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Mom movig back in with me ALF raised the cost of care.
Posted: Friday, January 27, 2012 6:10 PM
Joined: 12/20/2011
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The locked ALF. my mom is in tacked 1200 dollars this month on our bill, I guess she requires more care, We cant afford to pay the extra. Plus she isnt requiring any extra care i do all her showers on a dly. basis and if they cant get her meds. in her they call me and i go give the meds. SHEE doesnt like always sitting in her room and thats how they want them, SHE isnt incontinent, but she does need some stimulation and the activitys are a joke. they keep residents sitting on couches all day. Or they want them to stay in their rooms . THere idea of activity is sit on the couch listen to someone read or listen to same cd over and over. So i guess the plan is sis and husband are taking whats in mom savings to renovate a house they have purchased and i will move in with mom and be full time care giver . MAN THE PRIVATE CORP. OWNED FACILITYS ARE RAKIN IN THE MONEY ON ALZ. WHEN IS IT GONNA STOP.WE HAVE TO GIVE 30 DAY NOTICE TO MOVE HER OUT THEY DIDNT GIVE NOTICE TO HIKE THE BILL. I dont feel we should pay any extra. Has this ever happened yes we have a contract but im in diagreement with my sis about giving them anything extra.NOT 1 TIME HAVE THEY CALLED US OTHER THEN 1 OF THEIR CARE MANAGERS TO ASK ME TO COME GIVE MEDS. ITS BULL . ARE WE BOUND BY LAW TO PAY IT AND SINCE THEY GAVE NO NOTICE WHY SHOULD WE BE BOUND TO GIVE ANY NOTICE?
Cheryle Gardiner
Posted: Friday, January 27, 2012 10:53 PM
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Angela, I'm so sorry this has happened. I agree with you that it seems unfair that they can increase the monthly charge without notice. Unfortunately, when we place our LOs we aren't always in the right mental state to read and understand contracts.

However, I would go back and check it now, just to see what it says about their ability to add additional charges. I think you probably do have to give the 30 days' notice (it doesn't mean she has to stay there, but it does mean that you have to pay for it).

I would also ask them for a detailed account (in writing) of why the care charges were increased for the month. If they can document that they've provided $1200 worth of "extras," according to their price list, then you will likely have to pay it. If you can show that these services were NOT provided (perhaps you were there at the time), then I would contest them.

You might also want to contact your State's Ombudsman for help. They are state employees and are there for you.

Not all ALFs (or nursing homes) are created equal. There are usually regulations governing them, but they vary widely from state to state. Please let us know what happens and how things are going for you.
Posted: Saturday, January 28, 2012 5:25 PM
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THANKS Cheryle, Im so upset i have had to see mom moved back n forth i always accompanied relocating myself to be able to help with her care, and thought ok i can deal with this hurdle also,because sister was going to purchase house in her boyfriends name. But since i had reservations about that . The deal was renigged on she is ok with just sticking mom in a shithole im serious. Her comment to me was That i need to back off and let mom deteriorate that all i do by visiting like i do is giving her glimpses of life. We have a joint type guardianship, but she has always had name on mom financial and i am just added with a debit card to get mom extra necessity toiletries,snacks clothing,etc. I would feel alot better if i could just rent a place, and take mom there but she isnt wanting to allow me to rent she isnt going to back me at all, HOPEFULLY she will have a change of heart if i leave it lay a cpl. days, I feel so defeated today.
Nikki J
Posted: Saturday, January 28, 2012 5:55 PM
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Angela I am sorry for what you are going through.

I am glad the plan to use your mother's savings for a house in someone else's name fell through. If she needs medicaid in the next five years that money would be considered a gift and impact her eligibility.

If you end up being her caregiver talk to an elder lawyer if some of her money is going to be used for your own expenses. Even though you will more than earn it  you may run into the same gifting issue.

I know you plan to take care of her at home but this can be a very long disease and it is not always possible to care of your LO until the end. If she needs a nursing home and runs out of money you do not want to deal with medicaid denial

I hope things work out for youlove