family had no contact with him in 2 years!He is gone and I still can't believe my contractor husband is not on a job somewhere.I am glad I did not listen to friends who said "no puppy" I would not have survived these last few months had it not been for my daughter and this puppy.My husband was only 58!
Posted: Tuesday, May 21, 2019 8:18 PM
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I am so so sorry, River. I can't imagine your particular grief. Dogs are such amazing gifts: other worldly. Hold your puppy and daughter close. Thinking of you from across virtual space and my deepest condolences on your loss.
NC caregiver
Posted: Thursday, May 23, 2019 11:01 PM
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I am so sorry for the loss of your husband at such a young age.   I am glad you have reached out for support.
Pearl W
Posted: Friday, May 24, 2019 5:44 PM
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I can't imagine your pain. I am glad you have a puppy and that you reached out to this group. Check out the book, It's OK that You're Not OK. It's a great book about greiving written by a woman who lost her husband at a young age. You might find it helpful. Blessings, Pearl
Posted: Friday, June 7, 2019 11:52 AM
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I am so sorry for your loss.  Hold your daughter and puppy close.  I'm happy you got the puppy and your husband was able to enjoy it.  Animals are very special and they bring us such unconditional love and innocence, pure of heart they are.  I'm happy your husband's final days were enjoying the new member of his family.  Take comfort in knowing this, take comfort in the simple but so important love of this little animal and in yourself, for knowing what was best for your husband and for you.  I wish you peace and I'm sorry he was taken at so young an age.
Oh Jayne
Posted: Saturday, September 21, 2019 10:19 PM
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I lost my husband almost 2 months ago and I too am expecting him to walk in the door and tell me it was just a bad dream. He had just turned 60. I miss him so much!
Posted: Wednesday, September 25, 2019 6:59 AM
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I'm so sorry for your terrible loss River. He has left this world far too soon.  Sending you strength and love now and in the days ahead.  When you need to vent, come here; we understand.  I wish you peace.

xoxoxox - Kat