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Update To All My Friends
Posted: Saturday, June 2, 2012 8:30 AM
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Dear Friends, it is so nice to know that I am loved, respected and thought of here. It gives a sad heart hope.


Johanna, I took your advice and went to my local chapter and spoke to one of the consultants, but needless to say, it wasn't much help. She couldn't offer me anything I didn 't already know and have done. We did talk about the large load of responsibility on Austin, but all she really had to offer was counseling as she could see that he was very angry at the disease. Well, Austin quit counseling again. As he is almost 18, I cannot make him go as he will only go in anger and not learn anything from it. His counselor did let him know that his door is always open to him, should he change his mind.


Before anyone says, well just try another counselor, we have been to probably a dozen counselors since I was diagnosed for family and individual and none of it has helped as having early onset dementia, we are only a learning experience for them. They also cannot of have not offered us anytyhing that we weren't already doing or didn't know.


As for the driving, well, I know I need to stop. As I said I only drive here in town which is about 3 square miles if that. Austin does all the driving outside of town except for the time or so that I already mentioned. I don't want to put anymore burden on him than he already has.


As many of you know, Austin is a teenager coming into his own and that too is difficult for the both of us. He worries about me and I worry about him. I know that I probably only have 1 more year left with him at home and I want to make the most of it. I hope that we can take a special trip this year before summer is over. I am wanting us to go to the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. That is our goal.


I probably need someone to help me with my bills/organization. The consultant did suggest I ask a friend or church member for help. I don't know that I am ready for that just yet.


Next week is vacation bible school at our church and this is my 4th year I believe in preparing the snacks. Of course Austin always helps me and we also have a fellow church member helping us. I do look forward to spending more time in the house of the Lord.


Again, thank you all for your thoughts and your care and concern. I do love you all!




Johanna C.
Posted: Saturday, June 2, 2012 9:40 AM
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Dearest Tracy:  It is so good to hear from you - I can see that you are doing your best with the challenges at hand.


It is difficult having a growing and evolving teen; just hang in there and as they mature, they do once again become lovely to have around.


I am glad you are keeping in touch with the Assn. office and I wish there were more that could be done in support.


As for church, it is great you are staying connected to that community and it is awesome that Mr. Austin is helping. 


I would suggest perhaps making an appointment and speaking to Pastor about the approaching need for someone to assist you with writing bills, etc.  He may have a good idea of how to gain assistance from a trustworthy person who can help.


I hope your dreams for the summer can come true and no matter what, we are here and will offer our support as we can.


Soft hugs and best wishes and come back soon,


Johanna C.

Posted: Saturday, June 2, 2012 10:54 AM
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It's so good to hear from you.  I am still very concerned that you continue to drive.  Please, stop driving.  It is just too dangerous!

As Austin turns 18, he is coming into his own.  He will feeling his oats.  It is difficult for both of you.  Hang in there, Tracy.  This too will pass.

I hope and pray you are able to take your trip to the Smokies.  It is beautiful!

Please, take care of you and Austin.  Keep in touch.

Peace and Hope,


Posted: Monday, June 4, 2012 7:22 AM
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Tracy, I'm glad you have an update.  You are thought about more than you probably know.  You have made many caring friends here that are remembering both you and Austin in thoughts and prayers.

Please consider what Johanna said and talk to the pastor about help with the bills.  If we "wait until we are ready', I don't think that trait comes  easily.  I know it's hard.  But please conSider reaching out.

Take care and know we are thinking of you.  

Posted: Saturday, June 9, 2012 12:17 PM
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I have nothing to add to the advice you have been given, but do want to tell you that I will add you to my prayers. You and Austin have quite a rocky road there and in time he will come through this a better person, a better man. I hope he has someone he can reach out to and share his burdens.

And do let someone from your church begin to help you, especially while you feel capable of making decisions and having real input on your financial picture. Better to build the trust and relationship now than to have the control wrested from you in the future.

May you have a lovely trip to the Smokies with Austin and enjoy every moment together. You have raised a special young man and I wish both of you God's blessings!
Posted: Saturday, June 9, 2012 4:50 PM
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Hi Tracy,


Thinking of you,


Peace and Hope,