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There has to be a link between perscription medications and Alzheimers
Posted: Thursday, July 4, 2013 4:10 AM
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There is one thing I am aware of and it’s the huge increase of Alzheimer’s cases. Also there is a huge increase of people taking prescription drugs.

 My girlfriend of four years is a pain management patient. 

She has been on various medications for many years. Norco, valium, soma and Finnegan. Although she has never been perscribed the oxy's. She is 50 now and cant remember where she put something 5 min earlier. Forgets a four digit passcode at least once a month if not twice. Goes shopping and doesn’t remember purchasing items she puts away and never touches them, when they are hygiene products she absolutely needs. There has to be a link of some kind between these drugs, her memory and this disease. Also her cognitive skills do not get used very much at all as she has not been employed for over 20 years. No one in her family uses prescription meds and none have ever had this disease either. All of her relatives who died of old age were sharp, but one and it was only dementia at 94. 


 Of course if there is a link, we will never know because it would be just too hard to know which drugs exactly in combination with poor diet and exercise over a great many years. Cigarette and illicit drug use is also a factor with her, but in moderation. She doesn’t drink alcohol.  


Lane Simonian
Posted: Sunday, July 14, 2013 6:05 PM
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A belated welcome to these boards.  You are right on both points: many factors can contribute to cognitive decline and the widespread prescription of certain drugs is among those factors. 


A few researchers are beginning to compile lists of common drugs that contribute to (or in some cases may help prevent) memory loss.