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My talking medicine organizer.
Posted: Saturday, January 28, 2012 10:33 AM
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  I have a great pill organizer that I want to share with you called the Med Center System.   Some of you have mentioned losing track of your pill and dosing schedule.  This could be as helpful for you as it has been...and will be...for me!

 Please go to this site and watch the video that shows you how it works.  DO NOT SKIP INTRO because that is the video to watch.

You need to copy and paste into your browser. 

 This Med Center arranges your pills for up to 4 times a day for 31 days.  You can even order the talking alarm clock which reminds you when to take your med.  You program it for your schedule and change it when your needs change.

You may need to have someone assist or set this up for you.  I love the talking alarm because it even reminds me what day of the week and month it is in each announcement!   


It's very memory friendly.  If you take pills more than 4 times daily, you may want to find some way to utilize this system and adapt.  I keep my foil wrapped probiotics, etc. separate and next to my "daily box" and alarm.

Note: I don't benefit in any way from your interest in this product...except the good feeling I have if it helps you on scheduled dosing and peace of mind.   Administration has given me permission to post the link to this site.