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Posted: Thursday, September 13, 2012 9:12 PM
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I have been keeping up with reading on here, I just haven't been posting.  It was so easy in the beginning, it seems to be getting harder as opposed to easier.  I keep having dreams about my mother, although in them she is smiling and happy.


I had a serious skin cancer scare this week, that luckily turned out to be benign.  I had a brand new black as can be mole that appeared out of nowhere.  I was an absolute wreck until I got in to see the doctor (which was quick).  It's times like those that you (I) really want my mother.  Do we ever get over that?  The doctor did agree that I wasn't crazy for worrying because it was shiny black as can be - but for MY peace of mind she cut it off and biopsied it, even though she knew it was NOT cancer.


I got a nice $4,150 IRS bill for my mother from past taxes.  Stupid former accountant never reported my mother's social security income.  How can something so simple be left off the taxes?!?!?!?!?!?  I have to pay it, the mistake is legit.


My job is going full time November 1st.  It was supposed to be October 1st (which I knew it wouldn't) but the contract between other people was being held up.  How come I was the one to know October 1st would be impossible, yet the owners on both sides didn't?  It gives me another month of part time work and time to get all other things done (i.e. Canadian Thanksgiving, my birthday, cleaning my closet and purging, all doctor's visits for checkups while I still have the fabulous health insurance, etc...)


Other than my dermatology visit (I still have to go back to get a pre-cancer thing removed from my nose, but that isn't concerning me), I had my eyes examined.  My prescription hasn't changed, but I need reading glasses now.  If I confess, it's really been for a couple of years already.  With my contacts or glasses on I can't read, but because I am nearsighted I can read just fine without correction.  Getting older is so much fun.


I haven't been able to go the caregivers side.  I've been trying to read over there, but I skim for a few minutes and I've had enough.  I feel awful about that.  I know I have a lot to offer, but I can't do it right now.


One more thing, I take Riley to the vet tomorrow.  He's been limping and his growth on his leg is getting a little bit bigger.  Plus he's been a bit picky with his kibble, which is very unusual for him.  He is 12 now.  I do believe the kibble thing MIGHT be because the dog sitter gives him fresh cooked chicken with his meals I don't.  If I give him some people food he gobbles it up.  But I still want his teeth checked.  His nails have gotten so long and they are curling.  I have a feeling one of the nails is curling under to his paw pad.  I'm not a vet so I don't know if that's why he has the occasional limp.  He won't let the groomer cut his nails so the vet has to.  Good thing I set up a Riley fund about six years ago, when I was still working full time and making money.


That's it for now.

Posted: Friday, September 14, 2012 9:31 AM
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Hi Marjk,


Good to see you again! Sorry to hear about the skin cancer scare. But so glad all came out ok. That is very scary stuff. My Dad battles that every now and again. He has had to have several spots removed. But he has been diligent about watching spots and having them checked out when he is suspicious of something. I guess all those years of mowing and fishing without a shirt are finally catching up to him.


Wow!! $4150!! I'm glad you say "FORMER" accountant!! If he missed her social security income he certainly should be former!!


I work full-time. It's tough to get everything done sometimes. I'm looking forward to my vacation Oct. 1. We don't really have anything planned. Our girls are in school so we can't go anywhere. Me and my husband may take a few day trips on the motorcycle. We love fall rides. Beautiful this time of year.


I hope everything is ok with Riley. Our dog, Sky, has been having some issues with urinary incontinence. She's on medication for it which helps some but not completely. We clean our carpets - ALOT!! The vet told us it happens alot with older female dogs who have been fixed. We don't really know how old she is. We are assuming about 8. She was a rescue. She's a Siberian Husky. We got her when we thought she was about  a year. We were the third owners. The first people got her and lived in an apartment. They took her to the pound and said to put her down because she got too big!! They live in an apartment and she's a husky!! Of course she's too big!! So our daughter's friend's Mom heard about it and rescued her. Then they didn't really have any place to keep her but in a kennel in the back yard. So she ended up grinding down her teeth to where they are flat. So I was talking to her one day and I said my husband alway wanted a Siberian Husky and she asked me if I wanted her. And we ended up taking her. She's a wonderful dog. We love her like one of the family. I hate it that she's having this problem. We should have set up a Sky fund!! She had to have an enlarged nipple removed shortly after we got her!! Then a lump removed from her back few years ago!! And of course we got her fixed and chipped. My husband said she's a very expensive free dog!!


Good to see you Marjk!!







dj okay
Posted: Friday, September 14, 2012 12:02 PM
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So good to hear from you, Marj!  I'm glad the cancer thing turned out benign.  I know how scary that can be.


It will be one month on Sunday since my mother passed.  I have had very little time to work on my grief as my husband is not doing well again.  With the scare we had with my BIL, who is still in the hospital BTW, this was just really terrifying.


He had a heart cath yesterday and it seems it is NOT his heart.  That is a great relief, but we don't know why he can't catch his breath.  Next step is a full work-up by a pulmonologist.  Don't know yet when they can fit us in.

In the meantime, all the things we wanted to do now that I'm not tied to caregiving are on hold because he has NO stamina.  I'm hoping he'll be feeling better soon and we can get away.


Anyway, that's what's new with me.


Hugs to you!