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Don't Be Discouraged
Posted: Tuesday, February 14, 2012 8:27 AM
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We have folks that come here seeking answers, some seeking support, some seeking friendship and some seeking all three. Out of those folks a very few find out they have a second chance at life so to speak as they don't have dementia, but rather something that could be fixed such as a chemical imbalance. I always wish them well as they are not stuck in the rings of hell so to speak as many of us here are.


I wish I could be as lucky as Glen Campbell at this moment and not know that I had dementia. Bless his heart, his is quickly moving on. However, his family did say that he suffered for years before being diagnosed, so I guess he was in our place at one time.


I sat in church this past Sunday and silently cried as I was confused. I thought it was valentine's day and had to ask if it was. I read the wrong lesson for the week, actually a whole month off! I couldn't answer questions that our sunday school teacher was asking because I didn't seem to understand. I set through the whole sermon speaking to the holy spirit as it spoke to me. I was kept wiping away tears nad saying, please Dear Lord, take this confusion away from me, help me, don't let me be this way. Actually after the sermon was over and it was time for invitation, my prayer was answered, the confusion was gone and I felt my normal self. I thanked God for that moment.


Tomorrow I get paid my S.S and I have no clue what I am going to do with it, kinda scary as I know I need to pay bills but I am lost. I can't ask for Austin's help, he is already burdened enough and is still a boy. I guess over several days time I will figure it out.


Today I have to go get my winshield replaced in my car so it will pass inspection. I know the Good Lord will be at the wheel with me as he always is.


To those of you here that are getting discouraged and want to go away, please don't, we need each other. I too mis Lynne, we meet at a conference in 2006, she was a Dear Friend of mine over the years. But she is no longer suffering and for that I am thankful as this last year she had been on oxygen and that is no way to live. She has her wings now and never forgets, how great is that!



Be Strong 2
Posted: Tuesday, February 14, 2012 12:15 PM
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I cried as I read this and also your profile.  You are quite a lady; know that you are an inspiration to others.



My EOAD wife used to answer all kinds of questions in Sunday School, after her inhibitions were gone.  She was so shy prior that she never would say a thing.  Most of her answers/comments were right on the mark.  That has changed now.  She is confused but content during the services.  She snoozes a lot and I will gently touch her shoulder to bring her back around before she lets out with a loud snore.



This next Sunday will probably be her last in church.  Monday she is going into Memory Care.  We (I) just can't continue the home care.  I'm worn out and she sure doesn't seem to get much out of being here.  She's been going to Activity Center (day care) so hopefully I can convince her that the new arrangement is Activity Center with sleeping privileges.  I'm only making light of the situation because I am torn up inside.



Anyway, you are a real inspiration.  Thanks for hanging in here.