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Aspartame and MSG
Posted: Friday, October 11, 2013 2:34 PM
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I was re-reading through one of many books I have acquired regarding Alzheimer's. 

One in particular, "The Everything Alzheimer's Book", had slightly touched over the topic of Aspartame and MSG. 

It states:

"An important aspect of Alzheimer's research is that MSG is a potent glutamate precursor." "MSG is called an excitotoxin. Excess levels, when taken into the body through processed food or Chinese food, can cause overstimulation of brain cells to the point of collapse. Neurologists who know about the dangers of MSG recommend their Alzheimer's patients avoid it. The same can be said for another excitotoxin called aspartame. It is the artificial sweetener in all diet foods and drinks. It too can cause brain cell death and should be avoided."

My question is, why has this not been informed to me by my mother's neurologist. And, why, if this is so detrimental to us, is it being allowed? Why hasn't it been pulled off the markets? I have not seen warning signs on food and drink labels warning of the dangers of ingesting these. As they do with cigarettes. 

I have read small clippings about it not being good for you, and heard some controversy over it. However, I seriously don't think the general population knows how deadly these two things are. Yet, the food and drug administration does! 

Why does the government allow such poisons to be processed in food and marketed, however, medical marijuana is not? Not that I smoke or ingest it, but, was just asking to elaborate on my point. 


Posted: Friday, October 11, 2013 9:39 PM
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The Mayo Clinic has something to say about MSG, but in this particular article, it doesn't mention AD. 

My husband and I have never really consumed much MSG at all--primarily because we have never eaten out much over the years--I usually always cook at home and have had to watch labels myself, due to some food sensitivities and allergies, and although my husband would eat out sometimes, he took his lunch to work plenty of times as well.  Along with being an inherited disease, I believe that severe stress brings this horrid disease out in the open, coupled with years of not eating well or exercising.  I don't know if MSG actually would have anything to do with making the AD worse; but I do know people with this disease seem to have more health complaints (pains, other health conditions, allergies, etc.).

Lane Simonian
Posted: Saturday, October 12, 2013 12:01 PM
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MSG and aspartame may not cause Alzheimer's disease, but they may indeed make it worse. 


MSG and aspartame are both described as excitotoxins (2), because both glutamate from MSG and aspartate from aspartame, activate the NMDA receptors in the nervous system and may lead to neural damage as a consequence of excessive activation.,-excessive-nitric-oxide%10peroxynitrite-and-excessive-nmda-activity/ 


Glutamate excitoxicity is a key element of Alzheimer's disease. 


Why these toxins are still allowed in our food is a troubling question.   

Posted: Sunday, October 13, 2013 7:03 AM
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Lane nailed it. I would add that, from what I remember about it, MSG is a synthetic formulation of glutamic acid which is in a form not bound to protein as it would naturally occur in the diet. The point being that some will argue that glutamate/glutamic acid is abundant in many natural foods and therefore not harmful. However, this synthetic form of it is metabolized differently by the body and is excitotoxic to the brain. This is how I remember it, don't have time to pull up the research again.